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The Top Electric Scooters For 2020

Electric scooters have really grown in popularity in the last few years as more and more people have been discovering how useful and fun they really are.

We are all becoming more aware of climate change and trying to use more eco-friendly ways of moving around and electric scooters fit in that role perfectly. They are relatively cheap to purchase and have an extremely low running cost which makes them perfect for day to day use in a busy crowded city.

But as they have become more popular the choices and variations in electric scooters have also grown which can make it hard to pick which one to purchase. So let’s take a look at some of the best options for different price ranges to help you decide which electric scooter to buy.

The Best Cheap Electric Scooters For Children

The price of buying an electric scooter can actually range from affordable to very expensive depending on what style and brand of scooter you decide to buy.

The cheaper range of electric scooters can be found from anywhere between $80 and $250. You will find that kids’ versions tend to be a fair bit cheaper compared to their adult variants, but there are still bargains to be found.

If you are buying an electric scooter for your child a good option would be the Go Trax GKS for kids which is very cheap at only $99. The wheel size is 6 inches and the whole scooter just weighs 18.7 pounds. It even has a safety technology which is perfect to assist your child when riding the scooter.

At top speed, the Go Trax GKS can reach ten miles per hour, and on a full charge, the scooter can travel an impressive 7.5 miles before it needs recharging.

The Best Cheap Electric Scooter For Adults

Adult electric scooters tend to be more expensive than those for children due to them having a bigger frame and more powerful electric engine, which means the scooter can go faster.

A good option for those on a budget is Go Trax XR Elite which can be found for below $400. There are many retailers selling this scooter including at Eride Hero, where they have a wide range of competitively priced electric scooters.

The XR Elite can reach up to 15 miles per hour and can travel 18.5 miles on a full charge. It has a dual-braking system and a one-step folding system to make it easy to carry around with you. It’s the perfect choice for those hoping to own a solidly-built electric scooter and not break the bank.

The Best Expensive Electric Scooters

If money is no object when buying yourself an electric scooter then you will have plenty of options. The most expensive electric scooter on the market right now is the Ring 2 RE90 which retails at an eye-watering $6,800.

The Dualtron X is another popular model that comes in just under $600. There are quite a few different e scooters available within this price range but one we recommend would be the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11.

The Wolf Warrior 11 will set you back roughly three thousand two hundred dollars but it is definitely worth its price. Its top speed can reach a zippy 50 miles per hour which makes it the perfect choice for off-roading. It has a Samsung battery which can last up to 70 miles on a full charge so you won’t be running out of juice any time soon. It also has an eco-mode to help make the battery last even longer.

The Wolf Warrior 11 also comes with road tires as standard with the option of upgrading to off-road tires which are recommended should you be using the scooter on off-road surfaces.

Is It Legal To Drive Electric Scooters On The Road?

As electric scooters are becoming more popular the laws and regulations surrounding their use on roads and public footpaths are changing all the time.

While it is deemed legal to use them in some countries and states, there are places wherein it is not permitted. So, it’s important to learn about the regulations before ever taking your scooter out to use in a public area. In some countries and states, you may need insurance.

They are, however, completely legal to use on private roads and spaces.

Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Electric scooters are completely safe to use as long as you ride them sensibly and carefully. The basic models can reach top speeds of 15 miles per hour while the more expensive top models can reach much closer to 50 miles per hour.

With every form of transport, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings, road users, and pedestrians. Even if you are going at very slow speeds, you could cause harm to yourself or other road users should you could encounter a collision.

It’s important to always wear a helmet when using an electric scooter to keep your head safe and protected in case you fall off the scooter. It’s even more important when the scooter is being used by a child. They should wear a helmet.

Where Can You Buy Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters can now be purchased at a wide range of shops and establishments. Always shop around to find the best prices as they can vary wildly from place to place. There are bargains to be had if you take your time to find them and don’t rush to buy the first one you come across.

A good time to look for a new electric scooter is both during the Black Friday sales at the end of November and the January sales just after Christmas as you are more likely to find them being sold off at cheaper price during these periods.

The Rux Packs and Moves Your Gear With Convenience And Comfort

The Rux is not a container, not a bag, and not even a bin but it is all three. It is as versatile and portable as you want it to be.

The minds behind this intuitive product describe it as the “new all-in-one system to pack, move, and use your valuable gear.” It “packs like a box, carries like a bag.” The system is made up of a removable lid made of compressed EVA foam with an elastic perimeter for rainproofing and secure closure.

Meanwhile, a clear window lets you see the contents inside the TPU-coated nylon bag. The bag itself is weather-resistant, hose-washable, and compresses to adjust to its contents. Inside you have 70-liter of storage space to pack all your gear whether you’re off camping or to the beach. Or anywhere else that you see fit to use the Rux to haul all your items in.

The Rux keeps water out and holds water in. It is good for keeping wetsuits in or storing your catch. At the same time, it keeps your valuables dry under a downpour.

The revolutionary design simplifies packing and storing. It packs flat for easy storage and maintains its cube shape for easy packing and access thanks to sets of utility rim and rails. The rails and rim allow it to slide easily into shelving rails or lash onto vehicle racks and rails.

The Rux has a dual carry method. You can bring it as a backpack, a tote bag, one-handed, or as a shoulder bag. It has two adjustable and quick-release carrying straps made with nylon webbing and a couple of side handle straps. This pack is amazingly lightweight for its size at just 2 kilograms.

