In June this year, Gemballa owner Steffen Korbach announced the German tuner was “planning a thoroughbred super sports car with a unique, aggressive design and engine power considerably over 800 horsepower.” This would be a departure for the Baden-Württemberg company that has spent nearly 40 years fettling products produced by its Stuttgart neighbor, Porsche, just 12 miles away. Korbach said Gemballa needed investor financing to carry out the project, a call that’s seen some success. Having secured initial funds, the company’s decided to release more information as it commences the technical planning phase. 

Potential customers and investors are likely to have seen initial drawings of what’s promised to be “uncompromising, radical, pure, and luxurious,” which we’ll assume are the new images we have here. There’s been quite a bit of reshaping since the last black and white image of a more compact and harder-edged mid-engined rocket. That car gave off Zenvo vibes up front and design thesis track car concept vibes in back. The new visuals loosen up with more curves stretched out over a longer body, and substantial aero work has been done up front. The B-pillar has sprouted a pair of scoops, the jutting diffuser has been tucked under tail. The rear wing arises organically out of the bodywork instead of being appended like a Time Attack appliance, and check out that multi-level and multi-part surfacing on the cross-member. Expect loads of carbon fiber.

We don’t have specs on what kind of engine will make use of the jet stream of air inhaled through those side vents, Gemballa saying for now that there’ll be an internal combustion engine with at least 800 horsepower and no hybrid assistance. Korbach again, taking a shot at electric vehicles: “We’re now concentrating on building one of the last pure sports cars, a modern classic with an outstanding appearance and performance. A pure Gemballa car needs petrol and sound. Not all new trends are cool.” It’s possible there’ll be a manual transmission option sited between the engine and wheels, part of “state-of-the-art drive and aero technology.” No matter, when combined with the lightweight body, Gemballa’s aiming for a 0-62 mile per hour time of under 2.5 seconds, and 0-124 mph in “around 6.5” seconds.

The tuner hasn’t just torn down and muscled up everything from the Cayman to the Carerra GT, it’s sorted through the internals of the Mercedes-McLaren SLR, McLaren MP4-12C, and Ferrari Enzo. All of which is to say Gemballa knows how a supercar is built. If all goes well, a prototype takes the stage early next year — we won’t be surprised at a Geneva Motor Show reveal — with production slated for 2022.