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A Legendary Name Will Return at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, Manifattura Automobili Torino brought its show-stopping pet project, the New Stratos, and announced 25 examples are slated for production. The buzz around the Ferrari 430-based homage to the original Italian icon cooled down in the months since, but there’s some good news ahead of the 2019 show. MAT will have on display its original working concept car, a German market example and, most importantly… an American-market model. We’re considering this a win.

As these low-volume cars tend to go, whether due to strict emissions or safety standards, the U.S. is often left out and jealous; the best cars sometimes can’t make the jump stateside. Not the case with the New Stratos. Underneath the modernized yet faithful design is the architecture to a Ferrari 430 and its naturally aspirated V8 tuned to 550 horsepower. And if that wasn’t enough, MAT is offering an old-fashioned gated manual option.

The original Lancia Stratos lives in the history books as one of the first purpose-built cars for rally racing and as a result one of the most radical designs ever seen on a road car. Finding an original Stratos not currently sitting in a collection is near impossible, so credit to MAT for bringing the iconic wedge shape back to the road, albeit in micro-manufacturer production numbers.

In a world of sports cars where the analog experience is dying off, for the most part, small-batch cars like the New Stratos are offering a glimpse of simpler times. It’s just a shame that of the 25 set for production, not all of them will make it to our shores.

Lexus UX Tires Inspired By Nike Air Force One

Menswear icon and artist John Elliott designed new tires for Lexus inspired by the Nike Air Force One. This marks Elliott’s latest collaboration following his recently announced partnerships with Nike and Caterpillar.

Elliott outfitted the Japanese carmaker’s new Lexus UX model with tires in Air Force One flavor, which, by the way, he designed himself. The John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 dropped back in October, much to delight of sneakerheads around the world. Elliott used a layering technique to create the illusion of color through shadows.

He used this same technique to create the tires in question for the Lexus Lexus UX. They look like they belong in a super hip sci-fi film, not in this dreary, drab world. Hopefully filmmakers take notice and hire Elliott as a production designer sometime soon.

Elliott is certainly not the first show designer to toy around with a car company. Most recently, there was a Rolls-Royce SUV-themed pair of Air Jordan IIIs that popped up. There were also Volvo-designed pairs of Adidas Stan Smiths, plus Puma kicks inspired by the BMW GINA concept car.

It’s cool when the sneaker world and the auto culture clash, so we hope this happens more often in the years to come. It’s always fascinating how one design language can possibly translate to another. Elliott’s slick, futuristic-looking wheels is one prime example. The Lexus UX is unfortunately not for sale, though.

Those who know and love the Nike Air Force One can immediately see the parallels between the kicks and the tires. The Swoosh, the circular design, and the sole are obvious ones. Subtle touches like the textures of the shoe’s rubber and leather make up the rest of the tires.


Photos courtesy of Lexus

Clever Ways to Save Money when Buying a Supercar

So you have finally decided that it’s time to upgrade to a vehicle that actually ticks off all the boxes and provides you with the driving experience you desire. Buying a supercar isn’t a purchase you’ll be making just any day, and maybe leasing a supercar is even a better alternative for you. Since this might be one of the biggest investments of your life, you want the entire purchase to turn out as planned.

You probably know already that a supercar comes with a higher price tag than your average vehicle, which means you will need to get a bit more money out of your pocket. If you are currently stressing over the large expense you will be subjected to, perhaps you should find a few methods of saving some money. Here are a few ideas that might help you out on the matter, so look them over carefully.

Sell your currently-owned vehicle

Parting ways with the car you have been driving for a long time isn’t always easy. You might be tempted to keep your current vehicle, especially if the price you will be able to sell it for isn’t exactly a high one. Well, in reality, selling your old car should be the first step you take on the matter. Besides getting some cash into your pocket out of the sale, you will also be saving on insurance, potential repairs and other expenses that arise when you have more than one vehicle in your garage. So, when you are interested in upgrading, start with the basics and put your currently-owned auto up for sale. Even a couple of thousands more in your pocket might help you out financially, and may allow you to buy a supercar model that comes equipped with more extensive features.