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Images courtesy of Rux

Cool Watches That Also Serve As Conversation Starters

Trying to make conversation with people, especially those who may never have met or spoken to before, may not the easiest task in the world. There are a number of situations you may find yourself in where this is the case, such as at a social gathering or a work seminar.

One popular conversation starter, apart from discussing the weather, is if you or another person has a unique gadget or is wearing a cool looking watch. 

Timepieces have been a great topic of discussion for many years, and with the ever-increasing advancements in technology and electronics, there are some really unique and different types of watches available on the market today, many of which are proving to be very popular.

Watches based on your personality

Watches come in a huge range of styles and there will always be a watch that is ideal for everyone. Whether you are loud and flashy, or quiet and timid, the timepiece that you wear will usually be a reflection of your personality. 

Watches for women tend to be more delicate and small in size, usually decorated with jewels or interesting patterns or textures, which watches for men can often be huge chunky timepieces which have a range of knobs and features that provide a whole range of other features, besides telling you the time. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the cool and unique watches that are available and which great talking points when you are out and about.

Rolex watches

Rolex timepieces are some of the all-time classics and are famous throughout their world for their unique style and exceptionally high quality. For many people, wearing a Rolex watch is a sign of their financial success and the watches are often ones that come with a very hefty price tag. 

One of the most unique models from Rolex is the Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster, which is one of the flashiest watches you’ll see, decorated with diamonds and a sapphire. It’s certainly not a watch that too many people are going to be able to afford, and will set you back over $250,000. If you are looking for a watch that can act as a conversation started, then this is certainly one to consider.

However, if you are looking for something with even more bling than the Pearlmaster, then what you need, as long as money is no object, is the Rolex GMT Master II Ice. Made with white gold, it probably contains more diamonds than you’d find in an African diamond mine. The cost of this model is an eye-watering $485,000, and it’s not something you’d want to be outside wearing unless you have your own private security team surrounding you every step you take.

The watches offer a sense of intrigue as a lot of people, who would never be able to afford or wear such a watch, will usually have a lot of questions for the person wearing it such as how much did it cost, and why they went for that particular model.

Casio Calculator watches

There is a lot of love for all things retro, whether that by the fashion you wear, the car you drive or the computer games console that you play. Some items may actually be originals that are 30 years old, while others may be modern versions of old classics. 

One classic watch that everyone who was around in the 1980’s will remember are the famous Casio calculator watches. These were seen as something of a technological breakthrough back in the day (long before the internet, WiFi and Bluetooth), and anyone who had one of these was certainly one of the cool guys with a unique spy watch that not many other people had.

They were certainly handy during mathematics class in school, and the kid who wore one would usually have all of their friends sitting close by to help work out any tricky sums.

Fitbit / Apple Watch

The era of digital smartwatches is certainly upon us, and the popularity of these types of timepieces have been growing steadily over the past few years. Ever since the advent of the smartphone, it was only a matter of time before the smartwatch was part of our lives, and more and more people around the world, especially those who are fitness enthusiasts, have moved over to this type of watch. 

Models such as the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker can keep a track of your heartbeat, count the number of steps you’ve walked, and how many calories you have burnt during your last workout. This is actually a pretty chunky looking watch and one that will certainly catch the eye of any people you may be in proximity to.

The Apple Watch can also offer you a range of other functions and can connect with your email, music software, so you can listen to your favorite music as you are out and about, as well as a range of other useful apps, in addition to being able to sync to your iPhone. iPhones, and to a lesser extent Apple Watches are also a topic of discussion, either with those who love them or those who hate them.

Some final thoughts

When it comes to an accessory that will make you stand out amongst others, a watch is certainly one of the most powerful and effective ways of starting a conversation. With so many different styles and models, the world of the watch is one that is constantly evolving, even though at the end of the day, the basic function is to simply tell you the time.

You can have watches made of 24-carat diamonds costing thousands of dollars, or one made with plastic costing less than $100. They will both usually do the exact same job, but it’s their style and appearance that sets them apart. Not everyone can afford to wear a watch with a similar price tag to that of a house or apartment in many places around the world, but if someone has the money, they are more than entitled to spend it on a timepiece.

Rotary Shavers vs Foil Shavers — What to Choose?

If you are someone who shaves electrically on a regular basis, keep reading. We’ll be taking a look at rotary shavers and foil shavers, discussing in-depth about each type of shaver and how they differ from each other.

When it comes to shaving, you want to look your best. You want the closest shave possible so you don’t miss any spots or deal with a much rougher face. That’s why we’ll also get into the pros and cons of each type of shaver, so you can have an easier time choosing which one is best for you.

Let’s begin our tale of the comparison against these two gladiators to see which one stands out the best:

What are Rotary Shavers?

Rotary shavers, like the Philip S9000 we reviewed here, have three circular blades that move around at the same time. They have a stationary guard to ensure that you don’t cut yourself while moving the razor around in a circular motion. Most of the rotary shavers are designed to support your face’s contours as you move it around from one part to the next.

The hairs that you cut will fall through the grooves of the razor itself. Thankfully, most of these shavers are easy to clean. You can simply open up the head and dump the shavings within seconds.

One of the main reasons these shavers are preferred is not just easy cleaning. It’s because they can easily target the hard-to-reach areas of your face. More notably, your neck and chin area will benefit most from something like this. Not to mention, the hairs that might be a bit difficult to cut with ordinary razors other than the rotary types.

What are Foil Shavers?

Foil shavers have been around a bit longer than rotary razors. In fact, they’ve been around for nearly a century (we’re talking the electric foil razors).

