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10 Tech Essentials for College Guys

Technology has become an inevitable part of our daily life. From routine and programmed tasks to unplanned and unintended tasks, we are dependent on technology. Gadgets with modern tech are indispensable in the rapidly transforming information age, and have dramatically changed the way we communicate, work, shop, play, study, and behave. For students, technology plays an important and influential role in the learning process. The availability of various gadgets for college students has made the learning process easy and exciting

Although having the latest gadgets can make student life easy and exciting, they sometimes cannot execute their assignments and coursework. Students may come across various problems while working on their essays, dissertations, and reports, such as lack of resources or time. In such difficult times, they can find help in UK.Edubirdie to finish their paper with the highest quality. In doing so, they may find the assistance they need through the dissertation writing services UK.

Students can find that seeking out help can be a crucial element in helping their academic life become easier. Amongst numerous gadgets, some are necessary for better learning practice for students. Some of the best techs for college students are:

Smartphones or tablets

A smartphone or tablet is a mobile device that combines cellular and mobile computing in a single unit. Apart from calls and texts, there are amazing apps at your fingertips that can help you in your study, scheduling, personal finance management, and communication. These can also facilitate online studies.


A smartwatch provides an extension for your smartphone and has multiple dimensions of use. It can be used as a clock, music player, fitness tracker, activity tracker, GPS, and calendar.

Powerful computer

Having a lightweight, powerful laptop is essential for modern students. They come handy when it comes to online classes, taking notes, downloading lectures, and allow the students to access and gather information from anywhere. Having a few laptop accessories for college studies like a mouse, projector, and a monitor in the one’s college dorm can be even more useful for the students.


Finding a printer right before the deadline to print your assignment can cause a lot of stress for students. Having a printer in the dorm or home can help avoid such problems. Furthermore, it also helps the students with their projects each semester.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Cancelling ambient noise around you is vital as it helps keep distractions away and lets you focus on your study. If you’re getting a pair of headsets, noise-cancelling ones are the best headphones for college students.

Portable Hard-drive

External hard drives are used to store data such as photos, videos, documents, reports, thesis, and as a backup of your laptop data. Unlike CDs or DVDs, HDDs have a higher capacity i.e., more than 1 Terabyte. So, you can use it to store and backup vast amounts of data.

Pocket projector

A projector is an essential device for both business and for study. A model that fits in a pocket comes handy for the students whenever they need a larger screen to explore new ideas, give presentations, and make notes.

Powerful portable battery

Using various tech products while studying in college will drain their battery, eventually causing it to shut off unexpectedly. To avoid such unwanted circumstances, a powerful portable battery comes handy to recharge your gadgets whenever needed.

Voice Recorder

With the help of a voice recorder, scholars can record the lectures, dictate assignments, and listen to them at their own pace at home. Such a practice can boost their study productivity.

Smart Backpack

Smart backpacks are just regular backpacks equipped with cool features and extras like a solar panel, rechargeable battery, and charging ports. You can organize your gear and charge them inside a smart backpack while on the go.

Students might feel anxious while studying without the use of modern tech and gadgets. So, it’s best if they invest in modern devices to support their higher studies. Apart from the students, institutions should also invest in technologies to facilitate the learning of students. Not using back to school tech in universities can decrease students’ engagement at studies. Upgrading outdated technology can help with the problem. To personalize the gadgets, institutions can choose the necessary gadgets as well.

The Herschel Chapter Travel Kit Is A Versatile Everyday Carry-On

No matter where you go, you need a dependable bag to keep your small essentials neat and secure. The Herschel Chapter Travel Kit provides water protection and keeps your things organized for easy access.

This carry-on is just the right size to put inside your travel bag. It measures 5.2 inches in height, 8.5 inches in width, and has a diameter of 3.2 inches. It is the ideal buddy in case you need a compact bag to hold your travel essentials. This handy pack has enough pockets to store anything including toothbrushes, glasses, passports, pens, cologne, keys, earphones, and more.

The Herschel Chapter Travel Kit comes with the brand’s signature striped fabric liner and has an internal mesh storage sleeve for neat organization. The main compartment has a waterproof zipper to keep safe important documents or electronic gadgets. Meanwhile, the front zippered pocket comes with a pebbled leather pull for accent and easy opening.

You can bring this carry-on solo during your urban commutes. It does not have to be for travel use only. A stitched-in handle makes it convenient to carry it around. It is also portable as is without contents. It only weighs 5.12 ounces. Guaranteed durable and versatile, you can choose how you want to use each of the three compartments. You can have everything you need inside with its impressive 5L capacity.

As with other products from the brand, the Herschel Chapter Travel Kit comes in attractive colors.  You can have it in plain colors, in camo, or a mixture of hues.

