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This Dual-Vision Dash Cam Sees In 4K

Smart car electronics brand 70Mai packed a ton of tech into their A800 Dual Vision 4K Dash Cam. It offers both front and rear-facing 4K cameras with dual recording capability. Wide-angle 140º field-of-view, night vision, built-in GPS, plus lane change warning and collision detection technologies. A Guard Mode continues recording to keep the vehicle secure while parked. In-App playback & share make it seamless. A funded Indiegogo.

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Airstream Re-Designs Family-Friendly Basecamp 20

Airstream’s compact Basecamp 20 camper gets an impressive refresh for 2021. The family-friendly tow-behind is slightly longer, wider, & taller; providing sleeping space for 2 adults & 2 kids or 3 adults. The floorplan includes a kitchen, bath & a forward seating/lounge area. In the back there’s a hatch into a gear stowage compartment. It’s got the iconic aluminum exterior, and at 3400 pounds, can be towed behind a mid-size truck or SUV.

Go Eco-Off-Roading in an Electric Land Rover 90

Some will call it sacrilege others will call it cool, but either way, Twisted Automotive’s Electrified Defender 90 is a rad little Rover. Using the soft-top 90 model, the British workshop has created what they call the NAS-E, swapping petrol power for an EV drivetrain that outputs 214 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque in an AWD design. Its range is more than 200 miles. Only 30 of these silent killers will be made.

The Kuberg Ranger is a 50MPH Off-Road Electric Scooter

Half dirtbike & half electric scooter, Kuberg’s Ranger off-road scooter boasts a powerful 14,000-watt electric powertrain that delivers dirt-slinging speeds up to 50MPH and a range up to 120 miles using a dual battery system. Designed for stand-up or sit-down riding, it features a pop-up pneumatic seat to instantly convert with the push of a button. It also comes with a removable cargo trailer for towing additional gear.

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The 2021 Ghibli Hybrid is the First Electrified Maserati

With the unveiling of the 2021 Ghibli Hybrid, Maserati is casually breezing into the electric vehicle space. The luxury full-size 4-door sedan features a 48-volt hybrid system driven by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric supercharger. The output: 325 horsepower and impressive top speeds north of 150MPH. The car won’t be coming to the United States in 2021 but we suspect that could change.

The Ineos Grenadier Celebrates An Off-Road Icon

Created from the ground-up in homage to the original off-road adventure-mobile, the iconic Land Rover Defender, Ineos’ forthcoming Grenadier SUV is designed to perform in the world’s harshest environments—a hardworking, utilitarian 4X4 & decidedly un-luxurious. African safari-tough yet modern. Created through an engineering partnership with Magna Steyr, the Grenadier’s full specs and build sheet are still under wraps. Due for release late 2021.

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Rezvani Teases Insane Hercules 6X6 SUV

With the (partial) unveiling of the new Hercules 6X6 SUV, California’s custom carmaker Rezvani blows past expectations yet again. This new super-luxury ’yute is excessive & overbuilt in every way; but not really an off-roader, it’s more of an exotic accessory; the ideal ride for Rodeo Drive or cruising Dubai’s Sheik Zayed road. All we know for sure so far: it’s huge, has 6-wheels & pre-order is open now.

Land Rover x Autohome Offer Sleek Rooftop Tent for 2020 Defender 110

There’s a new accessory for the 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 that makes it even more adventure-friendly: a rooftop tent. Created in partnership with Autohome, the low-profile RTT was designed specifically for this vehicle, to be aerodynamic on the move & spacious & comfy at the campsite. It measure 7.5 feet long, 4.3 feet wide and 4.9 feet high when fully deployed & set-up is is no more than the flip of a single latch at the rear. It comes with an aluminum access ladder, interior LED lighting & a cushy mattress that sleeps 2. Available in the U.S. later this year.

The Iconic Range Rover Looks Amazing At Fifty

To mark the 50th anniversary of the original luxury SUV, Land Rover’s iconic Range Rover, the brand designed a limited edition of which they’ll build just 1,970 vehicles, denoting the year of its arrival. With commemorative Range Rover 50 branding & badging plus heritage paint colors—along with its supercharged 5.0-liter V-8—this luxe modern Rover pays homage to its storied legacy. Available fall 2020.

LEGO & Lamborghini Team-Up On Technic Sian Set

With 3,696 pieces and details like switch-activated Scissor-Doors and a functional 8-speed gearbox, LEGO’s Limited-Edition Technic Lamborghini Sian is a detailed 1:8 scale replica of the ultra-rare V-12 hybrid Lambo.