The head of these has oscillating blades (think about them like small rotating fans protected by a guard). You’ll see that the heads of these shavers are shaped like a rectangle. Amazingly, you can go left/right or up/down when shaving.

One of the things you’ll notice is that they make slightly more noise than their rotary counterparts. It may not make much of a difference on your part, but it may be loud enough to wake someone up in the next room. But that comes with the territory.

Pros and Cons

Now that you have a good understanding of how each shaver works, we’re going to dive into the pros and cons. While there are advantages, there are always disadvantages that balance things out. One pro or con will drive you to one type or the other.

Let’s dig in:

Rotary Shaver Pros
  • Perfect for those who have coarser hair
  • A great razor to use if you don’t shave on a daily basis
  • If you have facial contours that are hard to navigate with other razors
  • If your facial hair is growing in different directions
  • Easy to reach hard to shave places like your neck or chin
Rotary Shaver Cons
Foil Shaver Pros
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin
  • You get a close, more precise shave
  • Excellent for slow shavers
  • Great for those on a budget
  • You can move it left to right or up and down
Foil Shaver Cons
Which one should you choose?

At the end of the day, the final decision is up to you. However, if you are looking for something that will last you a long time and can accommodate your coarse facial hair, a rotary shaver might be exactly what you need. Sure, you may need to spend a bit more money compared to the others but they are worth every penny when it gives you the results you want.

However, if you have sensitive skin and need something that won’t cost you a lot of money then a foil shaver will definitely be an easier decision. Though you’ll probably need to purchase one every two years, you’ll still get some pretty decent benefits out of the deal.

As for brand names, look for names like Remington, Braun, or even Schick (named after the inventor of the foil shaver) as your most reliable brands. You should also find the best that you can afford in terms of quality and performance rather than just go for cheap and sacrifice a lot of great benefits.

4 Tech Tools for Enhancing Communication in the Classroom

Communication is vital in every aspect of life, and that includes the classroom. When students are able to express themselves freely and effectively to their teachers and colleagues, they start developing a skill that they will use for life.

In today’s world, technology has dominated every sphere of life, and so it is only normal that we embrace modern methods of reaching out to each other. Unlike situations when educators are usually against these new ways, classroom technology tools are actually a big help for everyone involved. They are also inevitable since the youth of today know no other means of communication but tech.

Learn to Use the Tools

While developers are busy ensuring all stakeholders have the right tools to communicate effectively, parties need to learn to use them effectively to reap the benefits. A teacher who wants to start a new way of establishing communication with students could use a communication essay to see what students feel should be addressed. That way, they get to say whether they need reminders for essays or assignments, or even free counselling sessions. With examples on areas they find hard to address, students can help teachers gather the information that developers can use as a basis to perfect these tools.

Incorporating these tools in learning is an option since the youth has been brought up on technology. They are on their phones most of the time, and so it is only logical to talk to them in the methods they are best versed with these days.

Here are four examples of tools for effective communication in the classroom.


This app was built for education, which is how it brings together anyone capable of using texts to communicate. You simply need to download the app to receive messages wherever you are. Educators can make essay reminders to students while keeping parents up to date with meetings or anything else they need to know. Creating a group is even better as everyone in it can respond immediately and see what others feel about a situation too.


This “virtual wall” allows kids to bring their best to a discussion among their peers in their school as well as all other parts of the world. As a collaborative effort for schoolwork, they can contribute to a project that everyone is doing by adding their voices, research, and citations to a paper. As a communication tool with others in foreign countries, they can learn more about foreign culture, which brings them closer to creating a borderless world.


Students can up their presentation skills – which they will need outside school – using this web tool. This tool makes it easy to create infographics and reports that are usually part of school work. Being a free web tool, it provides every student willing to use it the skills they will find quite an effective throughput their lives.


While the kids are already covered, parents and teachers likewise need an effective way to communicate, and no app has better support than Seesaw. Parents can engage teachers through this platform in a meaningful way, where they can even share samples of parts they feel could be improved. It even shows a social feed of a student’s work and their progress.

Benefits of Using these Communication Tools

Introducing the use of technology to communicate among parents can be a little daunting since some of them may not be used to working with these tools, but it’s only usually a matter of time before they get on board. It gets even better when they see the benefits.

  • Ease of Mind

When everyone – parents, teachers, and students – have a platform where they can express themselves, they stay on top of things, and might no longer need to catch up at a later time. Parents may also feel relieved in the knowledge that they can interact with their children’s educators without having to be physically present.

  • More Time for Teachers

When teachers don’t have to spend portions of their time reaching out to parents through email and phone calls, they’ll have more time for proactive teaching. Kids get the benefits of this through better, more thorough education and quality time from their teachers.

  • Students Become More Responsible

Since these avenues foster communication between students, their parents, and teachers, students become more responsible. They know they can no longer sleep on their essays if they promised to send them within a certain period. Eventually, everyone’s job becomes easier.

Skills for Life

Students will not only need effective communication skills now but in the future too. After school, they would be seeking employment and entrepreneurial positions that require them to interact with the help of various digital tools, and it helps to start them early. So, whether reporting on a research paper or simply verifying that they have the right task for assignments, students should be encouraged to embrace these digital communication tools.

Personalize Your EDC with Free Engraving on Ledlenser Flashlights

We’ve all used our phones as a flashlight at least once. It’s convenient, but there are better options. Whether you’re looking for a workhorse for the car or garage, or something smaller you can carry…

What is the Best Defensive Carry Handgun?