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The Adidas Star Wars ZX 2K BOOST Is An Homage To Han Solo’s Confidence

Adidas continues its homage to iconic Star Wars characters with the release of the ZX 2K BOOST. This pair pays tribute to the legendary Han Solo especially the color scheme of his wardrobe.

This stylish pair uses “Core Black” synthetic fabrics and TPU overlays for the upper structural support. This is a call out to Han Solo’s iconic black vest. Meanwhile, “Sand” leather with more “Core Black” TPU comprises the heel construction and this combination harks to the pilot’s shirt.

The “Sand” on the midsole of the Adidas Star Wars ZX 2K BOOST complements the black boost that runs along the full length of the sole and gives the overall look a masculine and confident appeal, just like Han Solo himself. A special nod to the Millenium Falcon commander is notably found on the shoe’s strap-buckle that sits over the laces. The buckle is reminiscent of his blaster gun holder from the color of the strap to the metal buckle.

Moreover, a Han Solo patch is cleverly stitched on the tongue along with a “Star” and “Wars” lace locks. Another set of lace locks that spell out “Han Solo” and another that replicates the Millenium Falcon rounds up Adidas’ homage to the galactic hero.

The Adidas Star Wars ZX 2K BOOST sells for approximately $197 USD. It is a special edition designed to celebrate the 40th “Star Wars” anniversary of Episode V. The Han Solo shoes are tin the designs catered to the characters of “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” along with Lando Calrissian, C3PO, Darth Vader, and more.

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KAD Models and Prototypes VersiCube Is More Than Just A Plaything

KAD Models and Protypes created the VersiCube not just to play with but also to wear and stare at. It not only works as a fidget cube but as a table accessory or jewelry.

Designed with attractive colors, this unique take at a fidgeter’s plaything offers limitless possibilities. Turn it into a 3D tic-tac-toe game with a set of silver and black pegs. You can build blocks with it using the pegs and additional polished aluminum stand. The holes in the cubes can even stand-in as a pen or flower holder.

The VersiCube comes in a smaller size that works and looks great as jewelry. You can loop a silver chain or any chain through the holes to create a pendant. You can also turn a couple of the smaller cubes into a pair of trendy earrings. It also works as an accessory to hang along with your keys or give as a unique gift. It also works as a great desk art for people to stare at.

This fidget cube features machined radius corners and dishes faces for a sleek appeal. It is available in two sizes: the standard and mini. The standard measures 1.375″x1.375″ and the mini 0.500″x0.500″. Both sizes are machined from aluminum with the former boasting a media blast finish.

The VersiCube is from all-aluminum construction even the stand and pegs that come with it.  This means you have a durable gear with you. It even comes in beautiful anodized color options including orange, blue, red, black, purple, green, yellow/gold, and silver.

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Images courtesy of KAD Models and Prototypes

HitchFire lets you maximize trunk space with its Forge 15 grill

Summer usually calls for some fun outdoors. It can be camping, hiking, or probably driving to a special spot and just take in the view. Another form of enjoyment is grilling great food and having a cold one along with it. What’s awesome is the fact that you can combine the two to make the experience even more memorable. Enter the HitchFire Forge 15 grill as finally pairs our love of vehicles and great-tasting meals in one unique platform.

For those of us who own SUVs or Trucks, you’ll notice that most models normally have a hitch point. This allows us to tow all kinds of stuff such as trailers, a boat maybe, or whatever the vehicle’s capacity can manage. As such, why not use it to hold a fully functional grill for cookouts? This is where the HitchFire Forge 15 comes in.

The problem with most types of grills is the size and the room it takes up in the trunk. Maximize your ride’s interior storage space and install your cooking equipment directly on the hitch instead. It’s a perfect solution for folks who love to tailgate wherever they go. The robust construction of the Forge 15 can withstand the elements and locks safely in place during transport.

It features two 7,500-BTU burners for a total of 15,000 BTUs of grilling power. You’re also looking at 355 square inches of cooking space which is capable of serving a party of 8 to 10.  The pivoting swingarm makes it easy to move out of the way when you need it to. The HitchFire Forge 15 uses 16-ounce propane tanks to keep the fires burning hot. Plus, it even has an integrated bottle opener for additional convenience.

Preorder yours now – $499

Images courtesy of HitchFire

The Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob Provides Limitless Light

Flashlights go a long way in providing you bright and sometimes blinding light. But if you don’t want all that attention from a torch, then the Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob is for you.

This durable and portable EDC gives just the right amount of glow in the dark so you can see items you need. It is portable, key-size light at best, so you can easily attach it to your backpack, keyring, bag, backpack, wallet, and more. This way, you can easily spot them without having to fumble on the flashlight switch. Best of all, since it comes with a key ring then you can also attach it to your flashlight.

The Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob glows neon bright and it does not even need batteries to work. This means no recharging, ultimate lifespan. It is self-powered and glows through the built-in cylindrical Tritium lamp inside. A CNC-machined stainless steel cage coated in black nitride secures the lamp inside.

Tritium, for those who may not know, is radioactive hydrogen isotope that produces photos through its slow decay. This means it can glow for years without a power source.

The Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob is also versatile. It does not just function as a night light but also as survival gear. It has a strong pointed tip that works very well as a glass breaker. So when you find yourself trapped inside the car, then this EDC and a bit of muscle strength will certainly get you out of the sticky situation.

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Images courtesy of Glow Rhino 

The Cybermat Wireless Charging Mat Simultaneously Powers Six Devices

Forget bulky and messy wires on your desktop. The Cybermat Wireless Charging Mat is dubbed the “World’s largest charging mat” for a good reason. It has the power to juice up six devices at the same time.

This desktop looker boasts an impressive 15 charging coils in three wireless charging sections of the mat. It runs on a 45W charger that is more than enough to fuel six devices simultaneously. This makes charging cables obsolete since it works for basically every advanced tech gear in the market; iPhone, AirPods, wireless mouses, Qi-enabled smartphones, and more.

Functions aside, the Cybermat Wireless Charging Mat boasts elegant and sleek aesthetics that would look good in just about any desktop situation. It is a conversation starter, especially for online gamers. Inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, its CNC-machined 6063 aluminum alloy shell features sharp lines and edges. The shell also has a sandblasted anodized finish for durability and corrosion resistance. It has a 2mm thick high-density foam and anti-slip rubberized base and a textured cloth finish. It is lightweight at just 3.9 kilograms and compact at a measurement of 900x340x9.1mm.

This device guarantees protection and safety during and after charging. It protects from over-current and over-voltage, from overheating, under-voltage, short circuit, and FOD.  The use of an all-aluminum alloy one-piece for the shell also ensures better heat radiation for the 15 coils. In the box, the Cybermat Wireless Charging Mat comes with the device itself, a 45W PD charger, and a 1.8m type C to C cable, and a manual.

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5 Types of Grills to Choose for Outdoor Cooking

There is nothing better than a sizzling smell of freshly grilled food. And if you love to cook outside, then you need to get the perfect outdoor grill. The fantastic thing about getting a grill is that you can use it in your backyard. Likewise, it can grill tasty and fresh dishes no matter what time it is.

With various types of outdoor grills available in the market, it can be confusing to choose a specific type. So, to help you understand better, we have listed the most five most common types of grills that you can get for outdoor cooking. This guide will help can select which is the most suitable for you and your family.

Charcoal-Gas Hybrid Grills

This type of grill is an ideal choice for outdoor cooking as it gives food a robust taste that you get from a charcoal grill and is easy to use much like a gas variant. This hybrid is the perfect duet which allows you to enjoy the best smoky flavor, a quick heat-up, and cooking consistency.

This can even let you cook with both methods simultaneously. You can quickly cook burgers or steaks on the charcoal side, and you can simultaneously control the temperature for vegetables and fish on the gas side. So, if you love to cut cooking time in half and savor the authentic grilled goodness, then it is the right choice for you.

Gas Grills

These are the most popular and commercialized type of backyard grills. These gas grills normally use natural gas or propane gas, which offer remarkable convenience and speed that is preferred by many people nowadays.

One of the advantages of gas grills is that they heat up very quickly, which allows you to cook effortlessly. Gas grills are perfect for cooking any kind of meat, fish, vegetable, or poultry, making it ideal for a family to get together for any occasion.

So, if you love to prepare meals and eat them quickly, then it is the best choice for you. You can also easily regulate the heat by using the temperature control knobs. Plus, it’s very easy to clean, which makes it even more convenient to use.

Charcoal Grills

These are the most recognizable and classic type there is. The cooking method is tough to beat as it imparts an authentic flavor to the ingredients that are cooked using charcoal.

However, it takes a little time to get heat up. Moreover, maybe your hands will also get dirty from the charcoal used to cook your dishes. Ultimately, it is ideal for more seasoned grillers.

To get started, you will need good store-bought charcoal, a lighter fluid, and a light source to provide a smoky flavor. It may be difficult to clean compared to other types.

If you want to enjoy a sizzling, smoky, and authentic taste of grilled food, then it is the perfect platform for you. Just be aware of the longer time it takes to cook the food.

Electric Grills

Nowadays, there are many amazing outdoor electric grills available in the market, which can quickly cook meat and vegetables perfectly. These are ideal for those who live in an area where gas or charcoal grills are not allowed due to fire codes. Along with this, it is very easy to operate and requires minimum maintenance.