Clean up your driving record

The money you will be spending on the purchase itself isn’t the only expense you will need to worry about. The newer and more expensive the car model is, the higher the insurance price you’ll need to cover will automatically be. You should use the right tricks to your advantage, to manage accessing a more affordable policy. One of the things you are advised to do is review your driving record and make sure it’s in order. Any unpaid tickets should be handled first, and with a clean record at your disposal you can negotiate a better price on your future supercar insurance policy.

Consider using online deals

Although you may not actually find coupons amiable on the purchase itself, considering you will have other related expenses, such as new tires, or perhaps new car parts (if you are buying the vehicle used, from a dealership), you might come across some great automotive deals that allow you to benefit from discounts on various vehicle-related buys. A 25 percent discount on a pair of expensive tires, for example, can mean quite an appealing save, so looking into this possibility when you are trying to save some money is certainly recommended. Offers and deals websites stand at your disposal with an impressive variety of offers, ranging from small auto parts and up to insurance. Regardless of your specific needs, you should always go on a quick search on the web, to see if you come across some deals first. The amount you will be saving can be used in other more productive ways. Online discount codes have become a great solution for buyers that are on a strict budget, so why not take advantage of the available offers yourself?

Think about buying used

It’s perfectly normal for you to want to purchase your dream auto brand new, especially when it comes to luxury, high-performance models. However, in some cases, this might not be the wisest choice to make. You have the possibility of finding your favorite supercar at a second-hand dealership, which might have even used for less than a year, and is now up for sale for far a lower price than the brand new version. Cars deal with somewhere around a 20 percent depreciation drop in the first year, so if you start analyzing how much money that is, you will understand that the second-hand alternative is worth contemplating upon.

Buy local

While you might be tempted to order your favorite, vintage car, for example, from another county, this possibly being the only dealership that has the exact model you want, you should be aware of the higher costs that come with delivery. Delivery expense can add up to quite a significant amount, and why should you be wasting money on shipping, when you can use it is on things you actually need? A piece of advice you should keep in mind is to buy your supercar locally. Once you do the math, and find out just how much money can be saved if no international delivery is involved, you will conclude for yourself hat this is the wiser choice. Moreover, buying from a local dealership, and actually going there in person, could also bring a higher discount to the table. It’s far easier to get the sellers to drop the price, even for a bit, when you are discussing the sale in person. Going to the dealership, checking out the exact model you want and seeming like a reliable potential customer might persuade the auto dealers to make you a better offer, just to close the deal. It’s always best to purchase from a nearby dealership.

Buying a luxury, high-performance vehicle is certainly exciting, especially if you consider yourself a car enthusiast and have been eyeing a model for a long time. However, because this is a purchase that will involve quite the large financial investment from your part, you could put in a bit of effort in lowering the costs through a few clever ways. The suggestions mentioned here could provide you with the necessary support on the matter, guiding you in the right direction. Take them into account, and you may actually be able to cut down on how much money you will be saving on the buy.

Hennessey gives 2019 McLaren 600LT up to 1,000 horsepower

Last summer, McLaren launched the 600LT as a a vehicle for people that a bit more performance than what’s offered by the 570 line. It’s significantly lighter, and has a few more horsepower. But if that’s still not enough, Hennessey Performance is offering a range of upgrade packages ranging from 708 to a whopping 1,001 horsepower.

Each package is basically the same as those available for the 570 models, but with 600LT adaptations, such as having the exhaust exit through the top of the engine cover. The HPE 700 package adds high-flow air filters, an ECU tune and stainless exhaust to hit 708 horsepower and 635 pound-feet of torque. The HPE 800 package adds a more potent turbo and upgraded intercooler system to hit 805 horsepower and 722 pound-feet of torque.

The HPE 1000 package is the most extreme, and swaps the single factory turbo for twin turbochargers and an aftermarket Motec ECU. It also features stainless exhaust manifolds and an unspecified transmission upgrade. Output is 1,001 horsepower and 865 pound-feet of torque. The company says this version should hit 60 mph in 2.1 seconds and complete the quarter-mile in 9.6 seconds.

The various packages will be available soon. The HPE 700 package is the cheapest at $17,950, followed by the HPE 800 at $34,950. The HPE 1000 package tops the charts at $99,500. Naturally, all of these prices are for the parts and installation only, and you’ll still have to supply the car.

