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These Air Max 97 Jesus Shoes Has Holy Water In Them

Why go to church when you can wear them every day? These custom Air Max 97 Jesus shoes literally carries a dollop of holy water inside. The price for a pair? Just as holy — expect to shell $4,000 if you want to cop one.

Brooklyn-based creative arts studio MSCHF designed the bespoke Air Max variant. They purchased a regular Air Max 97 and completely revamped the thing, adding a golden Jesus crucifix as shoelace decor.

The company didn’t stop there. It sourced holy water from the River Jordan, had a Brooklyn priest bless it, then added it to the soles of the sneakers. From a pair of $160 Air Maxes, the bespoke experiment went on sale $1,425 and didn’t last a minute. The buyer eventually put up the kicks up for resale for $4,000.

While the project may seem ridiculous and even, for some, a little bit blasphemous, it’s well within MSCH’s brand of kooky, clever experiments. The company after all is “a counter-culture media/product brand, playing in a gray area that isn’t yet defined by traditional approaches.”

Its past projects include “Times Newer Roman” a new version of the classic font but with each character five percent bigger — making it easier for students to fill up the pages of their term papers.

An internet plugin is another one of MSCH’s projects. It makes Wikipedia appear as real sources, yet another cheat method for those still in school.

For this project, the company wanted to make fun of ridiculous brand collaborations like Arizona Iced Tea and Adidas.

“You pump holy water into the pocket of a pair of Air Max 97’s and with that, you get Jesus Shoes — the holiest collab ever.”


The Steel Speaker Is Handcrafted Perfection

Remember the super awesome Transparent Speaker? Well, the folks behind that made another jaw-dropping product — the Steel Speaker. It comes part of an extremely limited range of handcrafted speakers called Upcrafted, which consists of three speakers.

One in wood, one in ceramics, and one in steel, with each crafted from recycled materials. The Steel Speaker is arguably the most awe-striking of the three. Jonas Majors did the dirty work for this slick-looking speaker. It was made with only the most essential elements and showcases the raw metal texture of aged steel, here repurposed to perfection.

The limited-edition piece comes with offers high-fidelity sound via two 3-inch drivers. Also here to beef up sound quality? A 6.5-inch woofer and a built-in amplifier. The Steel Speaker also features Bluetooth, which means you can connect it to phones, tablets, and computers. It even supports all the major casting platforms like Apple AirPlay, Sonos, plus digital assistants including Amazon Echo and Google Assistant.

Design comes courtesy of Transparent Sound, the genius folks behind the aforementioned Transparent Speaker. The clean-lined Steel Speaker features a highly minimal look, but not minimal sound quality. If you’re into brutalist interior design, this would make a perfect addition to your living room. The black metal accents shine as the cherry on top of an already gorgeous unit.

Check out the Steel Speaker’s specs when you hit the link below. May we remind you that this doesn’t come cheap. Expect to shell out a couple of thousand dollars to get this bad boy.


The B-2 Dog Tag Knife Is Made Of 440C Black Stainless Steel

Have you ever wanted to hide a knife inside a dog-tag-sized everyday carry accessory? Well, now you can. The B-2 Dog Tag Knife, over at Kickstarter, conceals a sharp blade under its gorgeous black stainless steel body, always on the ready if you need to cut something.

The first knife from this company, called the B-2 Nano Blade, impressed critics and fans alike for its ultra-small profile. At the time, it was heralded as the world’s smallest tactical pocket knife. The sequel is bound to turn heads. The B-2 Dog Tag Knife features a fully concealed nano blade pocket knife.

It comes completely redesigned, bearing nearly none of its predecessor’s aesthetic touches, except for the slim profile. The blade this time hides under a military style sheath, which looks as slick as it’s badass. The material this time 400cc black stainless steel. The knife features a sharp flat ground straight edge. Perfect for thin, sharp precision slices and everyday use.

It may be tiny, but it’s a pretty versatile cutting tool. So sharp, in fact, you can use it to cut nearly anything, just don’t go crazy. This is still an everyday carry, after all, not a full-fledged hacksaw. The tiny body means you can take it anywhere — be it camping trips, backcountry adventures, or bring it just to be safe, plain and simple. Keep it in your wallet, even. Or wear it as a dog tag. Anything works, really. Convenience and versatility in the same package Learn more below.