Our modern world has given rise to a variety of threats and dangers that may exist in different forms. The capabilities of those with ill intent are now reinforced with technology and may launch attacks anytime and anywhere they choose. Having a dependable sidearm manufactured by Glock can grant you an edge against these menaces.

A Glock Handgun with the .357 Sig Round

Primarily, the .357 Sig has an international metric notation of 9 x 22 mm. It is a bottlenecked rimless centerfire handgun cartridge manufactured and developed by Sig Sauer, a Swiss-German firearms company. The .357 Sig cartridge is popular among worldwide law enforcement agencies for its reputable accuracy.

The .357 Sig was originally conceived in 1994 to duplicate the performance of 125-grain .357 Magnum loads typically fired from 4-inch barrel revolvers. Luckily for most firearm owners and enthusiasts, the .357 Sig cartridge is now made compatible with the Glock 32 that results in an ultra-reliable and accurate handgun. Mixed with the precision of the Sig Sauer manufactured cartridge, it is said to be one of the best defensive carry handguns to exist.

Upon exiting a gun barrel, the .357 Sig is a powerful bullet that moves swiftly from its encasement. It has a widely-known capability for barrier penetration and effectively shoots through window glasses without losing much of its initial velocity. The .357 Sig enables you to perform precise shots with reduced deflection while having tremendous amounts of stopping power.

Having a semi-automatic pistol which can deliver .357 Sig bullets requires you to have excellent control of the handgun during defensive shooting situations. The .357 Sig has an increased rate of muzzle rise compared to 9 mm, .40, and .45 calibre rounds. It is a fast and versatile round that can over-penetrate numerous materials when firing in a congested environment.

The .357 Sig Empowered Glock as a Defensive Weapon

The overall ballistic characteristics of the .357 Sig perfectly complements the durable, compact, and reliable structure famous in Glock handguns. The substantial .357 Sig round is a lightweight projectile offering effective stopping power and penetration capabilities. It performs in league with 10 mm rounds only negated with an increased rate of muzzle flip.

  • Stopping Power

The .357 Sig G32 handgun excels in efficiently stopping bioorganic threats and flexible enough to be carried and transported by its owner. The round itself is preferred by multiple law enforcement agencies that have been tested and proven effective in the field. The handgun features a minimum of 13 rounds and a maximum magazine capacity of 16 rounds. It has manageable recoil and gives you rapid follow-up shots despite its muzzle flip rate.

  • Compact Carry

Sig Sauer’s .357 cartridge is a perfect complement to the characteristics of a Glock handgun. Glock pistols are compact and lightweight in structure, making them adaptable in defensive and concealed-carry operations. Combined with the accuracy of .357 Sig cartridges, it results in one of the most reliable handguns for immediate shoot-outs and gunfights.

  • Versatility

The Sig Sauer round powered .357 G32 is an integration of unique pistol sizing, materials manufacturing, performance, and superior stopping power. The .357 G32 gives you the potential edge to take down organic threats with proper firing control, handling, and precise shooting techniques. The G32 can legitimately be modified, concealed, and adapted in several conditions and style of operation.

  • Compatibility

Glock handguns are constructed using polymer materials mostly applied to its primary frame. It results in a pistol with excellent resiliency that aluminium and steel components cannot match and duplicate. The materials used make for a handgun capable of firing thousands of .357 Sig rounds without faltering in function and retaining its overall reliability.


The Sig Sauer developed .357 cartridge is preferred by multiple worldwide law enforcement agencies. The .357 Sig combined with the famous characteristics of Glock manufactured pistols results in the G32 which is best suited for defensive carry measures. The .357 Glock makes for an excellent defensive weapon with rapid follow-up shots and over-penetration capabilities in compact areas.

We Got the Latest AI-Powered Headphones from Crowdfunding Legends, xFyro

xFyro has been a major player in headphone tech ever since they made crowdfunding history in 2018. Raising almost $2M for their waterproof earbuds (xFyro ARIA), xFyro has been launching awesome and affordable buds on the regular ever since.

And now, they’ve done it again. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest xFyro offering, xFyro ANC.

These ultra-sleek earbuds are destined to launch xFyro into headphone history yet again, and here’s why:

xFyro ANC are the first true wireless headphones powered by artificial intelligence.

That’s right. Little robots in your ears playing instruments to recreate any song you want.

Just kidding.

xFyro ANC features AI-powered noise cancellation technology. The algorithm in the xFyro software learned thousands of sounds and is able to listen to them via the mic and sort them into “critical” and “non-critical” categories.

Then, it allows the sounds you need to hear to pass through to your ear while canceling the sounds you don’t.

Pretty sweet.

xFyro ANC can do a lot more than that, too. Let’s take a look at why these are the headphones are on all of our Christmas lists this year.

AI-Powered ANC

The most advanced feature of xFyro ANC is, as you might expect, the ANC.

These earbuds come with three different listening modes, including:

  • Transparency Mode (AI-powered)
  • Standard ANC (normal ANC, but 50% more powerful)
  • No ANC (no noise cancelation)

The new tech here is Transparency Mode, which uses a custom algorithm that “listens” to sounds in your environment while you blissfully enjoy your tunes with ANC.

xFyro ANC’s AI learned over 6000 unique sounds and frequencies. When it hears a sound that you need to be aware about, like a siren or a voice speaking in your direction, it will allow that sound—and only that sound—to pass through the ANC barrier and into your ear. Other sounds, which it deems noise, are blocked so you can enjoy your music in peace.

