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Sony WF-1000XM3

Can Sony topple the reign of AirPods? We can’t answer that. One thing we do know, however, is that its new WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds are on par, if not better, than Apple’s ultra-popular option.

Especially in Audio, Sony is a formidable name. No surprise, then, that the company is vying to eclipse Apple’s tight grip of the first place and ascend to the throne as the king of wireless earbuds. Of course, that’s not easy talk. Not only do you have to excel in the sound quality department (which Sony has and, better to put, does), it also has to cobble up a marketing campaign to the level of Apple’s. That’s much harder — the Apple brand has become, by sheer cultural osmosis and consistently great, if decent products, synonymous with undeniable reliance.

Sony has all that to reckon with, but we won’t get into that. The headphones themselves, however, are great, at least on paper. They’re noise-canceling ones, which the AirPods aren’t. They also feature a 0.24-inch driver unit that delivers crisp audio. Plus, they come equipped with DSEE HX to upscale compressed music files, resulting in better audio in theory, though we’ll have to test if the gains are noticeable.

With a battery life enough for you to squeeze six hours of playback on a single charge, the Sony WF-1000XM3 is a modestly designed wireless option for those who care most about sound quality than other gimmicks. And yes, they do come with a charging case, which packs three full charges. They’re a tad bit more expensive than the AirPods, though, at $230. But that’s the price you have to pay for good sound.


True Wireless Starship E70 Pro

For the guys who have kept up to date with the hottest music accessory trends, you will have already been intrigued by these new wireless earbuds circulating the market. Well, there is a new addition and these True Wireless Starship E70 Pro are worth the column space they’re getting.

These earphones are another pair that are gathering fans from all corners. Many of those fans testify to these earbuds’ quality, reliability and features. Basically, they seem to do what they are supposed to. Their specifications claim that it only takes 1 hour to fully recharge them as well. Which will give you up to 6 hours of calling, music, podcasts or whatever else you need them for on the move. Not to mention an impressive 150 hours standby time. All made possible with the newest Bluetooth technology – the 5.0 chipset!

Yet, they are also very stylish. We don’t have to spell that one out. Many reviews talk about how good they look, and it seems to be a big draw in for consumers. Perfect for those long commutes on the train or keeping you motivated in the gym during chest days; these earbuds won’t fall out mid set.

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Jays t-Four Wireless Earbuds

Jays have done it again and brought out some remarkable earphones that are perfect for a host of activities and daily usage.

This new addition to their range is a comfortable set and will not fall out easily, even when used for jogging and other high-octane activities. They are also fitted with a choice of 3 different sizes of silicon tips, as well as 3 foam tips to drown out background noises. So even if you want to listen to music or drown out children’s scream on the train, the t-Four earphones will have you covered. These earphones are controlled using 4.1 Bluetooth technology, so you can be assured that the beats will remain beating and calls will never be dropped. All topped off with 10-hour battery life, Jays’ trademark tangle-free wires and backed up with a year’s warranty.

The t-Four earphones are not just high performing but also sleek and stylish, coming in a choice of modern grey and black colors. Whether you’re listening to podcasts on your work commute or some motivational music at the gym, these earphones are the perfect option for the modern man on the move.

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