Photos courtesy of Bomber & Company

Just 500 Units Of This Patek Philippe Aquanaut Will Be Sold

The luxury brand’s latest steel watch is the limited-edition Patek Philippe Aquanaut Singapore, limited to just 500 units. This gets the ref. 5167A, with red accents and a red strap, to boot. The new timepiece made its debut along with others at the Grand Exhibition in Singapore.

Patek Philippie released its first Aquanaut watch in 1997, though model 5167 came later. As such, this doesn’t technically qualify as a new model given its historical underpinnings. That said, this has increasingly eluded even the most dedicated timepiece seekers due to the rising interest in steel sport watches.

The classic watch measures 40mm in diameter and comes with a rubber strap and a time-and-day display via the caliber 324 SC.

Much like equally the luxurious Nautilus and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut has stood the test of time as a classic option. The watch features a signature crosshatch black dial with a red minute track. Plus, a matching red handset. Complementing the red rubber strap are red accents. This nods to Singapore’s signature color.

Again, only 500 units will be sold. And it’s not hitting the global market. If you want one, you’d have to have a unit shipped from Singapore or Southeast Asian markets. No surprise there, though. Some Patek Philippe watches comer harder to get than others. If you regard yourself a serious timepiece collector, this one should be easy. The trick is being super quick, though. Act now unless you don’t want to snag one of only 500. Hit the link below to learn more.


Photos courtesy of Patek Philippe

The Headless Electric Cruiser Gets Rid Of The Handheld Controller

If you don’t like the look of electric skateboards that make use of a handheld controller, definitely try this Headless Electric Cruiser.

This one differentiates itself from the rest of the e-skateboard pack by ditching the classic handheld controller and putting a foot-controlled power in place of it. You don’t need a remote to run, in other words. It works quite like a standard skateboard, although it measures much shorter than regular ones.

Even still, the control mechanism is really intuitive. Instead of flubbing the whole thing with complicated controls, you can step on one and use it just like a classic skateboard. To get some electricity running, you just get on the Headless Electric Cruiser, push off, then place your foot on the button built into the deck.

Doing so will let the Headless Electric Cruiser maintain the speed at which you set off. Which is all to say you can concentrate on actually riding and not fussing with controls or buttons like on other e-skateboards. When you need to slow down, just lift your heel. Simple as that. And when you want to pick up speed, push off a bit harder and do the same thing — step on the button.

With a top speed of 12mph, the Headless Electric Cruiser doesn’t come as fast as some boards. However, this makes it speedy enough for safe travel that’s still fun. Onboard, you’ll find a 22W motor powerful enough to transport everyone from teenage kids to six-footer jocks. The skateboard offers a range of six miles. It weighs only 5.5 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight e-skateboards around.


The Moon Satellite Watch By Urwerk And De Bethune Ur-Bethune

Say you’re not like most people. Any chance you get, you want to be different. Wear different clothes. Wear different accessories. Be the perfect mix of kooky, eccentric, but classy and elegant. If this sounds anything like you, you’ll love the Moon Satellite Watch.

From a collaboration by Urwerk And De Bethune Ur-Bethune, the Moon Satellite Watch represents a harmonious blend of these two super distinct Swiss watchmakers. You get a mirror-polished titanium case, with its hollow lugs and 12 o’clock crown. Those wee elements recall Bethune’s DB25 timepiece. On the other hand, you have the watch’s satellite time indication, spherical moon phase, and URDB01 caliber movement. These all represent Urwerk’s past achievements.

The resulting watch is a one of a kind beauty that’s simply like no other. Seriously, will you look at the thing? It looks like a freaking race car. On your wrist. Super futuristic.

The Moon Satellite Watch comes in at 43mm and can run up to 96 hours just off its reserve power. Plus, its moonphase is accurate to one lunar day every 122 years. Set for auction at an approximate price of between $122,000 and $150,000, the watch is also a charitable sale. Proceeds will go to the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The auction will happen in Geneva this coming Nov. 9. We sure do hope this isn’t the last collaboration we’ll see from those two watchmakers, because this is already an iconic emblem of their fused sensibilities. To learn more, make sure to hit the link below.


The Skullcandy Crusher ANC Is For Bassheads

Skullcandy is back in the game. Not that it really left, just that other names became bigger while it receded a bit in the background as we began transitioning to the wireless era. The Skullcandy Crusher ANC brings back the brand’s famous Crusher headphones, which has been offering thumping bass tones since 2013.

Then, in 2016, Skullcandy introduced a wireless version and followed that up with “an ultra-realistic sensory bass experience” on the Crusher 360 just last year. The latest model, called the Crusher ANC, comes with a radical new feature: active noise cancellation.