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Toyota Beats the Aftermarket to the Punch With a TRD Body Kit

Finding a clean, unmodified, lightly driven Toyota Supra is no easy task. It’s so difficult, in fact, that an untouched, low-mileage example from the ’90s recently went for a staggering six-figure sum. It’s an excepted reality that nearly all Supras get modified in some way, as the car is a hit with – and, therefore, a victim of – the early-00’s tuner culture. For the 2020 Supra, Toyota’s TRD department is beating the aftermarket to the punch with a factory-designed body kit of its own.

As of now, the TRD upgrades are only visual, but Toyota claims the carbon fiber front spoiler, side skirts, diffuser and rear spoiler have a genuine effect onthe aerodynamics. The vertical fins at the front, side and back should, in theory, clean up the airflow around the car, while the lip on the deck lid should add a marginal amount of downforce. The package also comes with lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels and a slab of carbon fiber on either side, which Toyota refers to as a “door garnish.” Whether or not any of this actually does add performance remains to be seen.

In every performance car family, there is a base model and a top-tier version with power and handling upgrades, plus a few visual modifications. Then there’s the middle-ground model, which borrows the looks from the top-of-the-line model but is left without the performance upgrades. Here’s hoping this is just the middle-ground Supra to hold us over while Toyota’s TRD department is busy tinkering with the twin-turbo straight-six – working toward the real upgrades everyone wants.

Could Bugatti Reveal a Hyper-Expensive Hypercar in Geneva?

€16 Million Is a Lot of Money

It would seem that Bugatti could be upping the ante at the Geneva Motor Show with a €16 million (roughly $18 million) hypercar. According to The Supercar Blog, the automaker built the car exclusively for Dr. Ferdinand Piëch, who is the former Chairman of VW Group, the owner of Bugatti.

There is little to nothing known about the car. The Supercar Blog cites anonymous sources inside Bugatti for the information that the hypercar that could debut cost the amount disclosed above.

The publication speculates that the car in question might be based on the Chiron and be somewhat similar to the Bugatti Divo that appeared at Pebble Beach last year. That suggestion would mean it has the 8.0-liter W16, and that the engine could come with a power upgrade of some sort. 

Carscoops points out that it’s interesting to hear the car was built for Piëch as he resigned somewhat quietly in 2015 prior to the Dieselgate scandal. Dr. Piëch used to own a significant portion of the company and had some clout with the automaker but sold that off and hasn’t had much to do with the company recently. 

The Geneva Motor Show should be interesting. We already reported on the 110 ans Bugatti special edition of the Chiron Sport that will debut there. The new hypercar rumored may show up the special edition Chiron, though. We’ll keep an eye out for more information as time goes on and the show gets closer.

Toyota GR Supra TRD Revealed with Loads of Carbon Parts

For the Osaka Motor Show 2019, Toyota’s performance department, TRD, have unveiled a series performance parts available for the recently released Toyota Supra. The aerodynamic package adds to what Toyota already offer.

The Toyota Supra TRD adds a new carbon front spoiler with side plates. There is a new carbon side skirt and a piece of carbon trim for the door. At the rear there is a rear bumper trim together with a rear spoiler lip, both in carbon fibre.

At the wheel end of things, TRD have fitted the Supra with a set of 19 inch alloy wheels.

The aerodynamic kit is described as a Performance Concept at this stage and so it is not entirely clear whether you will be able to buy these performance parts for your Toyota Supra. We are sure that the next few years will see a healthy tuning industry built around the new Japanese sports car.

Of course, the Supra shares its DNA with BMW’s Z4. The engine that sits underneath is not Japanese. The Supra gets a 3.0-litre inline-6 cylinder engine with twin-scroll turbochargers engineered primarily by BMW. Power output is in confirmed at 340 hp and 500Nm of torque. It takes just 4.3 seconds to hit the 100 km/h mark.

Carbon Rear Spats

The new Toyota Supra has proved popular, not least at auction! Barrett-Jackson recently sold the very first model for a scarcely believable $2.1 million. The proceeds of that sale will go to American Heart Association(AHA) and the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF).