It does not take time to heat up because you just need to plug it in a power source and it’s ready to use. Usually, these are more affordable, and you can also use them inside the house, but the main problem is that may not experience the distinct taste and flavor you will get from charcoal grills.

So, if you want to make it hassle-free to grill food wherever and whenever you want, then you can go for an electric model instead.

Portable Grills

These are the cute mini grills which allow you to take them anywhere you want, whether it’s camping or parties. They have a very compact design and are also the most popular option for those who love to travel.

There are different types of portable grills depending upon the fuel used like propane and charcoal. The former uses propane gas cans while the latter uses the material of its namesake to cook food.


So in this article, we covered five different types of grills that you can choose for outdoor cooking. All of these are suitable for cooking outdoors. Furthermore, it gives ingredients a fresh sizzling aroma as well as an amazing taste. Whichever of these five options suit you the most, just choose and enjoy cooking and eating.

Top 7 ways to stay safe on your motorcycle

Regardless of how long you have been riding a motorcycle, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. There are many things you can do to minimize the risks and help to protect yourself and other road users. Here are the top 7 ways to stay safe on your motorcycle.

Wear a helmet

A helmet could save your life, so you should wear one at all times regardless of how short the journey. Helmets come in various sizes, so be sure to get one that fits correctly.

If you are going to be carrying passengers, make sure you have a spare helmet for them to wear.

Wear protective clothing

If you fall off your bike at speed, it could cause serious injury or even death, particularly if you aren’t wearing protective clothing. Motorcycle jackets, pants, and gloves are made of special fabrics that will not only provide warmth and protection from the weather but will be safer should you fall off your bike.

If you will be driving at night or when the weather is particularly adverse, reflective, high visibility outerwear is recommended. Being visible to other road users could make all the difference.

Insurance cover

If you intend to drive on public roads, insurance is essential. Likewise, in case your ride is lost or stolen or you figure in an accident, you should be able to make an insurance claim.

If you are in an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact a motorcycle accident attorney. They can help you claim compensation and will work alongside your insurance company to help you process what is due.

Maintain your motorcycle

For your safety and the safety of those around you, you must make sure that your bike is in a good state of repair. It is recommended that you have your motorcycle serviced at least once a year to ensure that all parts are working correctly.

Tires, in particular, must be checked regularly. A low tread could result in an accident, particularly during wet or wintery conditions, so don’t take any chances.

Monitor your speed

If you are running late you may be tempted to increase your speed to get to where you need to go. This could compromise your safety, so leave adequate time to reach your destination, and drive at a consistent speed. Try to remember that arriving late is far better than not arriving at all.

Plan your route

If your route isn’t one you are familiar with, it’s a good idea to plan it out. Online route finders will show you the best routes and will also allow you to become familiar with the location of any traffic lights, crosswalks, and roundabouts.

Don’t drink and drive

Driving a motorcycle is no different from driving a car. If you intend to get on your bike, then leave the alcohol well alone. Alcohol can impair your vision and can make your reactions a lot slower, although it may be tempting to have a few drinks – it just isn’t worth it.

It’s time to replace several of your tools with the awesome xDrill

Perhaps we have all gotten used to the convenience brought about by the tools we use in the shop or home. In fact, anybody who uses one can easily switch between various brands and models and operate it without any problems. Unfortunately, this means manufacturers are afraid to make drastic changes which can alienate users. Thankfully, the folks from Robbox are willing to take the risk and deliver an innovative piece of equipment. Those with a penchant for DIY projects will find the xDrill one versatile piece of gear.

What looks like your average high-torque tool is actually an all-in-one affair that could be groundbreaking. Just like how we love certain EDCs that includes almost anything we might need at a moments notice, the xDrill embodies a similar approach. As the name already hints at, this primarily functions as indicated. However, it packs some unique features that put others to shame.

There are those who just want to slap a touchscreen on anything and label it as a smart gadget. The xDrill does exactly that but backs up the claim with a collection of functions that make everything so much easier. It shares a recognizable appearance as with many cordless drills with some notable exceptions. To our surprise, the rear section houses a round LCD capacitive touch panel.

The DrillPoint Coordinates function uses a set of lasers to guide you with pinpoint accuracy over your target. Meanwhile, the depth control option will automatically stop the drill according to your specifications. Then there’s the digital level that also comes with custom angle leveling. The xDrill is shaping up to be one awesome crowdfunding project.