Like the predecessors before it, the Crusher ANC offers adjustable haptic low-end tone, the trademark feature of this headphone series. Dubbed as “adjustable sensory bass,” this new feature allows you to control the level of bass. With an actual slider built right into the headphones, that is.

According to Skullcandy, the Crusher ANC features the “broadest range of adjustable sensory bass” of any model in its collection so far. You can make the sound even more personal using the Skullcandy app, too. It allows you to toggle a few switches and apply itty-bitty tweaks. So you can adjust the sound profile exactly to your liking. You can also set sound profiles so you don’t have to go through all those settings again.

As for the active noise cancellation, here, according to Skullcandy, it works through “actively” monitoring your environment to block out any noise. The Crusher ANC also has a functionality typical of modern headphones: ambient sound mode. This disables the noise cancelation with a tap, useful for certain situations like quick conversations with people.


The Q Timex Reissue Is Really Happening

Something familiar this way comes. Timex has announced a reissue of a classic timepiece. The Q Timex watch is back, baby. Though many balk at Timex considering it’s more of a budget brand, you can’t deny the company makes some pretty sweet timepieces. The Q Timex certainly is one of those.

Reintroduced for the modern era, the new Q Timex resurfaces from 1979 to make the dive-inspired watch cool for modern tastes again. Not that it ever looked uncool, but the updated design language is welcome.

The Q Timex was not Timex’s first quartz watch. However, fan fervor solidified it as one of the brand’s most iconic ones to use the technology, at the time very, very new. The reissue captures this spirit well. You get every minute detail present on the original and injects them with this era’s sensibilities. Like the Pepsi bezel. Of the period-correct woven stainless steel bracelet. Even the luminescent index paint makes a return.

Timex even added the functional battery hatch on the caseback. Perfect for those who want to be able to pop in fresh new batteries at home. No need to go to the repair shop for minor cases, in other words. Truly, a mark of Timex’s budget and customer-focused principles.

You can get the new Q Timex now for just $179. The retro comeback timepiece may not look like the freshest of watches out of all the ones we’ve featured over the years. But you know what they always say — you can’t go wrong if you go classic.


Nike Brings Back The Waffle Sneakers

Breakfast is ready! Nike’s Waffle Sneakers are officially making a 2019 comeback. The classic 1977 silhouette hits this era with a fresh “Battle Blue” colorway.

The retro sneakers, which draws inspiration from moccasin, combines “University Blue” suede panels, eyelets, and heel counter with a nylon body in a softer shade of Battle Blue. You’ll also see the Nike logo in this tinge, on the heel. The iconic Swish emblem comes this time in a super vibrant splash of “Amarillo,” running down the lateral side and up to the heel tab. Other touches include a pristine white tongue coupled with white laces. You also get a dual-density foam midsole and a black rubber waffle outsole.

The Waffle Sneakers was one of the two silhouettes Nike created in its early days. The first was the Nike Cortez, a minimalistic pair of kicks that would become one of the most acclaimed shoes of all time. The Waffle Sneakers was the second, introduced as a stylish corollary to the former model, track-ready and with a kooky grip pattern, to boot.

At the time, the Waffle Sneakers did not gather much fandom nor did it look like it would become one of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes. Of course, years removed from that era, things are different. They’re now one of the most lauded Nike sneakers in existence, selling out mere moments after hitting shelves. The new, reintroduced model is now yours to buy. They’re available via Nike’s website for $85. See more when you hit the link below.


The Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers Are Back

By now it really seems like 2019 is the year of comebacks. You have Nike resurrecting old silhouettes, timepieces resurfacing from bygone eras, and many others more hitching a ride into this era. Not that that’s bad. But comebacks, when faulty, can be exhausting. So at first blush, we felt skeptical of the Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers coming back.

The original Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers arrived as one of the most striking, well-designed, and beautifully constructed kicks of its era. Not to mention super affordable. Now, they’re back for modern audiences to help you go from the city to the trail and back again.

Saucony is perhaps most famous for making kicks that are super technically excellent. Their performance, too, is another talking point. The Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers’ chunkiness works well. You shouldn’t use it for hiking, obviously, but if a worst case scenario occurs and you have to, they won’t easily break down.

On top of that robust construction, you also get a pretty solid melding of colors. You get bold and vivid splashes of red and mustard, perfect for those looking for something more interesting than neutral palettes.