This tech is undoubtedly cool. But it’s so much more than that.

Transparency Mode ensures that you never have to press pause or take off your headphones if you don’t want to. Whether you’re talking to a cashier, walking through traffic, or working on a project, you won’t have to miss a beat of your music or your life. You can even have full conversations while wearing your headphones AND listening to your music.

It’s a game-changer for people who never leave home without their headphones on (and who hate to take them off).

What makes xFyro even better is that the noise-canceling power is super strong. At 30 dB of ANC power, they’re 50% stronger than AirPods Pro for unrivaled noise cancellation from true wireless headphones.

Nanoparticle Speakers

For years, headphone manufacturers have been trying to figure out how to put big sound into tiny earbuds. xFyro has found the answer.

xFyro ANC’s drivers are made with a latticed nanoparticle called graphene. This material is 200x thinner than paper and 1000x stronger than steel. It’s super small but amazingly durable, making it perfect for building tiny speakers.

Graphene speakers deliver louder volume, a wider audio range (including decent bass in earbuds…finally), and fewer artifacts for a crystal-clear listening experience.

And if that wasn’t enough, xFyro went ahead and increased their driver size for even more dynamic audio and volume. xFyro ANC’s speakers are about 40% larger than the average earbud speaker. These babies sound so good that you’d swear you were listening to pro-grade over-ear headphones.

100-hour Battery Life

xFyro ANC’s Transparency Mode allows you to keep your headphones on indefinitely. So, xFyro had to provide a battery that could do the same. And they’ve knocked this one out of the park.

xFyro ANC last much longer than every earbud on the market. They go for 10 hours on a single charge and hold 90 additional hours in their charging/carrying case. That’s a total of 100 hours of battery life in your pocket. You could keep these earbuds in for a full workday for 2 weeks straight and still have enough juice to fly halfway around the world on just ONE CHARGE.

The earbuds are also highly efficient when ANC mode is on. You can expect up to 8 hours of battery life even when using the AI.

If the battery happens to quit, the headphones are fast-charging and can be powered for 1 hour or more of playback in just 15 minutes.

Durable as Hell

Are you tired of having to take your headphones out every time you break a sweat or feel a raindrop?

xFyro ANC are built for pretty much anything. They’re ready for the gym, the beach, the trail, and whatever weather is in store.

With an IPX5 waterproof rating, the xFyro ANC can sustain heavy rainfall with no issues. They’re also sealed to prevent dust and particles from getting into any cracks.

Additional shockproofing prevents damage in case of drops or spills. But that won’t happen if the earbuds are in your ears, thanks to the ergonomic fit.

Speaking of that…

Like-Nothing’s-There Fit

xFyro’s ultimate goal with the xFyro ANC design was to create a pair of headphones you never want or need to remove. So, they hired ergonomic specialists to design the most comfortable inner-ear fit imaginable.

And the results are pretty astounding.

xFyro ANC are hands-down the most comfortable earbuds out there. We’re so tired of plastic earbuds slipping out, and we hate itchy earbud materials that are supposed to increase grip (unsuccessfully). With xFyro ANC, the experience has been revamped entirely.

The buds fit snugly in the ear canal by contouring to the shape of your body. The ear tips are plush and malleable, and the buds themselves were designed using thousands of images of human ear canals. Once they’re in, the sensation of wearing them just fades away. It feels like you’re wearing nothing at all and your music simply exists all around you. You have to feel it to believe it.

xFyro ANC ships with three ear tip sizes, so you can customize your fit and find the perfect nothing’s-there feel.

So Much More

We could go on and on about the xFyro ANC, but there are too many features to fit in one article. We’ll list a few more of the perks here:

  • Touch Controls: No buttons for a sleek, seamless, and dustproof earbud
  • Dual-Beamforming MIc: Crystal clear calling in any environment
  • Bluetooth 5.0: The most advanced wireless technology
  • Digital Assistant Access: Access Google or Siri with your voice alone
  • Quick USB-C Charging: Charge xFyro ANC 2x faster with USB-C

To get the full specs on xFyro ANC and to see the earbuds in action, visit

xFyro Early Black Friday Sale

Remember when we said xFyro ANC were on our Christmas lists? Well, we’re tearing those up and throwing them away (sorry Santa), because xFyro is having a stellar Early Black Friday Sale. Folks who are planning grab one soon or even beyond Cyber Monday can use the code: BFCM2020 to take $25 off the regular $125 price.

During the sale, you can pick up xFyro ANC for up to 65% off the retail price. The sale lasts for all of November, but shipping times are already getting extended due to high demand. If you want your xFyro ANC before the end of the year (or before stock runs out), head to the xFyro site and get your pair now.

If you’re a music lover, or just have to have the latest gear (like us), then you can’t miss the chance to grab xFyro ANC fresh off the line. Happy holidays and happy listening!

The LumiCharge T2W LED Lamp Rids Your Workstation Of Messy Wires

The LumiCharge T2W LED lamp is the perfect desk companion whether for work or play. It not only provides illumination but also functions as a wireless phone charger.

Functional as it is stylish with its metallic gloss finish, this multipurpose lamp offers 80 lumens of brightness in three color modes: soft white, bright white, and soft yellow). Each color option has multiple brightness levels. The options are convenient for different purposes, whether for reading, as a night light, or as a general area lamp.

The LumiCharge T2W LED lamp is perfect for everyone whether you’re a student or a professional. It has a dimmable calendar, time, and temperature display. The LED screen adjustment buttons let you set the time or an event reminder. The touch-sensitive buttons allow for silent and easy operation.

