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Get up to 80% off during Huckberry’s Winter Clearance Sale

By now, you’re well aware that Huckberry is one of our favorites when it comes to outfitters that do clothing, everyday carry, accessories, housewares and, well, just about everything else. They just kicked off their…

Harber London Flat Leather Passport Holder Is As Elegant As It Is Functional

You don’t have to sacrifice elegance in the name of functionality when it comes to your travel essentials. The Harber London Flat Leather Passport Holder not only boasts slim aesthetics. But it also offers optimum storage and organization.

It has room for two passports and features front and back pockets to store other travel necessities. The front pocket can hold four to six cards and the back pocket can fit bills or folded boarding passes.

This slimline sleeve is designed to keep the bulk off your bags and wardrobe. It measures approximately 15.7 x 11.6 cm / 6.2 x 4.6 inches, which makes it slip easily inside your jeans. It is also inconspicuous enough not to be spotted right away by pickpocketers.

Moreover, the pockets of the Harber London Flat Leather Passport Holder stay snug so it gives you peace of mind when on the go. You can be assured that you don’t lose your cards, money, or important papers since they don’t fall off from their pockets.

This handsome, smart and practical carry is solid enough to endure prolonged use. It boasts stunning craftsmanship that guarantees quality. It is handmade in Spain using full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. This passport sleeve also uses100 percent of wool felt for added elegance and overall softness.

The Harber London Flat Leather Passport Holder comes in two color variants namely Tan/Black Felt and Colour. You can even add a personal touch to the sleeve. You can customize it by having your name or initials engraved on the leather for an extra fee.

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Harber London Flat Leather Passport HolderHarber London Flat Leather Passport HolderHarber London Flat Leather Passport Holder

Harber London Flat Leather Passport Holder

Images courtesy of Harber London

The H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Ensures You Stay Hydrated All Day

Sometimes we get too busy to think about consuming 8-10 glasses of water a day. It skips our mind to hydrate often and this is where the H2OPal Smart Water Bottle comes in handy. This glass bottle keeps you up to date on your water intake and reminds you when you should drink up.

This everyday carry comes in two parts: the bottle and the tracker. The borosilicate glass bottle is transparent so you can see how much water you’ve consumed. You can fill it up with 18.6 ounces of water and it comes with various silicone bands on the top and the middle to give it a sporty look and decent non-slip grip.

Meanwhile, the tracker is located at the bottom part and it contains the smart features of the H2OPal Smart Water Bottle. The smart tracker uses a single coin cell battery that lasts up to six months. To access its features, you need to download its accompanying mobile app where you can set notifications/reminders, personalizations, and more so you get daily updates or progress of your water intake vs. hydration goal straight to your smartphone.

The great thing about the smart tracker is it is removable. If you want to trade the glass bottle for a plastic one, you can easily reconnect the bottom to a gym bottle or another. The tracker is not specifically linked to its accompanying glass bottle so it will continue to work on others.

Moreover, the H2OPal Smart Water Bottle works with Fitbit, the Apple Health app, and with Alexa for hands-free phone access and voice update on your water intake.

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H2OPal Smart Water Bottle

H2OPal Smart Water Bottle

Images courtesy of H2OPal

The Jibbon Key Organizer Is Elegant And Functional

The Jibbon Key Organizer lets you carry your keys in style. Made from Italian leather that smells good as it is soft, this item adds an elegant fashion statement to any wardrobe.

This everyday carry does as its name implies: it organizes your keys in a stylish yet efficient manner. It uses a locking mechanism, called the extension, that ensures your keys stay snug and silent, so it does not juggle, while you’re on the go or using it. It prevents your keys from scratching phones or from poking holes in the inside of your pockets or bags.

The Jibbon Key Organizer may look slim but it can accommodate between three to nine keys. The extension allows you to fit more keys as needed. Unlike other EDC of its kind, this practical invention does not need screws, spacers, or any wave washers for installation. It also does not require a coin or any tools for that matter to add or remove keys.

Moreover, it offers easy access to the keys. They come out in one smooth flow. It also comes with a removable metal ring at the end of the key holder, which you can use to hook other small personal items such as a car remote.

The Jibbon Key Organizer uses only precision-made 316 stainless steel for all metal parts. This ensures that it is corrosion-resistant and durable. It comes with a three-year warranty and you can even give it a personal touch. You can have three uppercase characters monogrammed on the leather.

