The Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) is the Apple Watch that most people should buy. It’s the best-looking smartwatch with the biggest and brightest display that Apple has ever created; plus it has all the new features that the Series 3 lacks, including fall detection, a built-in EKG and a variety of fitness features. This model lacks built-LTE, however, but I’d argue that most people don’t need to use their Apple Watch as a phone, nor do they want to pay the extra $10 each month on their phone bill.

(The most practical use of an LTE model is for Apple Music subscribers, as it gives them the ability to leave their iPhone at home, just bringing their Apple Watch and wireless headphones, and still stream music while out on a run.)

For Prime Day, Amazon is offering some pretty great deals on the Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) in either size: 40mm or 44mm. You can save $50 on the 40mm model or $75 on the 44mm model. If you’re looking for an even cheaper deal and you’re cool with buying the older Apple Watch, the Series 3 (GPS) is selling for just under $200.


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