The construction overall, complex as it is, remains super lightweight. You also get nylon and suede uppers. These details result in a pair of kicks that will work with nearly everything in your closet. Denim? Check. Crewneck sweatshirt? You got it. Flexible, utilitarian, and ultra-classy, the Saucony Jazz Climbing Sneakers looks like it deserves to come back. Other brands staging comeback better take notes.


Hazard 4’s Hibachi Is A Versatile Sling Pack With Modular Capabilities

Traditional backpacks, sling bags, and duffel bags are generally enough for carrying our stuff. However, when the time comes to transport fragile or sensitive cargo, a bit of protection make a big difference. Enter the Hazard 4 Hibachi – a tactical-grade sling with an integrated MOLLE system.

Unlike most sling bags, this heavy-duty alternative touts more space and exceptional protection. To give you an idea of its storage capabilities, owners can fit a 15-inch laptop with enough room to spare. To ensure that it can take a lot of abuse, the molded shell is covered with durable Cordura 1000D nylon fabric.

Moreover, to match the rugged nature of the Hibachi, Hazard 4 arms it with durable YKK zippers. The MOLLE webbing on the exterior allows users to affix compatible accessories to help you carry even more. We all know that smaller straps eventually dig in with heavier loads. Hence, a simple workaround comes in the form of the padded shoulder straps to offer superior ergonomics.

Furthermore, the zipper configuration makes it so you can quickly access the contents when the bag is on your chest. The main compartment features a velcro-friendly surface to accommodate optional organizers for various gadgets and accessories.

Each of the four corners of the Hazard 4 Hibachi sport a Hardpoint mounting system. The add-ons are sold separately and can be used to expand the sling’s usability. The package includes four covers to prevent the ingress of moisture and dust. Finally, the absence of flaps makes it suitable for use while riding a motorcycle.

Buy it now – $179.99

Images courtesy of Hazard 4

OCLU Wants To Be Your Next Action Camera

Even with all the new action cameras around, GoPro is still the top choice for adventurous souls. As of now, the only brand that comes close is DJI with its advanced imaging systems. However, that might soon change as we welcome a thrilling upstart. The OCLU boasts a sleeker profile than most of its competitors.

Likewise, the form factor it comes with looks absolutely aerodynamic, which is a good thing for most extreme activities. So let’s take a closer look at what this device brings to the table. Existing users who have already invested a lot on GoPro mounts and accessories need not despair. The OCLU action camera is apparently compatible with most of the stuff you have on hand.

Using a standard tripod screw is a brilliant move for the company to entice existing consumers to make the switch. The 12-megapixel camera can record 4K footage at 30 fps. Additionally, you can boost it up to 120 fps in exchange for HD-resolution videos instead.

On its own, the OCLU action camera is IPX7 water-resistant. For ultimate protection against moisture, you can grab the optional OcShell waterproof case. This seems to be the only downside on the spec sheet, given that GoPro and DJI can withstand more even without the housing.

Nevertheless, the OCLU sports a magnetic charging port and interchangeable 1,000 mAh batteries to keep up with all the action. Another cool function is the LiveCut editing function. This allows you to quickly cut unwanted footage on the go so you can flaunt your highlight reel anywhere and anytime.

Get it here

Images courtesy of OCLU

The Briko Cerebellum One Is A Smart Cycling Helmet

The first thing anyone should consider before riding a bicycle or motorcycle is gearing up for safety. Cycling has its fair share of hazards that can seriously injure your body. Experts will always tell you to invest in a good helmet and it’s for your own good. Briko is introducing a cutting-edge headgear that comes with a collection of features designed to keep the users away from harm. Therefore, you can focus on having fun and getting a good workout while Cerebellum One takes care of the rest.

The Cerebellum One made its debut at the 2019 Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany. For those unaware, it is one of the largest trade show for the cycling industry. Hence, a perfect venue to showcase exciting new products to consumers.

Drawing inspiration from modern automobiles that sport front and rear-mounted cameras, Briko reworks the cycling helmet. Both sensors can record 4K videos at 30 fps, which are wirelessly transmitted to the user’s smartphone.

Meanwhile, those who normally mount their handsets on the handlebars can turn it into a digital rear-view mirror as well. Furthermore, the built-in radar system will notify the user if a vehicle suddenly approaches from behind.

Since accidents are unpredictable, Briko equips the Cerebellum One with an emergency function. After a nasty spill or fender bender, motions sensors will send an SMS with the coordinates of the crash site to the appropriate people who can help. Finally, a dehydration sensor will remind the wearer to take a break to quench their thirst.

