Smartphones and tablets are an inextricable part of modern life. And with navigation software and the constant flood of fascinating podcasts out there, they’ve also become an essential part of modern driving. This state of affairs leaves us painfully beholden to the cables that power those devices.

But not all of those cables are equal. They can be flimsy, or unwieldy to use while driving. And ferrying the same cable from house to office to car and back again means it’s more likely to wear out more quickly, after being plugged, unplugged and handled over and over again.

Instead of trying to use that single cord that came with your phone for everything, consider snatching up one of these great third-party cables and leaving it in the car (or at least with you) all the time. After all, isn’t tech supposed to make life easier?

Anker Powerline II

One cable to charge them all. Avoid the pain of multiple cables and prep for all phones with the Anker Powerline II 3 in 1 cable ($18).

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

If you’re driving, you’re on the go. Thus, portability is key. The Fuse Chicken Titan Loop ($25) will transition to and from your keychain with ease and claims to be able to withstand a chainsaw, should that need arise.

Nomad Black Rugged Cable

Leaving the pavement does not require you to unplug. Nomad’s Black Rugged Cable ($25) is flex-tested, has an outer shield made from high-end TPE, and has sealed caps at both ends to keep out mud and dirt.

AmazonBasics 10-Foot Lightning to USB

Third-row passengers need to charge too. Bring electricity to the furthest outposts of your on-trend family SUV for a reasonable price with a 10-foot AmazonBasics Lightning to USB-A Cable ($12). USB-C users are restricted to nine feet.

Smart&Cool GenX Nylon Braided 3 in 1 Max

Fiddling with phone cords on the road can be hazardous. Magnets make plugging in much easier and safer. Charge just about anything with Smart&Cool’s GenX Nylon Braided 3 in 1 Max ($20 for a three-pack).

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