Headquartered in Bristol, England, Amalgam Collection makes some of the most detailed (and most expensive) automotive scale models on the planet. After releasing a static McLaren Senna in 2018, the company thought it could do the car even better justice. So, Amalgam created a remote specifically for the 1:8 model that controls a variety of features, including the lights and the doors.

Amalgam has an incredible lineup of models. We could gush about every car on the site, but some of the most notable recent examples have been a chrome Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, a 1:4 Bugatti Chiron engine, a Ferrari 488 Pista, and a Lamborghini Miura P400 SV. Amalgam is currently working on a McLaren Speedtail, a Porsche 917 Martini, and the Ferrari SP twins. Unlike Hot Wheels, however, these are not the types of models one can pile up. Buying just one requires a separate savings account.

Originally, Amalgam’s first Senna model cost $8,324. The new-and-improved model is listed at $13,444. This is mainly due to the new remote that comes with the model. About the size of a smartphone, the branded remote has eight different buttons. It can lock and unlock the doors, turn on the hazards, turn on the headilghts, turn on the reverse lights, open the left and right door, or turn on interior lights.

Amalgam McLaren Senna Model

The model comes in a black “presentation box” and is mounted on either a carbon fiber or leather base, all covered by a clear acrylic dust cover. Inspect the details in the gallery above and see the doors and lights in action below.

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