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Ford’s New Vehicle Could Completely Change the Camper Van World

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Ford has received a lot of attention for the Mustang Mach-E, its forthcoming muscle car-inspired electric crossover. The electric F-150 pickup truck should be kind of a big deal, too. Ford’s new electric Transit van, which the brand just announced will arrive for the 2022 model year, is liable to be much less widely heralded — but it should be equally important for the world.

An electric cargo van, after all, will reduce overall fleet emissions around the world, as companies like Amazon and UPS switch over from gas-powered vehicles to EVs. It will be great for Ford’s bottom line for deliveries. And perhaps most interestingly, it’ll also offer environmentally-conscious camper van enthusiasts a compelling and versatile zero-emissions option.

Camper van outfitters will have a ton of flexibility with this new EV van. Ford will sell the electric Transit with three different roof heights and three different body lengths. There will also be a bare cutaway cab version for manufacturers that want to customize it. It’ll come with Ford’s suite of driver assistant technologies and an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, and have access to the massive continent-wide charging network Ford is building.

Ford was scant on the initial details; we don’t know what sort of range the electric Transit will offer, or how much it will cost, and the 2022 model year is a broad timeframe for a launch, meaning we could see it as soon as next January or as late as September 2022. But this should be a major step forward. And, unlike many great things camper-related, the electric Transit will be sold in the United States.

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Volkswagen California Camper Van 30th Anniversary Edition

Volkswagen has done something special to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its iconic California Camper Van. The German automaker has announced a brand-new edition of the vehicle.

Designed for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, the California 30 Years edition builds upon the classic’s already superb offerings with a unique badge showing its production number. Plus all the gear and built-in equipment you need to ensure efficient, no-frills outdoor expeditions.

The California Camper Van comes with programmable heating and double-glazed windows as standard. Both these should make the car feel like home away from home, wherever you may be. Bright wood cabinet trims make the interiors more homey and liveable. There’s a popup sleeper compartment, and even an external shower, to boot.

Let’s not forget the kitchenette. While you’ll likely be spending lunches outside because camping’s more authentic that way, it’s still a nice little addition. You also get a full-length cabin bed for a good night’s rest. Tons of storage are available inside to put all your knick knacks in, and there are many tech features to toy around with, as well.

Volkswagen since the California Camper Van has been a symbol of individual freedom since 1988, and we’re inclined to agree. Made for pure adventure, it’s remains an iconic household name to this day. Note that just 999 units will be made, and only 30 are coming to the UK. If you want one, better order fast. As a side note, hopefully Volkswagen puts something more special than just a badge for the car’s 60th year.


Photos courtesy of Volkswagen

Kompanja Camper Van

Check out this gorgeous new camper from Kompanja, converted from a standard Renault Trafic 3 commercial van. It focuses on adding utmost comfort to all your adventures in the great outdoors. Of note among the various change-ups is the popup roof, providing a more airy feel to any getaway.

The Kompanja camper van sports swiveling seats up front and can sit six people in total, with plenty of room left for all your haul. The convertible sleeping area is fairly roomy and provides a quaint little sanctuary as opposed to cramped. We’re also talking modern amenities here. You get a refrigerator, a single-burner range for all your cooking needs, and a prep table that folds out of the sliding door and can be stowed away when not in use.

Amazingly, the Kompanja camper van retains a smaller footprint than most campers. It allows you to travel more easily without sacrificing comfort and homeliness. It’s the ideal blend between compact and function. It’s big enough to provide a safe, cozy space in the wilderness. However, it’s small enough for all your travels to be hassle-free.

This isn’t just for camping, by the way. Thanks to the van’s small size, you can take this anywhere even without camp in mind, like if you’re wanting some escape from the hustle and bustle of the city after a hard day’s work. Write your new novel near the forest, set up a campfire in the woods, compose folks songs under the starlight — whatever it is, you can just get up and go.


Photos courtesy of Kompanja

Lexani LM-EXTV Camper Van

Lexani Motorcars is back at it again with a very exciting new project. Inspired by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, its new LM-EXTV is a rugged off-road 4×4 that redefines the outdoor vehicle.

The LM-EXTV stands for “Lexani Motors Extreme Terrain Vehicle.” Lexani claims it’s the “perfect intersection between utility and luxury.” The automaker spent over a year developing this bad boy, which involved experimenting with different materials and layouts. That and performing countless test drives in harsh environments to ensure topnotch safety and utmost performance.

You can customize the trim, seats, cabinetry installations, and many other elements as you see fit. However, the standard form always comes in a sleek camouflage wrap. The camper van features 20-inch forged monoblock wheels — designed by Lexani themselves — with 33-inch off-road tires. A solar panel sits on the roof, while the front and rear bumpers feature new LED light bars.

The interior features a carbon fiber trim, suede ceiling, and walls outfitted with ambient lighting. Yes, they’re adjustable. In the front cabin there’s a a mini fridge, a microwave, and a 24-inch LED TV — Apple TV and Wi-Fi included. There are convertible beds and even storage for bicycles, skis, and other outdoor gear. Keeping things cool is a heavy-duty AC system, which offers adjustable overhead air distribution. It’s clear that Lexani made this for off-road adventurers who don’t want to leave behind the comforts of modern civilization entirely.

For now, Lexani is mum on pricing. However, something like this probably won’t come cheap. Sure, you can probably just opt for a Sprinter and build your own camper van on a budget, but that won’t be as luxurious as Lexani’s new offering.

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Photos courtesy of Lexani

Trakkadu 450 S VW Campervan

Trakkadu’s latest, and perhaps fastest, campervan was built upon a converted Volkswagen T6, and it redefines what a campervan should be with its 150kW, 450Nm bi-turbo diesel engine and 4Motion all-wheel drive driveline. Add adaptive cruise control, LED headlights, privacy and heat insulated windows, and rear step protection into the mix and you’ve got yourself the Trakkadu 450 S, which pretty much blows other campers out of the water.

Trakka says the Trakkadu 450 S van offers excellent traction on dirt roads and steep, slippery surfaces like ice. Why stop there, though? Trakka also put in 17-inch alloy wheels, a slimline solar panel on the roof, and a heavy duty protection plate to keep the bumper scratch-free.

Inside, you get a hot water system, a diesel stove, a water tank, and a fridge. Those are just about everything you’ll ever need for the perfect camping trip. you can fold the seats and table inside as well. This gives ample space for a double bed, and you can also have some extra vertical room by raising the anthracite roof. This allows you to stand up while inside.

Of note is the impressive mission control inside the cabin, which gives you a lot of information at a glance. You have access to things like battery and water tank levels, internal and external temperatures, and so on. Not only that, but it also lets you have full control of the van’s systems, and you can turn them on or off with just a single press.

The Trakkadu 450 S offers more amenities than your standard city apartment, so it’s $135,000 price comes as no surprise.

Trakkadu 450 S

Photos courtesy of Trakka