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Biggest LEGO Set Ever: The 9036-Piece Roman Colosseum

At 9036 pieces, the Roman Colosseum is the largest LEGO set ever offered, surpassing the 7,541-piece Star Wars Millennium Falcon by a longshot. The iconic Colosseum has been carefully designed to match ruins of the original Roman amphitheater. Fans of history and architecture will appreciate the design’s accurate detail—from the 3 different types of bricks comprising its exterior to the columns matching distinct historic eras. It measures 10.5” and 23.5” across. Drops November 27, Black Friday.

Grill & Griddle with Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800

Combining the flavor of real charcoal grilling with a smart design & wi-fi connectivity, Masterbuilt’s Gravity Series 800 grill features the brand’s signature: a gravity-fed charcoal hopper on the right side, that’s monitored and fed by digital controls to deliver consistent, continuous heat using an integrated fan. It offers 800 square inches of cooking surface and in addition to grill grates, comes with a flat-top griddle insert for breakfast on the grill.

DJI’s New Gimbals Smooth Everything Out

DJI just debuted two gimbal stabilizers: the Ronin RS 2 and smaller Ronin RSC 2. The prosumer 3-axis S 2 model can support a dynamic payload of up to 10-pounds, delivering cinematic stability with upgraded motors and a lighter-weight design. The SC 2 is designed for compact mirrorless rigs. Both feature DJI’s new Titan Stabilization Algorithm, a predictive technology to make your stabilized shots even smoother.

Listen To Music & Create Your Own, All With One Device

Known for their cool & clever synthesizers, Swedish audio innovators Teenage Engineering have added something different to the lineup: a unique sound system/media instrument called the OB-4. It features a rewindable radio, allowing you to instantly scroll back to anything you’ve listened to in the past 2 hours. You can also capture, stretch & loop virtually any audio content, whether from streaming services or your personal collection, on any device.

Indian Rolls Out an Electric Scrambler for the Kids

To keep itself rolling, the motorcycle industry really needs new young riders falling in love with 2-wheel transport. To that end, Indian has created the eFTR Jr, an all-electric 36-volt mini-bike with a twist grip throttle & disk brakes. 2 power modes offer top speeds of 10-15 MPH & battery life is about 65-minutes on high power. Indian made sure to make it look like a classic V-twin—with tank, exhaust & design details that are more style than function—but this is a badass little bike to get the next generation hyped.

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Bang & Olufsen Unveils Flagship H95 Headphones

Designed to be the ultimate travel headphone, the all-new H95 is, as the brand claims, the “most advanced active noise cancellation of any Bang & Olufsen headphones.” Created & named to celebrate the Danish audio company’s 95th anniversary, these flagship cans feature luxe materials, a mix of touch control & mechanical dials, adjustable noise-cancelling, & 38-hours of playback.

The MS18 Flashlight: Like the Sun in the Palm of Your Hand

At 100K Lumens, the MS18 is the brightest handheld flashlight you’ll find. With a beam distance of nearly one mile, this 7-pound aluminum-body torch will light up the whole yard & the neighbor’s too. It is powered by an 8-pack of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries that recharge in 4+ hours, features multiple push-button light modes, and is IP56 rated for waterproofing.

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Heimplanet Offers Inflatable Cave Tent In Limited Camo Colorway

The simplicity and smarts of Heimplanet’s inflatable-framed tents sparked a whole new outdoor category. And their original design, the Cave tent, is now available in a limited-edition Black Cairo Camo colorway. The lightweight 2-person dome sets up fast with no poles, plus features a waterproof Ripstop Polyester rainfly and a breathable Ripstop Nylon inner tent with lots of storage. The vestibule stores smaller things like your pack & shoes & keeps them out of the elements. A gear loft in the ceiling keeps things organized & off the floor.

This Kit Converts Any Bike Into an E-Bike

The Unlimited E-Bike Conversion Kit is the simplest, lightest e-bike conversion system in the world; turning your existing bike into a powerful electrified one in just minutes. The kit consists of just 3 parts: A replacement front wheel with an internal 250W or 750W motor, a bottle cage-mount screw-on battery, and a strap-on wireless sensor. Battery & motor options offer ranges from 22-50 miles & pedal-assist speeds from 16-22MPH. Fits most bikes.

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Unfold & Go with HIMO’s Commuter-Ready Z20 E-Bike

The foldable, space-saving design of the HIMO Z20 e-bike offers dual-mode riding, allowing you to switch instantly between your own human power and variable levels of pedal-assist up to full e-power with up to 60 miles of range and speeds up to 15mph. It has dual disk brakes, a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain and a 250W rechargeable battery integrated into the frame. A funded Indiegogo.