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Jibbon Key Organizer

Jibbon Key Organizer

Jibbon Key Organizer

Jibbon Key Organizer

Images courtesy of Jibbon

The Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush Coaches Your Next Brushing Experience

The Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush takes the mundane out of brushing and makes it fun and exciting. It allows for personalization to properly guide you on your next cleaning session.

This new toothbrush uses 3D and AI technology to coach you on how to brush your teeth properly or even better. It features a smart pressure sensor that helps keep you from brushing too hard or too soft as if you’re just going through the motions of brushing your teeth  The sensor also informs you when you are doing it right so your gums stay protected. Meanwhile, 3D tracking guides you to all areas of the mouth, across six brushing zones, for a thorough clean. Top, back, front surface, and more, it watches your progress.

Moreover, the Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush comes with an interactive display that makes your brushing experience fun and educational. It delivers personalized brushing encouragement in real-time. The display shows a smiley face for a job well done and even counts the dentist-recommended two minutes so you never miss a proper toothbrushing experience.

This innovative toothbrush comes with seven cleaning modes including daily clean, whiten, and sensitive, to name a few. It connects to the Oral-B app via Bluetooth and functions on a rechargeable battery. It comes with a click-in-place magnetic charger that delivers a full charge in less than three hours.

The Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush stays with you whether you’re at home or traveling. You can take it anywhere with you and pack it in its premium travel case and refill holder.

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Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Photos courtesy of Oral-B

The Native Union SMART CHARGER PD 18W Makes Out-of-the-country Charging A Breeze

Charging your phone while on the go can be a hassle especially when you have to bring different adapters for your mobile gadgets. Good thing there’s the Native Union Smart Charger PD 18W. This multi-device charger ensures your devices get their needed power wherever and whenever.

This portable charger features both USB-A and USB-C ports. The PD-enabled USB-C port provides fast charging for iPhone 8 and later models and other USB-C devices. It supports simultaneous charging so you can charge one with the USB-A (up to 12W) and another on the USB-C port (up to 18W). You can even charge four devices simultaneously including Android and Apple devices, smartphones, tablets, and more

It has built-in Smart IC technology that detects your device’s input to ensure that they always charge at maximum speed (5.4A max or up to 3A per port). The Power Delivery (PD) makes it possible to charge your phone up to 50% of power in less than 30 minutes.

The bonus part is that the Native Union Smart Charger PD 18W is designed for travel. It has international adapters for the U.K., U.S., Canada, and E.U. It boasts a slim design for portability and comfort in travel. This charger also only weighs 8 ounces and comes in a unique pocket-sized design.

The construction of the Native Union Smart Charger PD 18W ensures durability. It has a stone-finish texture and dust-repellant silicone. The pins are also foldable at 90 degrees for easy storage. It prevents overcharging and short circuits with built-in over-current protection (OCP), short circuit protection (SCP), and over-voltage protection (OVP).

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Photos courtesy of Native Union

The Secrid Cardslide Wallet Prevents Cards From Breaking Or Bending

Minimalism and style go well together in The Secrid Cardslide Wallet, a convenient way to carry your on-the-go necessities such as credit cards, cast, and more. It consists of a Cardprotector and a Slide, held together by a Moneyband. This ensures your items stay in place despite your movements.

The extendable slide lets you carry coins, keys, business cards, and other small personal items. Meanwhile, the elastic bank secures banknotes and other small paper items. This slim wallet can hold up to six cards depending on card thickness. Those with embossed letters are thicker than the regular ones which are slimmer.

The Secrid Cardslide Wallet provides convenience not only in storage but also in access. It uses a simple slide-out movement to bring the cards out in an overlapping sequence so you can easily select the right card. Simply slide the card back in to return it to its slot.

Outside of its storage features, this modular wallet provides protection against data theft through built-in RFID/NFC scanning. It is also built to last. The Slide is of high-quality polycarbonate, similar to those used in the making of bulletproof glass. Meanwhile, the casing is of high-quality aluminum construction so it is sturdy and prevents your cards from breaking or bending.

The Secrid Cardslide Wallet is a little bigger compared to its predecessor the Cardprotector albeit it is slim and lightweight. It only measures 68 x 104 x 17 mm and weighs 70 grams. It comes in six different colors inspired by European countries including Paris, London, Oslo, Amsterdam, Rome, and Berlin.