Click here for more details

Images courtesy of Briko

Dango M1 Titanium Tactical Wallet Ups Your EDC Game

Looking to up your everyday carry game? The Dango M1 Titanium Tactical wallet is worth a look. Built with premium materials, this tough and robust wallet will keep your cards and money safe from all the elements. It’s the perfect blend of usability, form factor, design, and durability. Not to mention it’s incredibly crafted and long-lasting, which means you’ll get your money’s worth.

The Dango M1 Titanium Tactical wallet represents the best of Dango’s principles — top-notch design and construction for unbeatable utility. The wallet features a frame precision-CNC machined out of, as the name implies, titanium.

Most titanium wallet you see look pretty rough, scathed in the tumble of faulty construction. This is not one of those chintzy misfortunes. It’s very, very clear Dango crafted this with razor-sharp precision. The craftsmanship, fit, and finish, shine. You won’t find even a smidge of rough edging or unpolished surface anywhere.

The Dango M1 Titanium Tactical wallet also offers more functionality than the typical EDC-grade wallet. As well as storing your cards and money, it also hosts a bevy of tools and accessories, and you can optimize them to your liking. The base configuration offers a card slot with storage for up to 10 cards without the included MT04 multi-tool. You’ll also find a Grippy Silicone elastic band to help secure the cards behind the back plate. It also gives you a bit of space to carry your wads of paper.

Learn more about configurations when you hit the link below. The base version retails for $239.


Bonnie & Clyde Guns, Gear and Memorabilia Are up for Auction

Despite their history, felony counts and general perception in the newspapers, Bonnie and Clyde are romanticized in myths, legends and tall tales that live on to this day. It’s almost hard to believe they were…

The Puma Smartwatch Is Worth Considering

The Puma Smartwatch marks Puma’s first Wear OS option and first-ever smartwatch, launching at IFA 2019 this week. The sports brand teamed up with Fossil Group to make the wearable device, which comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip.

There is plenty to love about this wee smartwatch, though many of its elements are standard and pretty much what you’d expect from a modern smartwatch. For the display, you get a 1.19-inch round AMOLED, housed inside a cut-out nylon and aluminum 44mm case.

Clearly, Puma aims to target the sports fans, as the watch comes with waterproofing. The device weighs very little — just 0.06 pounds — thanks to a few cutouts on the side, reducing the overall weight.

The watch comes with 4 GB of storage and 512 MB of RAM, the vanilla specs of modern smartwatch options these days. Thanks to the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset onboard, this thing should last 24 hours on a single charge. Or so Puma says. We have to test if that’s true, of course.

Since the watch sports Wear OS, you get the whole nine yards. NFC payments, heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, Google Assistant, and more.

This isn’t Puma’s first tech product, by the way. The sports brand has been experimenting with technology in recent years. In 2016, it launched its first wirelessly connected self-lacing sneakers. Also, last year, it put out its classic 1986 RS-Computer running shoes, to the delight of many.

Puma plans to release its first smartwatch this november for $275. It will come in black, white, and a neon color.


Nike’s Newest Air Jordan XXXIV Is One Of Its Lightest Ever

Look at the Air Jordan XXXIV, one of Nike’s most lightweight pair of kicks thus far. Its vision? To make the best basketball shoes for future stars of the vaunted sport. Says Gentry Humphrey, VP of Jordan Brand Footwear:

“The Air Jordan signature game shoes have become the most influential line of performance footwear in basketball history”

The Air Jordan XXXIV introduces “new, proprietary innovation” that extends the line’s game-changing legacy to a new generation of athletes. In terms of design, Nike stripped away all the unnecessary material to achieve a minimalist look. The brand took things from the tooling and upper, leaving only elements athletes will need.

Work on the new pair began with feedback gathered for the Air Jordan XXXIII, according to Jordan Brand designer Tate Kuerbis. Athletes they interviewed said they wanted improved traction and reduced weight. Those two things became Nike’s two starting points. They focused on athletes who play constantly above the rim and tried to make something more explosive than last generation’s pair.

With the Air Jordan XXXIV, you’ll find the official debut of the Jordan Eclipse Plate. This technology, consisting of two Pebax pieces and a forefoot Zoom Air unit, allows for optimal explosion off the foot. Here’s Kuerbis on the technology:

“We achieve this by thinking about the type of plate materials used and how we can harness the principal value of each element.”