The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V Will Be One of the All-Time Greats

In the space of one week, I rolled over 1,600 miles – from NYC to Charleston and back – onto the new CTS-V’s odometer. If it weren’t for the overly aggressive Recaro bucket seats, this would be the perfect American road trip car. It became very clear to me that, thanks to a supercharged eight-cylinder heart working in unison with the expertly tuned chassis, the last generation of the CTS-V has earned a place in the pantheon of all-time greats.

I used the remote start without hesitation every time I started the car. Coaxing the Cadillac supercharged CTS-V’s 6.2-liter V8 to life is fun, but having a front-row seat to the quad exhaust barking in your face then simmering to a deep burble is another kind of pleasure. It primes you for the rest of the experience.

There’s no hard and fast rule about what makes a great car or what classifies one as an instant classic. The hall of fame is filled with vehicles like the Land Rover Defender, the Lamborghini Countach, the Citroen DS 21 and the DMC DeLorean, to name a few. It’s an eclectic group. Generally, design, timing, purpose and performance all factors into determining a car’s greatness. When it comes to the last generation of the CTS-V, it’s all of the above.

It took Cadillac just over a decade and three generations to get the CTS-V just right. Back in 2004, it was clear GM wanted to move in a different direction to take on BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz in the luxury-performance game. But the ghosts of unrefined ’90s-era Cadillacs still haunted the brand. The second generation got a boost in performance but didn’t look any different than the base CTS, and the interior still shouted “GM.” It seemed as though the company be bothered to bring the car to life as more than a glorified Chevy.

For the third generation, which bowed in 2015, everything seemed to come together. There was a bold design language inside and out. Granted, thin piano black plastic trim pieces still made their way to the dash, console and steering wheel. But, under the hood, the CTS-V got a 640 horsepower supercharged V8 from the Corvette. It cranked out 630 lb-ft of torque from a lowly 3,600 RPM. Some might say it’s too much power for any real-world driving, but that’s half the Caddy’s charm — how it earned its nickname, “the four-door Corvette.” But in reality, the CTS-V is more fine-tuned than that.

Barreling down the highway at 70 mph, southbound on I-95, the tachometer was barely above idle. The CTS-V is eerily planted, a sedate drive at legal highway speeds. Then the madness shows. When I put my foot down to overtake slower traffic, if I took too much liberty with the throttle the rear tires will spin. It’ll shimmy and a fishtail at moderate highway speeds. The CTS-V is built for cannonball runs and Autobahn cruising, where it’s most comfortable. That dual-personality powerplant is a major part of the CTS-V’s charm.

Not only is the CTS-V the most powerful and, with a 200 MPH top speed, the fastest production Cadillac to ever leave the assembly plant, it’s also one of the best handling cars ever to wear the crest. Thanks to Cadillac’s racing engineers, the suspension, aerodynamics, steering and brakes give the two-ton car a hugely stable character at high speeds. It was tuned for the track, but you can probably count on one hand the number of owners who’ve tracked their CTS-V. Instead, that high-speed stability is what makes the CTS-V so damn civilized on the highway, in the rain or carving through slower traffic.

The CTS-V has its quirks, just like any other great car, and there’s not a doubt in my mind the last generation CTS-V is an instant classic. It has no other competitors from the US – the Dodge Charger Hellcat has more power, but it’s nowhere near as classy as the Cadillac; the Chrysler 300 SRT8 is a 15-year-old Mercedes E-Class wearing a thin veneer of what FCA calls luxury. The CTS-V is just at home on the Nürburgring as it is I-95, and competes with Germans on style and design too.

But the 2019 model marks the end of an era at Cadillac. When 2020 rolls around, the incoming CT5-V will replace it, but the CTS-V is what put Cadillac back on the map, and that’s what makes it so damn special.

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1968 Ford Bronco By Velocity Restorations

What we have right here is a very thinly veiled declaration that Velocity Restorations has had it with these custom shops that think they can skimp on any meaningful under-the-hood revamps if they work in enough visual oomph.

Here at Men’s Gear, we write a lot about custom jobs, and while most of them look impressive, looks don’t power a car. Facelifts are insufficient, and what makes a modification a true whiz-bang are the touch-ups underneath.