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Secrid Cardslide WalletSecrid Cardslide WalletSecrid Cardslide Wallet

Images courtesy of Secrid

The BIC Smart Shaver Uses AI For Better Grooming Experience

Grooming becomes fun and engaging with the BIC Smart Shaver, a wet-shaving tool that does more than it appears. What it may lack in aesthetics it makes up for its high-tech functions.

This may look like your typical razor but it actually stores data while you shave for your next grooming session. It remembers your hair density, how much water you used to rinse, and how fast you shave. Furthermore, it captures hair thickness, the number of strokes, and the time spent on shaving.

The BIC Smart Shaver also keeps track of the temperature of the water, the razor blade’s sharpness or dullness to determine if it is time to change the blade and the humidity in the room. It collects data that are sent to the cloud where the AI technology analyzes it for your understanding and usage. The A.I helps adjust the speed of the razor to better suit the density of the hair on the face.

This razor ensures as close a shave as possible with its five-blade design. It has a battery life of up to two weeks, connects using Bluetooth 4.0, and recharges through a USB-C connection. The razor and its charging base are both water-resistant with the former holding an IP68 rating and the latter an IP64 rating.

The BIC Smart Shaver uses a companion app to store the data and to control and manage the razor. The tool itself receives updates through Bluetooth and the app is free to use for both Android and iOS devices.

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Use the BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool for Stylish On-the-go repairs

The BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool keeps you prepared for any small repairs even while on-the-go. Its design mixes style and functionality.

This is a wearable multi-tool that you can secure to your belt thanks to strong N-52 magnets. The magnets provide a snap-on design for easy and quick access. You can deploy the tools available in seconds and pop the buckle back onto your belt for a hands-free carry. It provides a subtle fashion accent to your everyday wear when not in use so it discreetly and seamlessly provides stylish flair.

The BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool contains some of the most used repair tools including a high torque driver, six precision bits for use with any screws, and a concealed knife blade. You can access the tools with just one hand and with a flick of your thumb. Just flip up to reveal the tool you want to use and flip down to return it to its spot in the buckle.

And because it is wearable, then it means it needs to be light. This multi-tool is lightweight despite its aluminum construction. It is machined of 7075 T6 aluminum otherwise known as aerospace-grade aluminum. This makes this EDC durable and boasts hardness and strength comparable to steel.

The BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty although it is guaranteed to last you for many uses. So the next time you step out, consider bringing this handy multi-tool because you never know when you may need to do random small repairs or open anything.

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Bitbuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool

Bitbuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool

Bitbuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool

Images courtesy of BitBuckle

The Moment Weatherproof Travel Case Keeps Tech Devices Dry and Protected

When it comes to your camera gears or any tech devices for that matter, water or moisture is the worst enemy. That’s why it is always important to invest in a waterproof bag to ensure our devices are protected. In comes, the Moment Weatherproof Travel Case which is designed with the photographers in mind.

This case boasts weatherproof materials including weatherproof zippers and stitching and a rugged design that speak of its contents. It has compartments lined with microfiber that can hold four lenses so they stay scratch-free. It also offers extra storage for other photography or tech gears. It has three dedicated SD card pockets held together by VELCRO, a couple of small pouches for added storage for cables and other smaller items.

Meanwhile, the main body has space for phone cases, the camera straps, or a small camera tripod. The Moment Weatherproof Travel Case ensures your devices are safe from accidental drops. It has padded walls and boasts a tough construction so your gears remain protected.

As for portability, you can pack this case inside a backpack or any bigger bag. It is small enough at 7.9 x 5.6 x 2.2 inches and definitely light for your travels. It only weighs eight ounces.

You don’t have to own Moment lenses to use the Moment Weatherproof Travel Case. You can stash those tech gears you want to protect during your outdoor adventures and those you want to keep safe from harsh weather elements like your smartphones, other cameras or lenses, gaming devices, power banks, speakers, chargers, and more.

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Images courtesy of Moment

The Satechi 75W Dual Type-C Travel Charger Is The Best EDC Power Bank

Make the Satechi 75W Dual Type-C Travel Charger a part of your everyday carry items. This portable power bank not only has two USB-C PD ports but also has dual USB-A ports. The USB-C ports can simultaneously charge two devices and support quick charging for compatible smartphones. It has a 60W USB-c PD port (which is basically double than the average 30W of standard power delivery charging) and an 18W USB-C PD port. It can adequately charge a 15-inch MacBook Pro or other newer Chromebooks.