Meanwhile, the lamp head and body are adjustable to give you full control and flexibility of the light path. The head is capable of a 180-degree range of motion and the body can move forward and backward. Side rotation is also possible with a left and right range of motion at 60 degrees.

Best of all, the LumiCharge T2W LED lamp provides wireless charging for a workstation free of messy wires and cable ties. An additional USB port on the back provides additional charging support. It even has a 7W Bluetooth speaker to play your music or connect with your smart home system assistants like Alexa or Google. You can also play your music list stored in a memory card with the built-in micro-SD card.

Get It Here

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Kanevas New Men’s Collection Briefcase and Duffel Bag

As an urban commuter going on a trip for business or pleasure, it can be a struggle to switch from a briefcase, or a carry-on to a backpack. You want versatility when it comes to your bag and you want one that caters to both situations.  Canadian retail company Kanevas understands this need and thus they specialized in bags that are one of a kind, “designed for you, by you.”

The company has been in the market providing the women population comfort and convenience with their travel needs. They make handmade custom bags that adapt to their carrying needs in any given situation. As such, they want to give the same satisfaction to the opposite gender with the briefcase and duffel bag from their new men’s collection.

Your Style, Your Satisfaction

Founded in Quebec City in 2017 by Mylène Cusson and Marie-Hélène David, Kanevas gives customers the freedom to express their inner fashion designer. They want users to create bags that match their style and personal needs. The customization process allows them to choose their desired fabric, accessories, colors, features, and more. The outcome then is a bag that becomes a form of self-expression.

The briefcase and duffel bag easily adapts to your personal style and taste while offering multiple storage solutions for a functional carry. You can transform the briefcase into a backpack in a few easy steps. The duffel bag can easily get you from work to the gym or to a weekend getaway.

One-Of-A-Kind Creation

There is no one bag that can truly satisfy anyone when it comes to practicality. Those in retail markets are either missing one feature you’re looking for, too expensive, or not to your liking. They may look appealing but they don’t do bags justice in general. They end up being fashion accessories and gathering dust after just a few uses.

Kanevas, on the other hand, lets you “make your own choices without compromise” so you don’t settle for anything less. You get to take part in the creation of your bag from the ground up. You get the liberty to decide on the how and why: how you want your bag to look and why you want it designed as such. Thus, no bag is ever alike with the other. Each is unique to each user.

Convertible, Organization-Master

The Briefcase from Kanevas new men’s collection is one great example of elegance and extreme organization. Multiple zippered compartments and internal pockets give you plenty of storage options for your work essentials.

Call it your portable office if you will.  Its practical storage solution keeps your items organized and safe. There is space for your laptop, tablet, cellphone, credit cards, power banks, documents, other tech gadgets, and more. The briefcase even comes with a built-in external quick-access port for your mobile charger.

As for portability and convenience, the briefcase from Kanevas easily switches from handheld to backpack carry in two simple clicks. The stowaway backpack straps are neatly concealed in the zippered back pocket.  It retains its elegant edge all throughout regardless of carrying method.

On-The-Go, Anytime And Anywhere

Meanwhile, the Kanevas duffel bag is as versatile as it can get. You can take it to work or to your next weekend trip. It provides enough space to store a quick change of clothes and has a built-in laptop compartment. You also get the option of adding a side pocket for dirty clothes or dirty shoes.

This bag features a two-way carry method just like the briefcase. It has a couple of short handles for hand carry and an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free.

Sustainable, Durable, High-tech

Kanevas prides itself on using sustainable rPet fabrics for the bags’ inner lining. 30 percent of the composition comes from recycled water bottles. The bags can be made with genuine or vegan leather or with felt.

The company also incorporates technology with their fashion designs. As such, they make use of augmented reality to bring their product to life. This helps customers get a visible idea of their finished design. It shows them how it will look like on all sides and angles at the comfort of their homes.


In this modern world of advanced technology and a fast-paced lifestyle, one thing you can rely on to get you to your destination is a fully-functional, reliable, and durable bag. One with great and timeless appeal is a bonus.

All these qualities Kanevas delivers. The briefcase and the duffel bag from their new men’s collection cater to the active lifestyle of business and travel. As such, they are versatile, sturdy, boasts a great appeal, and comes with an exterior slip pocket for easy transport with your suitcase.  All these commendable features prove that you can never go wrong with owning a Kanevas bag.

The new men’s collection is now available for an early-bird purchase over at Kickstarter. The campaign will end on Nov. 28 afterward the bags will be accessible at Kanevas online studio.

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Altifarm Enverde’s Pico Planter Turns Any Novice Gardener Into A Pro

If planting is not your forte but you want to try your hand at it anyway, then the Pico Planter from Altifarm Enverde can help. This modular farming equipment turns you into a pro in no time.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to see your plants grow and survive. This innovative device takes care of that part. All you need to do is sow the seeds, refill the water, and harvest your produce. You can plant anything from herbs, salad greens, succulents, and more.

The Pico Planter uses multi-spectrum OSRAM LED grow lights mounted on a corrosion-resistant telescoping arm to simulate sunlight. This means you can plant anywhere and all-year-round without having to worry about the plants’ much-needed hours of sun.

The LED lights work via a USB Type-C cable and an aluminum heatsink keeps the LED module rigid and lightweight. The module also helps the LED chips last longer thanks to its excellent heat dissipation properties.