That isn’t lost on Velocity Restorations, and proof of that is its latest 1968 Ford Bronco project. The decked-out ride boasts improvements in terms of both appearance and performance, giving the classic SUV the supercharge it deserves.

Thanks to the shop, this 1968 Ford Bronco now has the power of a 5.0-liter Coyote engine. That’s comes with a beastly 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger. Velocity Restoration didn’t exactly share specific performance figures, but a standard Coyote tops up at 435 horsepower.

But it should perhaps come as no surprise that this ride possibly eclipses that and reaches north of 700. Especially with a brand-new exhaust system baked in. That and a six-speed 6R80 transmission, an Atlas Transfer Case, and a Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System.

It’s got sweet upgrades to match what’s under the hood, too. We’re talking a new sound system, LED lights, and tires made for off-roading adventures. Also included is a six-point roll cage plus sleek premium leather upholstery. That’s on top of a Dakota Digital gauge, a Pioneer digital head unit, a Vintage Air A/C system, and a Ididit tilt steering column.


Photos courtesy of Velocity Restorations

The New Volkswagen GLI Brings Much Needed Soul to the Practical Sedan

As handsome as the Volkswagen Jetta has always been, it was never going to light anyone’s hair on fire. The mid-sized sedan’s design certainly matured going into the current generation as it took on more DNA from Audi than they’d like to admit, but it generally lacks in the performance department. The 2019 Jetta GLI, just unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, is here to counter that issue.

The GLI is targeted directly at those who adore the Golf GTI for its performance but lament the idea of a hatchback for one reason or another. With the Jetta GLI you get all the space that comes with the standard sedan, plus the GTI’s engine, brakes and suspension.

Volkswagen’s newest sleeper sedan gets the 2.0-liter inline-four with 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque on tap, an 18 hp and 41 lb-ft increase over the standard Jetta. To help put that power to the road and rein it in, the GLI gets a multi-link independent rear suspension, an electronically limited slip differential and adaptive dampers. You’ll also get brakes from the Golf R, tucker inside 18-inch wheels with a design unique to the GLI. It’s like a “best of” compilation from the Golf line, but with more trunk space.

Given how fun the Golf GTI is and how practical the standard Jetta is for everyday driving, the GLI should be the sedan of choice in VW’s lineup. There’s no word on pricing, but expect the Jetta GLI’s price tag to hang around the $30,000 mark. If you’re eye-balling the Golf GTI but want something a little more grown up and subtle, hold out for the springtime when this new sleeper sedan hits dealership floors.

2020 Chevy Corvette C8 startup animation, new logo leak

Last we saw of the mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 it was a camouflage-wrapped mule version out for a spin in Michigan around the holidays. Now, the website takes us inside the cockpit with leaks of what it says are the C8’s new logos, gauge-cluster startup animation and script.

The startup animation is what appears in the gauge cluster display when you open the driver door. In this video on, it shows the script “Corvette by Chevrolet” take shape followed by a revised V-shaped logo with the bowtie logo on a red flag on one side and a checkered racing flag on the other. The website won’t say how it obtained the animation, other than to say someone passed it along after it was “collected from (a) publicly available file.”

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 prototype mule

The website also surmises this animation may be intended for a higher-performance version of the C8, since it differs slightly from a logo it previously leaked that had chrome surrounds and a white-and-black checkered flag, not grey-and-black as seen in the animation. It could even be the “Zora” name that GM has toyed with over the years with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Or, of course, they could both be prototype animations or just something someone unaffiliated with GM created to get attention.

Either way, recent reports have suggested that the C8 prototype developed an electrical issue that has delayed the supercar’s debut. But it’s still believed the new Vette will debut at some point this year, so expect leaks and reveals to only increase in the coming months.

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1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Millennium Roadster

Everyone knows the Lamborghini Countach, as well as the current Aventador, both V12 monsters. But don’t let the bridges between them be forgotten. The Murcielago preceded the Aventador, but it was the Diablo that had…

New Bugatti Chiron Sport “110 ans Bugatti” Celebrates 110th Anniversary

Bugatti have released a special edition version of the Bugatti Chiron named the Bugatti Chiron Sport “110 ans Bugatti”. Commemorating the company’s 110th anniversary, the special edition also pays tribute to the country where Bugatti was born, France.