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Benefits of Computer Glasses When Working or Studying

Your eyes will tend to hurt or feel irritated after spending a few hours in front of the computer. The computer screen emits blue-violet radiation that causes your eyes to feel fatigued. It also triggers other symptoms such as headaches or blurry vision. If you find yourself spending a considerable amount of time in front of your laptop, investing in computer glasses with anti-glare and anti-reflection coatings can help relieve your eyes.

What do computer glasses do?

If you constantly do your coursework without computer glasses, you can experience eye fatigue, blurred vision, and even headaches. Looking at the screen continuously can be especially straining on your eyes. Moreso when as a student, you are required to complete a lot of assignments for your coursework. Of course, every student wants to protect his/her eyesight.

On the other hand, there might be situations wherein schedules can affect the quality and timeliness of these projects. Therefore, that is why students can seek online help from a writing service in the UK such as British Edubirdie.

Such services might be the answer to your academic problems in order to maintain excellent grades in school. Since this activity involves a lot of studying in front of a computer, students may benefit from computer glasses designed to offer great protection from long-term screen exposure.

Benefits of using computer glasses
Minimum glare 

Computer screen glare can increase the difference between the lighter and darker areas on the screen. Glasses with anti-glare coating can help adjust glare to a minimum and reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Good posture

Some people with blurry eyesight tend to lean forward to look at their screens and make out the detail. As such, they often end up with sore shoulders, necks, and backs. With computer glasses on, the user can see the display clearly even from a distance, thereby reducing the strain on your neck and back. Furthermore, it also helps with headaches that stems poor posture.

Blue-Light Filter

Constant exposure to blue light emitted by screens disrupts your sleep cycle and may cause insomnia. In the long run, this can even lead to macular degeneration — a permanent vision loss — in some cases. While choosing glasses for working on the computer, go for the ones with yellow-tinted lenses. These apparently increase the contrast and help protect your eyes from the screen’s blue-violet radiations.

Increased Eye Focus

Astigmatism is a condition that causes blurry vision in individuals. Computer glasses can actually help correct this. One must always consult with an optometrist before buying most types glasses. This ensures the measurements are accurate enough to provide improved vision during use. These types of customized lenses can help your eyes relax. In turn, this lets you focus better on the object in front of you and enhance your field of view.

Fight CVS Symptoms

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is characterized by symptoms such as loss of focus, headaches, red eyes, tiredness, eye twitching, double vision, and neck and shoulder pain. Investing in a good pair of computer glasses will help you fight the symptoms of CVS properly.

It is best to invest in a good pair of glasses if you spend more than two hours every day in front of your computer. With these on, you can effectively protect your eyes and fight any symptoms caused by prolonged exposure to the screen, thus maintaining your ocular health.

The iFlow Touchless Faucet Is A Smart and Germ-Free Sink Solution

The iFlow Touchless Faucet is a step-up to your faucet add-on.  It conveniently tells you the water temperature, water volume, while keeping your hands safe from possible bacteria contamination.

This ingenious device lets you use the faucet without actually having to use your hands to turn it on and off. It uses a couple of sensors to automatically pour water out and stop the faucet after use to prevent drips. It is powered by hydraulics, meaning there’s no need to recharge as the flow of water acts as the charger. A backup battery comes handy when the device has not been used for a long time thus there is no hydraulic power.

The iFlow Touchless Faucet has an IPS touchscreen display that provides certain information including water temperature, water amount, and provides customization. There are times that you want to keep the water running instead of stopping every time your hand is away from the sensor. You can do so by choosing the non-stop flow mode from the display.

The display also lets you choose the volume of water you want. This device minimizes the chances of possible bacteria contamination you get from the faucet in your sinks.  It also filters out water from sand, mud, and other impurities. It prevents unwanted water waste when it stops the faucet automatically after use to prevent drips.

The iFlow Touchless Faucet is fairly easy to set up or hook into your existing faucet. It goes in place of the faucet cap.

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Portable 4K visuals and Hi-Fi audio make the Lumonitor a versatile touchscreen display

It was not long ago when 4K-resolution displays first broke into the market. Since then, the technology has become mainstream wherein almost every other consumer electronics group has one. However, when it comes to more portable platforms, the demand seems to be growing. While most compact options are limited to full HD resolutions, Lumonitor steps up the plate to give us the resolution and versatility we need.

We all know that as the resolution goes up the power requirements follows as well. Therefore, the majority of portable monitors require external power and are often bulkier if there’s a built-in battery involved. The Lumonitor, on the other hand, offers an adaptable alternative with some extras that position it above the rest.

Moreover, we love the fact that features a touchscreen with stylus support. This makes it a great companion for gamers, content creators, app developers, digital designers, and even regular folk who just want that extra display for entertainment and occasional work. So if we’ve successfully hyped you up, get ready because we’re going into detail as to what makes the Lumonitor perhaps the most exciting crowdfunding project we’ve seen in a while.