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What the Future Looks Like: Verge Rolls Out TS Electric

The muscular, futuristic outline of the Finnish Verge TS electric motorcycle highlights its advanced design from the angular aluminum frame to its impressively torquey power delivery: 0-62 mph sub 4 seconds and a top speed of 112 mph. And right back to its Tron-like, hubless rear wheel, which, with its integrated motor provides power & braking to the rear end. The Verge also offers an impressive range, up to 186 miles in the city & 124 on the open freeway.

The 2021 Audi A3 Looks Tougher & Cruises Cleaner

For 2021, Audi’s sporty little A3 sedan looks a bit beefier. Now in its 4th generation, the redesigned & more muscular build also benefits from a mild hybrid-assist drive train that combines a 2.0-liter turbo 4 with a 48-volt electric for MPGs hovering around 50. Tech features like presense collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, traffic light & lane-keeping assist add to its compact charms. Pre-order is slate to begin at the end of April.

Nestbox Turns Your Daily Driver into an Adventure-Mobile

The Nestbox is a modular camper-conversion system that will transform your vehicle into the adventure-mobile you’ve been dreaming of. Without a second mortgage! Designed by Czech startup Egoe Nest, it combines a compact kitchen & bed that will fit into all types of SUVs, vans, & wagons. Beneath the fold-out 3-panel sleeper, there’s a neatly stored & easily accessible pull-out kitchen. It offers a dual-burner propane stove, a sink and water tank system, several storage drawers and a 12-volt mini fridge. When not in use, take it out & store it in the garage. 4 models are available.

The Hitch Hotel Traveler is a Super Compact Camper

Designed for towing behind smaller vehicles, the super compact & lightweight Hitch Hotel Traveler camper is only 3-feet long when closed but expands to 7-feet with capacity to sleep two inside the walls of its fiberglass shell exterior. When open, its 135 square-foot interior can hold up to 1000-pounds of people & gear. When closed you get 60-square feet of cargo storage yet at just 36” long, you can pull in & park it anywhere.

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Indian Rolls Out Low, Lean 2020 Scout Bobber Sixty

It’s not just the stripped-down & low-slung styling that make Indian Motorcycles’ 2020 Scout Bobber Sixty such a standout. Available only in 2 different shades of blacked-out, this clean cruiser is almost 25-pounds lighter than its predecessor yet powered by the same 999cc V-twin. And weight isn’t the only thing that’s lighter. The price tag is slimmed down, too.

Aston Martin Rolls Out Roofless V12 Speedster

Aston Martin’s 2021 V12 Speedster is the latest in the marquee’s recent run of uniquely badass limited-run cars. With no roof and no windshield, the 700-horsepower twin-turbo’d Speedster is anything but ordinary. Inside & out carbon fiber is used to reduce weight, while its luxury interior is marked by leather & aviation-inspired details. Which fits, because 186MPH with no windshield will definitely feel like flying.

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Cake’s Kalk INK is An All-Terrain Performer

Sweden’s Cake builds rad electric motorcycles. Their latest is called the Kalk INK. Sharing the same off-road-proven platform as the brand’s original OR dirtbike, the INK is built as a lighter, freeriding and trail bike. With a design inspired by downhill mountain bikes and modern motocrossers, the Kalk Inc hits a top speed of 50+ mph and boasts a ride time of up to three hours.

The Koenigsegg Gemera is Faster than Your Hybrid

The Koenigsegg Gemera is a 1700-horsepower mid-engine hybrid with seating for four. A rare and very limited super car that its creator, Christian von Koenigsegg, has been developing for nearly 20 years. It is ultra-light, featuring copious use of carbon fiber, and is powered by a high-tech hybrid engine design consisting of a twin-turbo 2.0-liter three-cylinder camless gas engine and 3 electric motors mated to a direct-drive transmission. Merging modern luxury and ridiculous performance with a range over 600 miles, it is a versatile little hybrid.

Volkswagen Unveils 8th-Gen Golf GTI

Volkswagen has just rolled out the latest iteration of its iconic Golf GTI. This is the 8th Generation of the compact performer and it’s powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four that makes 241 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque. In addition to the power, GTI branding, and plaid interior accents, a red LED strip under the grill makes clear this is no stock Golf. Sadly, the new Euro-tuned 4-door won’t reach American dealers until the end of 2021.

Polestar Takes Aim At Tesla with Futuristic Precept 4-Door

The Volvo-owned offshoot Polestar has just unveiled its latest all-electric creation. The Precept, due for its official debut at next week’s Geneva Motor Show, is a luxury 4-door grand tourer that has Tesla in its sights. The forward-thinking design of the vehicle utilizes materials like recycled fishing nets & plastic bottles as well as natural fibers for the interior, resulting in a 50 percent savings in weight and an 80 percent reduction in plastic waste. Beneath a panoramic roof, its sleek interior features a 15-inch touchscreen & digital screens instead of rearview mirrors.

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