The Bugatti Chiron Sport “110 ans Bugatti” is a special edition of the Chiron Sport limited to 20 cars. Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. said: “Molsheim in the Alsace region of France is an essential element in Bugatti’s brand history and this is also where we are planning our future.”

The special edition models use the colour scheme of the French tricolour “Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge”, with its colours of blue, white and red. The theme can be seen across the Chiron from the bodywork right through to the interior.

The body of this Chiron is predominantly blue carbon fibre. Matt Steel Blue paintwork is used at the rear of the car using a complex painting process for a unique finish. The wheels are painted in “Nocturne” matt black and hide French Racing Blue brake callipers.

It is some of the small touches which make this Chiron Sport special though. The diffuser and bumper are finished in glossy Steel Blue Carbon. The matt black exhaust system sits in contrast. The underside of the rear spoiler is painted with the French flag. The 110 ans Bugatti even gets the Sky View roof as standard.

Bugatti Chiron Sport “110 ans Bugatti”

The interior is just as special. The high-quality embroidery applied to the headrest and the seat back feature the French flag in a vertical position. The sports steering wheel comes finished with a matt carbon fibre with a blue leather cover. The surfaces are either soft Deep Blue leather, Alcantara or blue carbon fibre. Finally, each car will get a specially crafted medallion in the central console stowage space, made of solid silver with enamel inserts.

Having taken a look at the photos, you are probably now wondering why the colours of the French flag are shown as a mirror image on the right-hand side of the vehicle. Bugatti explain that this is the arrangement adopted on French official vehicles, where the standard has the colour of liberty (blue) to the fore on both sides.

Pricing for the Bugatti Chiron Sport “110 ans Bugatti” has not been revealed. As for the availability of the 20 examples, Bugatti have not revealed how many have been sold.

The Jeep Wrangler Is the Most Affordable Off-Roader to Own

Kelley Blue Book just handed the 2019 Jeep Wrangler the Best 5-Year Cost to Own Award for Off-Roaders. Basically, if you’re on the market for an off-roader and on a tight budget, the American icon is the best four-wheeler you can get.

When you go into the dealership to buy a new car, truck or SUV, the only costs the sales guy will mention are the MSRP, dealer fees and taxes – what money you need up front. What the car ends up costing throughout its lifetime under your ownership would make the purchase seem wildly more daunting and off-putting, so they tend to avoid laying out the true cost of ownership.

Kelley Blue Book looked at all the cars on the market and factored in all the possible ways you’ll spend money on your car after you leave the dealer lot. KBB factored in depreciation, finance fees, insurance fees and state fees, fuel costs and maintenance costs, and the 2019 Jeep Wrangler came out on top in its category. So not only is the Wrangler ridiculously affordable for an off-roader upfront, you’ll also hold on to some cash down the line. Just as long as you don’t go rock climbing and roll it over, but that’s never happened to a Jeep, right?

Hennessey Performance Using McLaren 600LT to Benchmark Venom F5

That’s One Heck of a Benchmark

When Hennessey Performance got its first McLaren 600LT, which has now been tinkered with, the company had no plans to modify the car. According to an interview by Top Gear with the company’s boss, John Hennessey, the sole reason he got a McLaren 600LT was to use it to benchmark the Venmon F5. It was only later that he decided to add more power to the vehicle and make it into the car that we reported on recently.

In case it somehow slipped past you, the Venom F5 is hypercar that’s should be revealed sometime this year. It will compete with the best of the best and be ready for buyers in 2020. CarBuzz notes that many insiders expect the car to set a new standard and beat Koenigsegg’s production car speed record.

[embedded content]

The Venom F5 will have to be much more impressive than the McLaren 600LT if it wants to beat the land speed record set by Koenigsegg. The 600LT has a top speed of over 200 mph, but nowhere near the 277 mph that Koenigsegg achieved to set the record. Hennessey’s Venom F5 will have to put out more power and have some serious aerodynamics to be able to handle speeds that fast.

Hennessey is no doubt using the McLaren 600LT as a benchmark in the cornering and ride departments, too. From everything we’ve heard, the car is excellent in those respects, and the Venom F5 would do well to get to similar levels.