Meanwhile, the USB-A ports add convenience for those days that you need to power up other media devices and smartphones. They have a charging speed of 5V/2.4A and are great for those devices that do not have a quick charge option.

The Satechi 75W Dual Type-C Travel Charger supports a maximum of 75W. But the power controller distributes the charges evenly depending on device requirements so the output normally does not reach 75W in total. What makes this power bank even more powerful is its voltage offers. It features an input range between 100 and 240V so it can support several devices.

Moreover, it is travel-friendly. It is compact at just 4 inches in length and 2.6 inches in width. Its thickness is just at an inch. It may weigh 13.1 ounces but this is understandable given its of aluminium construction and not plastic. It has a removable AC plug for portability.

The Satechi 75W Dual Type-C Travel Charger has a power cord of about six feet long so you can mount it on your worktable if you don’t plan to bring it with you on your travels. It also features smart light sensors that brighten up when there is a lot of light in the room so you can see the power bank clearly. Meanwhile, Blue LED power light indicates if the charger has been plugged in or not.

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Satechi 75W Dual Type-C Travel ChargerSatechi 75W Dual Type-C Travel ChargerSatechi 75W Dual Type-C Travel Charger

Images courtesy of Satechi

YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight is small and powerful

Flashlights are a necessity especially when you’re out hiking, camping, or merely out in the dark. It’s an important EDC that people should have in their bag. But sometimes we end up sacrificing physical allure over functionality and opt for the big cumbersome ones. The YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight, on the other hand, provides both beauty and efficiency.

This flashlight is so tiny that you might forget you have it with you. An upgrade of its predecessor, it is lightest, more durable, brightest, smallest, and made even more convenient. It lights up in an instant when you pull it off from its magnetic keychain base. The base acts as the power on/off button and its super-strong neodymium magnetic force ensures it does not fall off regardless of where you place the flashlight. The magnet has a pulling force of 2.5kg/4.78lb and since it’s magnetic, you can stick the flashlight on any metal surface for hands-free use.

Efficiency-wise, the YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight boasts 100 lumens from a super-thin SMD LED bulb that can last up to 50,000 hours. Just because it’s so tiny, at just one by three centimetres, it doesn’t mean it also offers a limited lifespan. On the contrary, a construction of premium aerospace-grade aluminium or Grade 5 titanium ensures a robust and durable EDC flashlight.

Carry it anywhere and any way you want: hooked with your keys, on your belt loop, inside your wallet, you name it you can do it. The YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight is merely 8grams (aluminium construction) and 12g (titanium) so it doesn’t add heft.

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YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight

YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight

YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight

YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight

YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight

YSMART 2.0 Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight

Images courtesy of YSMART

Omni Mobile 25600 Laptop-Power Bank supports most tech devices

Charging your laptop can sometimes be a problem especially when you’re travelling or in a crowded cafe and there is nowhere to plug your device. It especially becomes a hassle when you’re working while on the go. Thankfully, the Omni Mobile 25600 Laptop-Power Bank takes the trouble away.

This high-capacity portable power supply boasts a 25,600 mAh (92 Wh) charge that lets you juice up not just your laptop but other tech gadgets. It offers fast and reliable wireless charging for your smartphones at a max output of 10W. It also lets you boot up your laptop even without your laptop charger thanks to its four built-in commonly-used DC voltages.

You can easily plug your device straight to the DC barrel port that emits up to 72W power. Likewise, it has a high-powered USB-C port that emits up to 60W of power so you can charge gadgets with a USB-C connector such as tablets, other laptops, gaming devices and more.

Moreover, the Omni Mobile 25600 Laptop-Power Bank features two QC 3.0 USB-A port that can charge other devices with the given power adapter. It can definitely juice up any of your professional or tech devices that you carry with you on your daily commute. In perspective, it can provide up to four charges for smartphones and action cameras, max 18 charges for headphones, and three charges for gaming devices.

The best part is you can take the Omni Mobile 25600 Laptop-Power Bank anywhere even on air. It is TSA-certified, only weighs 1.2 lbs (560 g) and is compact enough at 5.5 x 2.1mm.

