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A Perfect Travel Gadget

Unless you bought an iPhone 11 Pro, which comes with a USB-C 18-watt wall charger, you’re likely charging your current iPhone slower than you could be. That’s because most iPhones come with the standard 5-watt wall charger. Fortunately, you can buy a more powerful wall charger for pretty cheap.

Take this 18-watt wall charger by Aukey for example. It’s just $10 and it has Power Delivery (PD) technology, so it’s able to deliver more power, faster to your iPhone. (Power Delivery is only supported by iPhone 8 and later; if you have an older phone, it won’t charge as quickly.)

The other big benefit is that this wall adapter is tiny. It’s roughly the size of a quarter and Aukey claims that it’s the world’s smallest PD charger. Basically if you travel a lot and are looking for small, powerful wall charger that’ll charge your current iPhone fast, this makes a great travel accessory.

Also, if you shop on Amazon, this normally $15 wall charger is on sale right now for just $10.

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