Factors to consider before buying a portable monitor

Before anyone even thinks about getting one, it’s essential that to know what a portable display can offer. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the Lumonitor is on another scale compared to most of the models you can purchase from retailers. So, let’s discuss a few of the common reasons as to why consumers would buy it.

Weight – First of all, if you’re going to be lugging around an extra piece of equipment weight matters a lot. Understand that this will be inside your luggage or backpack while you’re on the go. So, the lighter it is, the better. Those who plan to use it outdoors for whatever reason should consider this carefully. After all, nobody wants to be carrying something heavy for hours at a time.

Size – Much like weight, this specification is another crucial detail that should never be overlooked. If you’re trying to manage what items can fit inside your container, the portable monitor’s dimensions provide a good idea of the volume it can use up. Most agree that a good display size would be around 13 to 16 inches. Furthermore, the stand should be removable or can fold down to accommodate other gadgets if needed.

Battery/Power Options – Unless you’re using it within reach of a power outlet, a good portable monitor should have multiple sources of power. Models with built-in/removable batteries are great and it’s even better if the display can be used with power banks.

Connectivity/Ports – Depending on the devices you will be hooking up to your display, a good number and variety of ports can be handy. HDMI, USB-A, USB-C, and a 3.5 mm audio jack among others should cover most modern requirements.

What inspired the creation of Lumonitor?

According to its Kickstarter page, the creators wanted to develop a product that meets the needs of a modern user. Given that portability and wireless connectivity are premium features people want on of their devices, Lumonitor gladly delivers.

“We found ourselves feeling pretty tied down despite living in a ‘wireless’ world, and we knew there had a be a better way,” stated the team. “So, we gathered a team of engineers and started work on a device that could incorporate all of our gadgets into one go-anywhere, do-anything workstation. After over 2 years of design and dozens of prototypes, Lumonitor was born.”

The Lumonitor Experience

It’s all about the visuals – The Lumonitor, as the product description notes, is a portable monitor. Nevertheless, it stands out thanks to the ultra-HD or 4K-resolution. This is still a rare feature to find on a display of its kind. The 15.6-inch IPS panel uses LED backlighting to produce vivid colors.

Touch support – Not only are you getting a high-resolution and dynamic screen, but the inclusion of touch controls should make content creators happy. With the help of its proprietary PinPoint touch accuracy technology, editing photos, videos, and digital artistry are enhanced. Latency is a big problem, but its less-than-10-millisecond response time should put others to shame.

Great audio – Normally, when developing a portable monitor, companies focus the bulk of their resources on the performance and quality of the screen. Often, this leaves audio clarity as an afterthought, which can be disappointing for the user, but not the Lumonitor.

Meanwhile, it ensures a balanced experience as it generates impressive acoustic clarity. Editing videos, playing games, and composing music become even more immersive. There’s the high-fidelity output from its built-in stereo speakers. Likewise, plug in your headphones/earphones for a more personal listening session.

One versatile package – Lumonitor is not joking around and lives up to its definition as a portable monitor. The frame measures 360 mm wide, 220 mm high, and only 6 mm thick. Additionally, at just 1.3 lbs, it fits the very definition of portability.

Compatibility-wise, its collection of ports and plug-and-play support lets users connect their favorite devices. Packing two 4,000 mAh batteries for a total of 8,000 mAh, it’s enough to four hours without an external power source. Equally interesting is its ability to function as a power bank to charge your smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets.

Final Thoughts

We are seriously impressed with what all the bells and whistles that the Lumonitor will ship with. Our team loves the flexible nature of the device which not a lot of manufacturers can achieve. This will surely boost the productivity of professionals and allow gamers to enjoy the full extent of their console’s graphical/sound capabilities.

Ultimately, the 10-point capacitive touch just shows that the company knows exactly how to create a portable 4K monitor that will be difficult to rival. The Lumonitor is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its goal beyond expectations. This speaks volumes of what it intends to bring to the table.

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The Imalent MS18 Flashlight Gives Off An Immense 100,000 Lumens

The Imalent MS18 Flashlight is a standout from its predecessor, the DX80, because of its powerful light. It can emit a very bright light good enough to blind anyone.

Dubbed as the “brightest flashlight in the world,” it packs 18 pieces of Cree XHP70 2nd high lumens with a max output of 100,000 lumens in turbo mode. In perspective, the light is 50x brighter than car lights and runs at such brightness for an hour and 52 minutes before it drops to 25,000 lumens or High III mode.

The Imalent MS18 Flashlight comes with other light settings including High I at 22,000 lumens, Middle II at 10,000 lumens, and Middle I, Middle Low, and Low at 5,000, 2,000, and 700 lumens, respectively.