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Omni Mobile 25600 Laptop-Power Bank

Omni Mobile 25600 Laptop-Power Bank

Omni Mobile 25600 Laptop-Power Bank

Images courtesy of Omni

The Nomad Universal Cable with Kevlar is for lifetime charges

The one cable to rule them all is none other than the Nomad Universal Cable with Kevlar. Built to last for many uses, this charging cable gets rid of lost cables or adapters. It makes travelling with your mobile gadgets a breeze since you don’t have to pack several cables with different adapters.

It has the ability to change between lightning cable, USB-C, and micro-USB connectors. The main part consists of a USB-A to micro USB ends while the lightning and USB-C adapters are found off to the side. The Nomad Universal Cable with Kevlar may only charge one device at a time but at least it saves you the trouble of having to find a different cable for every time you charge your tech gadgets. The best part is its Kevlar® 29 (K29) Aramid Fiber construction.

The cables with Kevlar feature double-braided exteriors that are guaranteed with super strength. The Kevlar extends to the central core to keep the cable tough even in the middle. The Kevlar definitely keeps this charging cable robust. Moreover, strong metal alloy connector housings and vulcanized LSR silicone cable tie enhance its durability so you can be assured of its lifetime usage.

On other technical aspects, the Nomad Universal Cable with Kevlar features RF shield for fast sync, uses a fire-resistant PVC jacket, and offers 20AWG fast charging. It supports up to 2.4 Amps at 5 volts (12W) and is quick-charge compatible. This charging cable supports Apple devices (iPhone and iPad), other USB-C devices, Bluetooth speakers, and Android gadgets. It comes in lengths of 0.3 meters and 1.5 meters.

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Nomad Universal Cable with Kevlar

Nomad Universal Cable with Kevlar

Nomad Universal Cable with Kevlar

Nomad Universal Cable with KevlarNomad Universal Cable with Kevlar

Images courtesy of Nomad

The Hard Graft Ta-Da Card Case makes a show out of making payments

The Hard Graft Ta-Da Card Case is perfect for those who like to make a show when making payments. This unique wallet imitates the typical fanfare of calling someone’s attention to a dramatic entrance or announcement. As such, it prompts you to say ta-da! when you pull back the herringbone elastic closure to fold open and reveal the cards inside.

You don’t have to be a magician to appreciate the fantastical flare that this card wallet presents. It provides great visual impact befit for magician-style showmanship.

The Hard Graft Ta-Da Card Case also provides ease in access outside of its dapper aesthetics. It opens all the way to reveal the cash and cards inside so getting the contents out becomes convenient. It supports up to seven credit cards/business cards and a small back pocket for folded banknotes.

Perfect fit for any style, this card wallet comes in different colours but made of the same Italian vegetable tan leather that speaks of its durability. It also does not add bulk to your style, whether you are dressed down or dressed to impress in a sharp suit. Each wallet only measures 10cm x 7.5cm x 1 cm so it fits seamlessly to your coat pocket or trouser.

The Hard Graft Ta-Da Card Case is compact and lightweight enough to hold and pull open with just one hand. You can pull out cards any way you want, with the case placed sideways or tipped upward. You can add flourish and style for added showmanship factor anytime you need to make a payment.

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Hard Graft Ta-Da Card Case

Hard Graft Ta-Da Card CaseHard Graft Ta-Da Card CaseHard Graft Ta-Da Card CaseHard Graft Ta-Da Card CaseHard Graft Ta-Da Card CaseHard Graft Ta-Da Card CaseHard Graft Ta-Da Card Case

Images courtesy of Hard Graft

The Anker Powercore 13000 offers fast dual charging

The Anker PowerCore 130000 provides power to your mobile devices anywhere and anytime. It supports simultaneous charging at high speed from a compact power bank that is only 9 ounces/255 grams in weight.

This portable power supply supports two USB Type-A and one Micro USB charging that provides a maximum output of 5V/3A. It can charge an iPhone 6s five times or a Galaxy S6 3.5 time. It uses PowerIQ intelligent high-speed charging and VoltageBoost prevents slowing down of charging speeds. Charging iPhones from zero to 50 per cent only takes 30 minutes and Samsung smartphones in under 50 minutes.

The Anker PowerCore 13000 ensures safety while charging using its multi protect safety system. It has overheating, overloading, surge, overcharging, and over-discharging protection. Moreover, you can take this card-size power bank with you on air too. It is TSA-certified at a limit of 100 Wh.

