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Plants for Mother’s Day? Groundbreaking. Buying plants for dad on Father’s Day, however, is finally catching on. Bloomscape, an online indoor plant retailer, launched a new collection of carnivorous plants for dad’s big day.

It’s about time plant retailers moved away from the ubiquitous snake plants, pothoses and succulents. Though admittedly a bit aggro, these insect-eating plants are cute little savages. The carnivorous collection ($65) is a three-plant set that includes the well-known Venus fly trap and two varieties of the lesser-known trumpet pitcher plant. Each measures around 6- to 10-inches tall, including the pot.

If you’re looking for a truly standout piece, the Nepenthes pitcher plant is a medium-sized carnivorous plant with droopy pitcher-like cups. The pitchers lure flys and gnats, trapping them before they’re digested. Keep the plant moist and bright indirect light and it’ll solve all your fly and insect troubles for life.

Orders $50 and up ship for free, and Bloomscape will replace plants for free if they die within 30 days.

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