This ingenious device offers multiple mounting options. You can hang it on a wall, lay it flat on a surface, or attach magnets so you can stick it to your fridge or anywhere with a magnetic surface. The arm stretches up to a foot to accommodate your growing plant.

The Pico Planter uses a self-watering system so you don’t have to worry about over or underwatering. Once a week of watering is enough and a transparent window on the planter’s body indicates when it’s time for a refill. Plants also grow quicker and healthier thanks to the ventilation holes below that provide root oxygenation.

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The Black Ember Shadow

A top-quality backpack is an essential accessory when it comes to travel. Whether you’re off to a weekend getaway, to work, to a hike, or to the gym, then durability and functionality are a must. California-based independent design studio Black Ember, knows the importance of having a versatile and tough pack that offers more than it looks. They are masters when it comes to designing minimalist yet fully-functional backpacks for the active lifestyle. Their new collection, the Black Ember Shadow, can withstand the harshest of wet conditions and stay robust under pressure.

The urban jungle can be a dangerous place to be in—you just never know what challenges await you. Whether these are from prying eyes or sticky fingers, you can only do so much in protecting yourself and your gear. But when it comes to unpredicted weather conditions, you can bet that the Black Ember Shadow will safeguard everything you’ve got in your backpack.

Waterproof and Robust Construction

Science and technology merged to create a pack that not only guarantees longevity but also great appeal. The Black Ember Shadow only uses fine textiles to ensure pristine, tough, and waterproof construction.

Heavy downpours and water splashes are a no-brainer for this pack thanks to its special construction. It is laser cut from Black Ember’s proprietary, high-performance Microhex HTX textile, a three-layer nylon cross-weave that boasts IP-X6 waterproof performance. Top this off with YKK Aquaguard zippers with their polyurethane laminate and you have water merely gliding off like beads before it can even seep through the fabric shell.

Not only does the Black Ember Shadow keep your gear dry it also keeps them snug and safe inside no matter your movements. It is also abrasion-resistant. The seams are machine-stitched and high-pressure bonded using the studio’s BOND-STITCH tech for extreme durability and added water protection.

Plus, 200 Denier ripstop lining enhances the shell strength, and anodized, laser-etched T6 aluminum tension hooks ensure carrying straps remain secured while on the go.  Hypalon zipper pulls that lock together with a snap also prevents accidental slips and unwanted access from idle hands.

 All-day on-the-go comfort

The Black Ember Shadow is not your run-off-the-mill backpack that’s all frills and no thrills. It is a delight to tout around not only for its construction and aesthetics but for its comfort. It features a back panel that independently flexes to fit with the shape of your back. Perforated EVA panels also offer room for breathability.

Meanwhile, removable magnetic sternum and compression straps ensure a balanced weight distribution and add back and shoulder support. The shoulder straps cleverly tuck away behind butterfly back panels and together with the side handle, they easily convert the pack into a briefcase. The addition of a language strap makes this backpack a good travel companion with your suitcase.

Smart and Spacious Organization

A good storage capacity with convenience in access is also a prerequisite when it comes to choosing a fully-functional backpack. The Black Ember Shadow exceeds expectations as it does not only come in a 26 or 22-liter storage. It also has dedicated quick-access pockets for on-the-go convenience. It seems like the company has thought of everything.

The main compartment zips open clamshell-style to reveal a foam-padded base and two suspended sleeves on one side to store a laptop and a tablet. The opposite side has a couple of meshed pockets, one for a water bottle and the other for other essentials.

There is even a tech kit held by a magnetic closure that flicks open with ease. Unbuckle the kit and you have full access to six pockets to keep things organized.

Meanwhile, the exterior zippered compartment has quick-access micro-organization on point. It has magnetic hardware for your keys and divided pockets to store pens, a mobile phone, and more.


The Black Ember Shadow boasts superior protection that makes it almost indestructible. It even has the timeless appeal to boot. Its minimalist yet modern design is stylish. Coupled with its smart organization, this backpack easily lets you go from work to play (or vice versa) in seconds.

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Protect and your Apple Watch with the Gray Cyber Watch Case and Band combo

For years now, the Apple Watch has been a commercial success that has left Android Wear behind. Battery life continues to be dismal in comparison to wearables from Huawei, Samsung, and other brands. Nevertheless, its widespread adoption makes it a perfect platform for third-party accessory manufacturers. While its first-party options retail for premium prices, there are some add-ons that cost more than the device itself. The Gray Cyber Watch is one of those which retails for up to $1,299.

What makes it even more ridiculous is the fact that it is for a case and band only. Although the Apple Watch can survive some accidental bumps and scrapes, it lacks the protection that some of its competitors ship with. Thus, there is a thriving demand for aftermarket accessories that could augment its survivability. Common items owners shop for are tempered glass screen protector and protective cases.

The Cyber Watch from Gray is an upscale case with an FKM rubber band that not only keeps your wearable safe but enhances its appearance. You can choose from titanium or aluminum variants and several colors to match your preference. It is engineered to perfection and fits the Apple Watch without any noticeable gaps. The metal housing reinforces its overall durability and elevates its aesthetics

Likewise, to absorb the shock from impacts an FKM rubber insert sits between the titanium frame and the Apple Watch. Taking into account the crown, the right section angles inward to make the button accessible. If you are getting the Cyber Watch from Gray, you might as well splurge on its other collection to protect your iPhone and AirPods.

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Perfect Gift Ideas for a skateboarder

If you’re looking for some help on what gift you should give for a loved one who’s into skateboarding, then read along. This article will walk you through the best ideas, must-have skating gear, and the latest trends in the world of skateboarding! Whether you’re a skater, gathering information on what to purchase for a skater, this guide is for you. 