The 2020 Subaru Legacy Is All-New: Here’s What Changes

Subaru unveiled the new 7th Generation Legacy at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. The Japanese automaker even referred to the midsize vehicle as a “sedan.” Here are the biggest changes.

The Legacy moves to the new “Subaru Global Platform” which improves “quietness, stability, and agility.” Subaru is replacing the top-tier 3.6-liter flat six with a turbocharged 2.4-liter Boxer with 260hp. The base 2.5-liter Boxer gets a modest upgrade to 182hp. Lest the Legacy feel outmoded, it will offer an 11.6-inch touchscreen, among the largest you’ll find in a non-Tesla vehicle.

Subaru says it followed a “Dynamic x Solid philosophy” with the Legacy design. It does not look dramatically different from the last generation. The biggest change is a raised trunk for “smooth connection to the C-pillar” for that popular fastback-esque feel. Subaru also addressed interior luxury with a new Touring trim offering “genuine Nappa leather.”

U.S. sales have been outstanding for Subaru. Though, that’s entirely down to the SUVs. The Outback and Forester do perennially strong numbers. The smaller Crosstrek is close behind. The Ascent also made a strong debut in 2018. The Legacy declined 20 percent year-over-year in 2018 and made up about six percent of U.S. sales for Subaru. The Impreza also saw a double-digit decline year-over-year.

The sedan market is declining. But, remains sizeable. With major automakers like Ford abandoning the sedan, there’s market share to be had for Subaru, Volkswagen and others.

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Kia Telluride Gets Pricing For All Trims

The 2020 Kia Telluride wowed car fans this past January at the North American International Auto Show, and less than a month later we finally have a word on pricing.

Kia says the base model will run you $31,690. At that price point, you don’t have to be a genius to realize what Kia is doing here. With matching specs to boot, the Telluride seems like a clear contender against the Subaru Ascent and the Volkswagen Atlas. The year has barely started and we already smell a meaty SUV brawl. Car fans should be delighted.

The Kia Telluride gets a 3.8-liter V6 engine making 291 HP and 262 lb-ft of torque. That’s standard across all trims, unfortunately. The top trim, called Telluride SX, will run you a bit more at $41,490, but think twice, really. The base Telluride LX model already comes with an array of luxury options.

We’re talking a bevy of driver assistance systems, plus collision avoidance and automatic safety features. You can’t really go wrong with $31,690. But if you have a bit more cash to waste, consider moving up to the SX. That gets you second-row heated and ventilated captains chairs, an all-wheel-drive, dual sunroofs, and Harmon/Kardon speakers.

The Kia Telluride is off-road capable, too, or so the carmaker says. So you’re getting the best of both worlds here. Though we’d wait before someone tests the thing on unforgiving terrain first to see how it fares. We expect lots of clamor for this one, especially after its rather humble spot on the Super Bowl this past Sunday.


Photos courtesy of Kia

W Motors Fenyr Supersport

If one takes some time to reflect on the origins of the supercar as we know it Italy, Germany, France, England, and of course the United States immediately come to mind as homes. These nations have the deepest roots in creating the most sought-after, exotic and timeless automobiles in the world.

Occasionally manufacturers based outside of the big five like Sweden’s Koenigsegg quickly become the stuff of legends but this fame is rare indeed. W Motors aims to create its own legacy starting with its own interpretation of what defines a supercar.

The Wolves Den

Established in 2012 by Ralph Debbas, W Motors (the W stands for “Wolf”) is the first exotic car manufacturer from the Middle East. Initially based in Beirut Lebanon before moving to its current location in Dubai, Debbas company has taken a modern approach to its production.

Using its own expertise and leveraging partnerships with long-standing industry leaders like RUF and Magna-Steyr W Motors created the Lykan Hypersport in 2013 (Featured in Furious 7), following it up with the Fenyr Supersport in 2017.

Savage Beast

Blue W Motors Fenyr at Homestead-Miami Speedway

Blue W Motors Fenyr at Homestead-Miami Speedway

Image From W Motors

In keeping with the wolf theme, the Fenyr name is based on “Fenrir”, a mythical wolf from Norse mythology. Sporting a lightweight chassis and carbon fiber body this beast is W Motors sportiest offering with the angular surfaces, numerous vents, and imposing scoops lending it an aggressive presence.