Meanwhile, it has a max beam distance of 1350 meters (4429 feet) which makes it perfect to use during blackouts or in pitch-black areas. It gives off super bright wide beams to effortlessly illuminate an entire room or dark path. Better yet, thick a dark cave. This handheld torch runs on a rechargeable battery. An OLED digital screen tells you when it is time to juice up the battery.

The immense brightness is not all the Imalent MS18 Flashlight offers. It is packed with protection systems that make it ideal for outdoor use. The construction is from a high-performance alloy to make it virtually indestructible. It has a heat pipe cooling system (fans) to ensure higher and longer light performance. It is IP-68 waterproof, which means you can submerge it up to 1.5m depth underwater up to thirty minutes.

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The Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum is a must-have all-in-one gadget for your vehicle

There’s nothing more frustrating and embarrassing than getting stuck inside your car along a busy road with horns blaring behind you urging you to drive on. It’s during these situations that you wish you had that one basic car essential that would jump-start your vehicle back to life. You may have your reasons why you don’t have it: bulky, heavy, unreliable, which is why in this modern age, technology has allowed engineers to design more compact versions that offer value for your money. Take for instance the Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum.

The name is perfectly self-explanatory and thus it is eye-catching. Who would not want to get their hands on this innovative device that has more to offer? It is a vacuum cleaner, an emergency power bank, and most of all, a car jump starter.

Outside its practical offerings, the Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum is a conversation starter. The vacuum looks modern and elegant while the jump starter is not typical of those commonly found in the market. It is compact and designed for one-handed carry. One look and you’d think it’s merely an electrical adapter of some sort. This device may be small but it makes anyone who has it stand out. Below you will understand why it literally translates to the adage “good things come in small packages.”

Powerful Vacuum Suction

The engineers and designers over at Hong Kong-based tech company Jumpi Labs created their flagship product with the consumers’ comfort and convenience in mind. They wanted to develop handy devices that are noteworthy in both design and features. Thus, the Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum was born to help make long drives worry-free.

You don’t have to sneeze your way through traffic with the DC 5V/2A vacuum cleaner that zaps out dirt and dust even those accumulated in hard-to-reach corners. Its suction power can rival those of consumer/commercial-grade models. It gets rid of debris including breadcrumbs, cigarette ash, and removes 99.99 % of microscopic particles and allergens not limited to pet dander, mold spores, and pollen.

The car vacuum operates silently, 30 percent quieter than those of its kind, and is lightweight at just 0.78 kg. It is also compact enough to fit under your seat.  Its cordless design gives freedom of movement during cleaning.

Best of all, the Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum uses a no-touch dirt canister and the handle has an anti-bacterial coating to keep your hands safe and protected. With this device, it only takes a few minutes to get your car smelling and looking clean.

Fast-Charging Power Bank

The Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum runs on a 6,000 mAh rechargeable battery that also works as a quick-charging power bank. It juices up your mobile devices up to 2.5x its reserve power. In perspective, it can charge an iPhone 11 over two times and a Samsung Galaxy S20 two times. The battery recharges via USB-C using a bidirectional port and it also has a USB-A port for added convenience.

Compact and Fast Car Jump Starter

The Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum stands out because of the added jump starter that barely resembles any of its kind. It is compact and only weighs 0.31 kg. Despite its small size, it can handle just about any car or truck battery. It has 700 amps of power and gives 10 jumps per charge to keep you on the road for hours or even days.

The jump starter also packs extreme protection systems to ensure safety during and after use. It offers protection for over-current, short circuit, over-load, overcharge, and over-voltage. Likewise, it has spark-proof and corrosion-resistant clamps and insulated cables. This device only takes seconds to start your car so you don’t have to worry about causing traffic or getting stranded on the road.


The Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum is the multipurpose car essential that you never know you need. It’s a life-saver ingeniously designed to be your daily companion. It’s a versatile device and one you can take anywhere whether you’re on the road, in the office, or even out traversing the great outdoors.

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The Seven & Me Coffee Maker Gives Perfect java Every Time

The Seven & Me Coffee Maker lets you enjoy barista-quality java in the comfort of your home with a simple push of a button. The innovative design saves time by brewing and frothing your drink simultaneously so you have a steaming cup ready when you need it.

“Brew. Froth. and Enjoy.” This is the motto Seven & Me wants to achieve with its ingenious machine that comes with five presets. It saves time and money whenever you need a shot of espresso, or a cup of cappuccino, latte, or macchiato. This machine does all in a one-click operation and in no more than three minutes.

