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Gemballa Seeks to Build Its Own Supercar

Tuner Company To Turn Out Own Supercar

Gemballa is a name that Porsche enthusiasts know well. The company is known for taking Porsche models and transforming them into even more extreme machines. Gemballa’s cars are some of the most beautiful machines around, and now the company wants to build its own supercar. 

This is a major departure for the company. According to Carscoops, this will be the company’s first supercar that isn’t based on another car in its 38-year history. New investor money will be what makes this happen. Gemballa has received over $39 million from investors since 2010. 

Steffen Korbach, owner and managing director of Gemballa, said that the car will have over 800 hp. “As part of this, we’d like to reference the existing Gemballa legends, and implement a range of innovative concepts. You can expect an uncompromising vehicle, radical, pure and luxurious,” said Korbach.

The company also put out a sketch of the car it hopes to build. We’ve included that above. The black car in the sketch is definitely an aggressive sports car, with what appears to be a rear mid-engine design, large fender flares, and a big rear wing. If the production car ends up looking much like the sketch and comes with more than 800 hp, we’ll be pretty pleased. 

Gemballa says it’s going to make a supercar

Some of Gemballa’s creations may already take fast Porsches into supercar territory, but its latest project is different. Gemballa intends to make a supercar of its own, separate from any Porsche it’s made thus far.

We get one teaser image of what appears to be a computer rendering of a possible design. Whether or not the Gemballa supercar ends up resembling this is impossible to know, but at least it’s something to go on. Details and goals for the supercar are scarce. Gemballa owner Steffen Korbach says the company is “planning a thoroughbred super sports car with a unique, aggressive design and engine power considerably over 800 horsepower.”

A car with that much power is a lofty goal, but Gemballa has reached those figures before when tuning Porsches. A recent creation based on the 911 Turbo and Turbo S called the GTR 8XX EVO-R Biturbo makes 818 horsepower and 810 pound-feet of torque. Another bit we can take away from the rendering is that it’s probably a mid-engine design, which isn’t surprising at all.

Beyond the power number, we’re told to expect something uncompromising, radical, pure and luxurious. That’s cool and all, but every other supercar in the world gets described with those words, too. Gemballa says it’s in the funding stages, and needs further financing to keep the project moving forward. The company says its first designs will be shown to select clients soon, and that we should see a prototype in 2020. Production is planned for 2022, pending everything going as planned. And we all know that everything goes exactly to plan when a company decides to produce its first standalone car.

If we were to speculate on the powertrain, something from Porsche seems a likely outcome considering the company’s close relationship to the brand and that Gemballa is a German tuner. As of now there are no discussions of electrification, meaning we’re probably looking at a more traditional supercar.

Gemballa Announces Development for their Own Supercar

Gemballa has announced that it is looking to build its own, bespoke, supercar. The German tuning company has been quiet in recent years. It has a rich history, producing some of the most iconic tuned Porsche models. It fell into a dormant state in recent years but now seems to be pushing to revitalise its fortunes with a new supercar!

Gemballa has been listed as a registered car Manufacturer in Germany since 1985. Far from being lightly modified Porsche models, the company are able to certify their cars as Gemballa’s, in much the same way as RUF do. Since the untimely death of its eponymous founder, Uwe Gemballa, the company slowed down. It has only recently announced plans to produce new products.

Over the years, Gemballa has produced some truly memorable machines. Cars such as the Gemballa Avalanche, a highly modified version of the Porsche 911, and the Gemballa MIG-U1, a bespoke tuned version of the Ferrari Enzo.

The new car will be a completely new development with an aggressive design and a power output in the region of 800 bhp. Gemballa plans to have the car ready as early as 2020 with production to begin in 2022. The stand-alone project will supplement a new range of Porsche modifications.

The photo gives us a brief idea as to what the new car will look like. Clearly, the Gemballa supercar will be mid-engined with a focus on downforce through the aggressive rear wing. It’s not clear whether Gemballa will stick to its routes by using a Porsche 911 as the basis or whether the chassis will be entirely bespoke.

Steffen Korbach, owner and Managing Director of Gemballa GmbH, said:

“We’re planning a thoroughbred super sports car with a unique, aggressive design and engine power considerably over 800 bhp. As part of this, we’d like to reference the existing GEMBALLA legends, and implement a range of innovative concepts. You can expect an uncompromising vehicle, radical, pure and luxurious. At the same time, we would also like to establish Gemballa in future as a stand-alone small production run manufacturer, but also launch as an exclusive modification company for extreme, complete conversions of Porsche cars. The first designs will be presented to selected clients soon, and the first prototype should be on display as early as 2020. We currently plan to start production in 2022. The capital required to finance the project will be raised through private equity and venture capital companies. Concrete discussions are already underway.”

Gemballa GT Concept is an 828-hp widebody Porsche 911 for SEMA

SEMA is an interesting show, where mad scientists and engineers take cars and trucks and turn them into ungodly, brutal beasts on wheels. Vehicles like the Dodge Demon and Ford Mustang are right at home there. But sometimes we see some more elegant makeovers, like the Audi TT Clubsport, which maintains its European charm but still gets a big boost in performance. This year, Gemballa took a similar approach with its widebody GT Concept.

Based on the Porsche 911 Turbo, the GT Concept features lightweight carbon bodywork. Its fenders are 1.2 inches wider in front, and 2.0 inches wider at the rear, making room for wider, stickier wheels. It also includes styling and aerodynamic modifications, including new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, new engine cover with carbon fiber insert, and carbon fiber front spoiler lip, rear diffuser and rear wing.

Gemballa included its own touch to the GT Concept’s interior. It combines selected leather hides and Alcantara, and includes the embroidered Gemballa logo in the floor mats and headrests.

But it’s more than just looks and aero. Gemballa also added gobs of power to the already potent biturbocharged, 3.8-liter boxer engine. It has carbon intake manifolds and air intake housings, larger valves and modified cylinder heads, a sports exhaust, and remapped engine control unit, among other modifications. The result is 828 horsepower and 702 pound-feet of torque. This allows the Gemballa GT Concept to do 0-62 miles per hour in just 2.38 seconds on its way to a top speed of over 223 miles per hour (with the specific top speed to be announced later). Stopping power has been improved with carbon-ceramic brakes with six-piston calipers up front and four-piston calipers in the rear.

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