What Gift Should You Give A Skater?

Sometimes skateboarders, when asked about what gifts they ‘might’ want, for the holidays, birthdays or any special events, two things are sure: first, they might hesitate to tell you what they really want. Second, they have no idea what to ask for. You’ll surely encounter the second one most of the time, and you should know what to buy. 

Receiving something you need or perhaps, something you thought you don’t need but in reality, you do, is simply heartwarming. It paints a smile on someone’s face through your little act of thoughtfulness and kindness. So here it is, your comprehensive guide for skateboarding gift ideas.

Give your skater the gift or securing all his or her essentials in one place. From knee pads, wrist guards, headphones, cameras, or helmet. There’s no better choice than a skateboard backpack that is specifically designed to meet the very challenging and dynamic nature of skateboarding. Not all bags are made to move with a skateboarder, and giving one this is would be undoubtedly an excellent idea. 

  • Skateboards

While it’s the most traditional gift ever given to a skater, they don’t fade and are still a favorite. Although they may have an existing one, providing an extra that can withstand rigorous usage is essential. Skateboards come in various styles and types. Make sure that it’s made with lightweight yet heavy-duty materials. 

  • Books About Skateboarding

There is a wealth of information about skateboarding that you’ll find in a myriad of books, which are great gift ideas for a skater. Most of these are guidelines or walkthroughs on how to improve your skills in skateboarding. With the genre of your choice, a bookworm skater will surely love this one.

Skateboarding safety gear is a great gift idea. With a knee pad, the skater is protected against accidents, falls, or potential injury from falling or impact associated with the sports. 

  • Wrist Guards

Keeping your skater friend safe is crucial and a great way to show you care. Why not give her or him a wrist guard? A reliable pair of wrist guards will protect anyone from forearm injury or reduce direct impact from sudden falls or other indirect effects. 

  • Skateboard Wheels

The wheels of skateboards need to be durable enough to last for a longer time. Moreover, it varies from types, sizes, shapes, and materials. Double-check to see what model the recipient regularly uses for their boards and grab those.

  • Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks provide stability, and purchasing the right one is a vital decision that you need to weigh your options with properly. Ensure that skateboard trucks you get are made from durable yet lightweight metals. 

A skateboard deck is an excellent gift for any skater. The deck represents the full package, which includes the trucks and wheels. While there are various factors associated with skateboarding, knowing and understanding this will help you search for the best gift.

Any safety gear shows them your care, and a skateboard helmet is an excellent gift you can give. It’s a cool gift you can gift to any skater. Most skateparks require the skater to wear a helmet, or they will not be allowed inside. 

When it comes to giving your skateboard better acceleration and speed, the type of bearing plays a vital role in overall package performance. With higher rating means quicker spin. If you think your skater loves speed, then skateboard bearings are great gift ideas to give. 

  • Headphones or Camera

One of the latest trends when skateboarding nowadays is not only to learn a new trick or to enhance skills; most skaters nowadays use technologies like cameras or headphones while skating. These gift ideas will surely make them extra happy.

Shoes are another excellent gift you can give with a skater. The right shoes will make (or break) your skateboarding experience. Take into consideration the sole, insole, cushioning, and overall comfort so that it will enhance the experience for the user.

  • Accessories or Clothing

Most skateboarders end up tattering or having torn clothes. It may not look essential at first, but clothes are also a great gift you might want to check out when giving a skater gifts. There are several types of clothes ranging from socks, jeans, or t-shirts. Just make sure the style would appeal to whoever you plan to give it to.

Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Gifts

While there are tons of accessories and gift ideas to give your skater, some factors need to be considered like the following; 

  • Age
  • Gender 
  • Likes
  • Functions
  • Style
  • Materials 
  • Occasion 
  • Quality
  • Budget

You may want to give your loved ones the best (and occasionally expensive) gift to show you care. But the truth is, the mere thought of you caring about someone is already priceless. The gift ideas mentioned above will help you decide what gifts you can give to a skateboarder. 

Take Hiking to the Next Level With the On Cloudrock Edge Raw

Hiking boots need not be dull, heavy, and typical- if you know what I mean. They can appear rugged and sporty too just like the On Cloudrock Edge Raw.

These pair do not look like hiking boots at all, but much more like basketball shoes. That’s probably because of its design, with its soft high collar reminiscent of those worn by basketball players. The high collar serves its purpose as it provides cushion and grip during hikes or long walks.

Aside from the soft collar, the On Cloudrock Edge Raw also has a padded liner and a reinforced tongue for further comfort and cushion. The trio makes outdoor activities comfortable and enjoyable. As such, this ultra-limited pair is designed for the outdoors. It is also windproof and water-proof. It also has a 7mm heel-toe drop.

The addition of the Missiongrip soles and their varied traction patterns guarantee grip on mixed terrain and conditions. You can be certain of pedal safety with these shoes on, as long as you also mind the path you tread on.

Moreover, the On Cloudrock Edge Raw is the most sustainable product from the brand as of date. It is made from 80 percent polyester sourced from recycled materials. The shoes are made from 30 percent recycled polypropylene Speedboard, 5 percent recycled rubber sock-liner, and 50 percent recycled wind and waterproof polyurethane membrane. These make the pair lightweight to “make long adventures lighter.” The shoe is just at a weight of 1.03lbs. The materials are also guaranteed dye and bleach-free.

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