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The Lumix G100 is Vlog-Ready

With its 180º articulating LCD display, the Lumix G100 mirrorless camera is optimized for vloggers and content creators. It features an electronic viewfinder nearly 3X brighter than its G90 predecessor, an auto-selfie function when the screen is flipped to the front, and media-friendly video feature that lets you film for YouTube or Instagram with easily adjustable aspect ratios & in-camera clip editing. It’s also compatible with the brand’s whole line of interchangeable lenses. Available late July in two different configurations.

The Solo Stove Grill Burns Clean

People love the clean-burning Solo Stove firepit and for good reason. It works as great as it looks. Now the brand is back with a new one: the Solo Stove Grill. Boasting the same sleek, stainless steel construction & impressive efficiency, this portable charcoal grill uses convection heating & circular air-flow to reach cooking temps in just 10-15 minutes & cook consistently for over an hour. The grill stands at a comfy 37.5” & offers a 22” round cook surface.

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If You Never Skated the Banzai Board, Now’s Your Chance

Back in the 1970s, the all-aluminum Banzai skateboard was a righteous ride sought by sidewalk surfers from SoCal to the frozen flatlands of the American midwest. Today, the iconic Banzai is back, in its OG livery of primary colors with the Banzai logo etched on the deck. The re-issue comes as a build-yourself complete in special packaging featuring a limited edition art print from artists David Carson, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Todd Glaser & Cole Barash.

Sony’s 4K ZV-1 Camera is Built To Vlog

Optimized for the demands of vloggers & mobile 4K content creators, Sony’s compact ZV-1 is similar in design to the brand’s popular RX100 but offers smart, self-shooter tech like Background Defocus and Product Showcase that highlight foreground subjects with the touch of a one-button control. There’s also an improved on-camera three-microphone array with a wind guard, a front-facing recording indicator & Sony’s multi-interface shoe for attaching lights, other mics & accessories.

Gray’s Cyber Watch Case is Armor for Your Apple

CNC-machined from aerospace-grade titanium, the Gray Cyber Watch transforms your Apple Watch Series 5, adding dimension and depth to all that iOS tech. This titanium “case” features a mechanically textured surface finish and comes with a black FKM watch band.

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Greenworks’ E-Mower Cuts Grass Better Than Gas

With the Greenworks self-propelled cordless lawn mower, you trade the noise and emissions of a gas mower for the silent efficiency of 60-volt lithium-ion batteries. Their new 25 in. cordless mower features the industry’s largest residential cutting width and delivers better-than-gas performance. It offers 7-position cutting height, a rugged steel deck, and a Dual Port Auto Switchover for the batteries to provide up to 100 minutes of continuous runtime.

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Dolby Atmos Audio has Finally Come to a Sonos Soundbar

The launch of the Arc Soundbar marks SONOS’ first foray into Dolby Atmos home theater audio. With the ability to play PCM stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Plus, and lossless Dolby Atmos, the long, lean soundbar features 11 drivers that emit room-filling multidirectional audio in 270º. Trueplay technology enables the speaker to adapt & automatically EQ to suit your space and the system also offers the convenience of Alexa & Google Assistant voice control as well as support for Apple AirPlay.

BYO Mini-Golf with the Portable Puttskee

Merging the classic arcade game Skee-Ball with a portable putting game, the Puttskee is the perfect lockdown diversion. Handcrafted in the U.S.A. and constructed of real wood, including Baltic Birch and cherry, plus weather resistant turf, this premium putting game is fully portable with a fold-up rolling design that sets up & stows-away in seconds. From the game room, to the backyard, to the office to the tailgate, it’s a game that’s fun for everyone.

Mavic Introduces Safer, Smarter Air 2 DJI Drone

Similar in size and design to its pocketable predecessor, Mavic’s new Air 2 DJI drone is smarter than all that have come before it. New object avoidance technology called the Advanced Pilot Assistance System 3.0 ensures that the Air 2 will be much better at automatically avoiding obstacles in its path. It also has Air Sense technology, which works with the FAA’s surveillance relay signals to keep the drone from causing mid-air collisions with other aircraft. On top of the safety features, automated flight path tech and a larger optical sensor mean your 4K footage & 48MP photos will look better than ever.

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The Polyend Tracker is a Powerful Electronic Music Maker

Polyend’s Tracker is a powerful music making and production tool; a hardware workstation based on classic 80s-era grid sequencing workflow. Digital and sample-based, it creates endless options for sequencing and creativity. Its vertical workflow allows you to utilize up to 48 instruments as samples or sources, and 256 patterns as well as connecting with external MIDI gear & other synths.

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