Recharging this portable power bank is fairly easy using a 2-A micro-USB input port. It takes 8 hours for a full charge using a 2A wall charger. On the downside, it takes 16 hours for a full juice using 1-A charger.

Outside of the technical aspects, the Anker PowerCore 13000 boasts physical aesthetics that protect it from dirt. It has a matte finish that keeps its interface safe from smudges, scratches, and fingerprints. The texture also enhances grip so as to prevent unwanted drops.  Its shell may be plastic but it is strong enough to withstand a few drops, extreme temperature, and vibration.

The Anker PowerCore 13000 comes with four blue LED power indicators on the top and each light represents 25 per cent. The light indicators help users estimate the remaining charge on the power device.

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Anker PowerCore 13000Anker PowerCore 13000Anker PowerCore 13000

Images courtesy of Anker

Benchmade’s Tengu Flipper Knife Is an EDC Essential

Benchmade Knife Company is one of the most accomplished, storied, reputable and dare we say it, best pocket knife brands out there for good reason–they make knives that can stand up to the apocalypse while…

The Leatherman Wave+ Multi-tool tackles big and small jobs

The Leatherman Wave+ boasts an amazing selection of tool kits found in its predecessor, the Wave. But it now comes with an upgrade. Outside of the 18 tools present in the Wave, the Wave+ now includes durable replaceable wire cutters made in 154CM  premium steel. It’s an essential addition to the already loaded Wave that comes with cutting tools, crimpers, and more.

This portable EDC multi-tool features needlenose and regular pliers and premium replaceable hard-wire cutters. It also has a wire stripper, electrical crimper, a saw, spring-action scissors, and a 420HC knife and a 420HC serrated knife. Screwdrivers include small and large exchangeable bit drivers (eyeglass screwdriver and Phillips #1-2 & 3/16″ screwdriver) and a medium screwdriver. It also includes a bottle and can opener so you always have one handy on days when you just want to cool down after a hard day’s work.

The Leatherman Wave+ multi-tool is a handy and sturdy tool kit to have around. It is portable enough to put inside your bag, pocket, or just about anywhere you want it stashed. It only weighs 8.5 ounces and measures 4 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches. This comes with a lifetime warranty so you can be assured of its durability.

As is the case with its predecessor, the Leatherman Wave+ multi-tool not only boasts functional tools and rugged beauty. It is also comfortable on the hand. It supports one-handed operation on its fold-out tools and signature butterfly-opening pliers. Moreover, locks ensure safety so the other tools that are not in use do not slip out and nick your skin.

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Leatherman Wave+Leatherman Wave+Leatherman Wave+

Leatherman Wave+

Leatherman Wave+Leatherman Wave+Leatherman Wave+

Images courtesy of Leatherman

The RYU Locker Pack Lux is your backpack for work and play

When it comes to an everyday carry on, we need a backpack that we can rely on for just about anything. We need a reliable and durable pack that we can take to work, to the gym, hiking, camping, and more. We need one that delivers protection no matter the conditions and the RYU Locker Pack Lux delivers.

This versatile backpack boasts a rugged yet elegant appearance that makes it versatile. It is the perfect transition bag for a daily commute, a gym bag, or as a weekender. It has organizational interior pockets that keep your items secure and easily accessible, including a dedicated laptop pocket that can fit a 15-inch laptop. There are mesh pockets inside for tape, water bottles, and more.

Meanwhile, its exterior features a large zippered mesh pocket in the back and another small one that can store other essentials.

The RYU (which stands for Respect Your Universe) Locker Pack Lux is easy to pack and access with its drop front opening feature. Its design also allows items from the inside to be accessed from the outside. It offers removable chest straps to secure your pack with you while on the go, leather shoulder straps that mould to your body, and adjustable leather straps to customize the bag’s fit to your body. It also has leather zipper pulls and a top locker loop so you can hang your pack anywhere.

Despite its minimalist urban look, this unisex pack is durable. DWR-treated workwear loomed canvas body makes it water-resistant. The RYU Locker Pack Lux also has a built-in shell that retains its shape no matter the contents.

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RYU Locker Pack LuxRYU Locker Pack LuxRYU Locker Pack LuxRYU Locker Pack LuxRYU Locker Pack LuxRYU Locker Pack Lux

Images courtesy of RYU