Select Jordan Brand athletes and partner high school and collegiate teams will wear the Air Jordan XXXIV. The new pair of kicks will land Sept. 25.


Throw It Back With The Adidas Liberty Cup Shoes

Adidas proves it’s got the skateboarding subculture in check with these new kicks. Meet the new Liberty Cup sneakers, which come as part of the brand’s FW19 lineup. The silhouette throws it back to good old ‘90s, the era of dial-up connections, baggy jeans, and MTV back when it still showed music videos.

‘90s is also a triumphant era for the skateboarding community. Not just that, tennis, too. At the time, many people didn’t know that both these worlds intersected for some reason, with tennis silhouettes heavily influencing skating shoes that would later arrive. The new Liberty Cup kicks continue this golden age by offering something that includes peak performance attributes with a style as vibrant and colorful as its predecessor.

As you can see, the Liberty Cup shoes feature a white and yellow-green color combination, and they come constructed with a blend of premium leather, suede, and knit-mesh. Not a combination you expect would work these days, but they do. Stylistically, at least. We’ve yet to see if they perform just as well as they look.

You’ll find yellow and white detailing gliding down the shoes’ vamp, plus a teal hue rests on the midsole, offering up a nice, welcome contrast. The vulcanized mid-to-upper and gum sole feature bounce tooling, providing high-impact protection and stability. In other words, athletic will have a field day with these shoes.

The hero Liberty Cup colorway hit shelves Sept. 1 via the Adidas skateboarding website. You can find it on specialty Adidas retailers worldwide. The sneaker brand will out more colorways throughout the season, all retailing $90 apiece.


The Artisans De Geneve Watch Pays Homage To The 6536 Brown Rolex Submariner

We love it when game recognizes game. Most often, this involves new automotive experiments paying homage to predecessors that made ripples throughout history when it arrived. This time, however, it’s a timepiece that’s offering its reverence. Take a look at the Artisans De Geneve watch, which pays homage to the iconic 6536 Brown Rolex Submariner.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the makers, Artisans De Geneve, offers a select pool of customers customized timepieces. Its latest interpretation comes in the form of the watch you see above, itself calling back to the 6536 Brown Rolex Submariner, which debuted back in 1955.

Each detail of the new watch comes meticulously designed to honor the inspiration from which it draws. But here, we welcome new modifications. Such touch-ups include a new steel bezel, a machined case that ditches the crown guard, and beveled lugs &mdash hand-polished, at that.

Another highlight here, also reworked just like the rest of the meticulously restored pieces, is the dial. This custom Artisans De Geneve watch comes with a hand-finished and reworked dial aged with luminous material to give it the same aesthetics as that of a Rolex watch from the 1950s. The watchmaker also preserved the original qualities of the Rolex 3130 movement, and added a signature 21 ct massive gold rotor. The latter you can see through the added transparent sapphire case back.

It’s going to cost a pretty penny, though. The Artisans De Geneve watch costs $25,400 apiece. Before you go thinking that hovers way too high for a timepiece, don’t even bother. You’re probably not even in the list of people eligible to buy this masterpiece.


The Nike Air Max 720 ISPA Has The Biggest Heel Air Pocket To Date

Nike adds a new member to its highly technical ISPA line with the release of the Air Max 720 ISPA. It will out two variants: Black/Reflect Silver and Summit White/Black/White. The pairs represent an expert melding of the retro-futuristic look of the 720 and design cues found on the likes of the React Runner Mid WR ISPA.

The new pair of kicks features one of the most tactical design revamps in the ISPA line, ever. It delivers a theme akin to the ninja aesthetic, something dark, swift, and slick. You get a lot of reflective details, removable plug-like heel tabs, in addition to rubber nodules along the side panel and midsole reminiscent of React.

Those bumps continue onto the sole units design, giving plenty of traction on the outsole. The Air Max 720 ISPA also boasts a technical rope lacing system as well, plus mesh throughout the upper for increased breathability.

But it all comes together thanks to the small flourishings peppered throughout the silhouette. Such touches include graphics like “Contains High Pressure Nitrogen” on the accentuated Air bubble unit. You also get small circular motifs on the vamp and heel, which add little but do a lot to elevate the design. Rounding out the presentation is ISPA branding on the heel on tongue tabs.

You’ll find the Air Max 720 ISPA on shelves this Sept. 7. Stockists like Sneakernstuff will carry it, so watch out. The Summit White/Black/White variant will retail for £179, while the Black/Reflect Silver one will retail for £189.


Photos courtesy of Nike