The Seven & Me Coffee Maker uses pressurized boiled water to pass through 16 grams off coffee grounds to give you a grande-sized double shot espresso with the perfect crema. Meanwhile, the barista-standard 60 degrees precise temperature control frother gives you 11.8 ounces of silky smooth naturally sweet frothed milk. The frother also features a pitcher design so you can easily pour milk foam and indulge in some latte art sans any tools.

You don’t have to be a barista to make cafe-quality coffee at home. The milk cup has a fill line that guides how much milk needed for each coffee. This removes the need for guesswork anytime and every time. The frother also works with both plant-based or dairy milk.

Best of all, the frother in the Seven & Me Coffee Maker lets you mix and match ingredients with your milk. You can add cocoa, matcha, vanilla and more to tickle your tastebuds.

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See Things Up Close with the 3-in-1 Pentax 4X20 VD WP

The Pentax 4X20 VD WP is a 3-in-1 outdoor gear as it features a telescope, binoculars, and monoculars. Of course, as Pentax is a known camera brand, this also boasts impressive lenses.

It can easily be converted from a simple binocular into either two separate monoculars that offer 4x magnification so you can get 50cm close to the object. The monoculars offer a bright view with minimal handshaking and a rubber grip provides a secure hold. The monoculars are compact enough to hold with just one hand.

You can change the configuration of the Pentax 4X20 VD WP is a 3-in-1 to fit the need at the moment. You can stack the optical tubes one in front of the other so you have a powerful 16x telescope. It has a front focus ring and works best with a tripod.

Meanwhile, the binoculars provide 4x magnification and feature a right field of view for scenes with action or movement. It is best used during theatre or stage performances since it lets you view the entire scene. The binoculars have a thumb grip for a secure. compact, and provides bright view with minimal shaking.

Best of all, the Pentax 4X20 VD WP is a 3-in-1 is IP-X7 waterproof which means you can wash it. It can survive a drop of one meter into the water but not for underwater use. Moreover, the lenses have full anti-reflection coating for excellent optical performance. It incorporates full multi-coating, phase coating, and super-high-reflection dielectric multi-layer coating for a bright, clear image with minimal flare and ghost.

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The Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine Gives Zero-Recontamination Everytime

A true audiophile knows what it means to listen to great quality music especially those that come from vinyl records. And any vinyl enthusiast knows the importance of keeping records pristine. Wet pads are not enough and they need a thorough cleaning. For this, trust the Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine.

This newest offering from the trusted brand not only cleans 12″ 10″ and 7″ records but also 5″ digital discs. It cleans both digital and analog: CDs, Blu Ray, games, data, and more.  It does not use buffer thread for washing and drying but uses a point suction system and vacuum for precise clean. With an enhanced 360-degree fluid pickup, and double for drier records, you can be certain of no re-contamination every record, every time.

The Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine gives you both sides of the record or discs washed and dry in less than 5 minutes. This is an ideal machine for the bedroom and in stores because of its super silent operation and compact size at just 22″ W x 6″ H x 9″ D. It also only weighs 11 lbs.

Best of all, it is a conversation starter. The combination of bamboo and modern decor (RGB lighting) gives it an elegant appeal. The cabinet, main hardware, lid cover, and washing accessories are made from bamboo which is noise absorbing, moisture resistant, anti-static, and durable. Then you can control the lights with an IR remote handset to give it a unique aesthetic. The Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine works on a 12V power with an input of 100-250V 50/60H.

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The JONES UTILITY TROUPER GOLF BAG Is As Functional As It Is Comfortable To Carry

The Jones Utility Trouper golf bag maintains the minimalistic design and pocketing of its predecessor. But it is larger, on the lighter side and features improved functionality.

A large five-way top gives enough room for 14 cubs and oversized grips. Inside you have eight pockets to store balls, tees, and gloves while keeping them organized.

The Jones Utility Trouper golf bag is a breeze to carry. It has a new integrated easy-grab handle that makes for effortless handling or carrying.  It even has a stand function for added carrying comfort and for easy access to the contents. Meanwhile, an added lumbar cushion adds another level of comfort in carrying to prevent possible back or shoulder pain. It features the brand’s traditional centerline single strap but comes with a secondary double strap for optimum comfort.

This simple yet durable golf bag may be bigger but it is 1/2 lighter than the original Utility Stand Bag at five pounds. Outside of golf necessities, it has space for extra items such as cold drinks. It comes with an insulated beverage pocket capable of holding two canned drinks. It also has a swivel accessory clip and a mesh pocket to hold a phone or Bluetooth speaker so you can crank up and listen to your playlist while in the game.

The Jones Utility Trouper is the product of feedback from customers who want simplicity yet functionality in a golf bag. It provides improved functionality with the added double strap an extreme help in keeping the fatigue off from the shoulders.

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