Black W Motors Fenyr with doors open

Black W Motors Fenyr with doors open

Image From W Motors

Black W Motor Fenyr with all panels open

Black W Motor Fenyr with all panels open

Image From W Motors

A stout 800 HP is provided by the wailing RUF-tuned 3.8L twin-turbo flat-six, feeding power to the rear wheels via a Porsche 7-speed PDK gearbox Keeping everything in check is a front MacPherson-strut suspension with a pushrod-actuated multi-link rear.

Braking is provided by massive 6-piston calipers and 15” brake rotors front and rear. 19” front and 20” rear forged Aluminium center lock wheels and massive tires complete the imposing esthetic.

W Motors Fenyr Front Detail

W Motors Fenyr Front Detail

Inside the Cage

The interior features a large information-filled dash along with a large center screen and a small informational screen on the passenger side of the dash.

W Motors Fenyr cockpit

W Motors Fenyr cockpit

Image from Sandpacri

W Motors Fenyr cockpit detail

W Motors Fenyr cockpit detail

Image From W Motors

W Motors Fenyr cockpit detail

W Motors Fenyr cockpit detail

Image From W Motors

With an estimated price tag of around 1.5 million USD and capped production, the would-be buyers will definitely have some level of exclusivity. Only time will tell if the Fenyr is destined to become legendary.


There is very little video content on the Fenyr but the following videos give a good sense of what this car is all about.

[embedded content] [embedded content]


  • Horsepower: 800hp
  • Torque: 723 lb-ft
  • 0-60: 2.7s
  • Top Speed: Over 400km/h
  • Weight: 2,976 lbs

72 hours in winter paradise Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

This winter we are taking our Mercedes-Benz G-Class on a ski tour of the Alps. The first trip on our alpine tour is Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in the Austrian Alps. During the three days there we explored all there is to do, where to stay and wine and dine in this winter paradise.

Tuesday 14:20 – From Snow to Sun

Record-breaking snowfall kept most of Austria in a state of emergency the first weeks of January. Our journey from Munich took a bit longer than usual as all pass roads were closed and we had to divert via the highway in Kufstein. Helicopters were in action to blow snow off the trees next to the highway to prevent them from falling onto the highway under the heavy snow loads. Something I have never seen before in the 30 years+ I have been traveling to the Alps in winter.

Equally exceptional was our luck on arrival in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. From the highway in Landeck a tunnel brings us to the valley below the ski resort. As we exit the tunnel we are blinded by the rays of sunshine and the sun would stay with us for the duration of our stay. From the main road it is a short blast up the mountain to the three villages which were connected to form the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski resort a few decades ago.

We are staying in Fiss at 1,438m above sea level roughly in the middle between Serfaus and Ladis. Fiss is a family friendly village with small roads and many hotels and guesthouses. Our hotel of choice is das Marent, a trendy luxury hotel with spa on the edge of town. The first night we spend at the hotel’s pool and wellness area and with enjoying the food at the hotel’s restaurant.

Wednesday 10:40 – Time to hit the slopes

With 214 kilometers of slopes Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis belongs to one of the largest ski areas in Austria. To find the best slopes I brought along my colleague and former Finnish Snowboard Pro Hece.

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Ski Plan Piste Map

The ski area is roughly divided in five areas and valleys. Above Ladis you can find the ‘North side’, as the name suggests these slopes are north oriented and warrant good snow conditions also later in the season and on warmer sunny days. West of it is the main ski area of Fiss followed by the main ski area of Serfaus also known as the Komperdell. From there you can ski the Lazid and Pezid mountains and finally the Masnerkopf, at 2,828 meter the highest point of the resort and the furthest west. Going to Masner is a popular day-trip for many skiers in the area but for our first day we decided to stick to Fiss and the North side.

Wednesday 12:30 – Lunch at great height

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is home to many mountainside restaurants and huts where you can stop for a drink and something to eat. At the gondola stations you can often find a self-service restaurant but I’m not a big fan of these food factories so we went on to find something more unique. The most exclusive place for breakfast, lunch or high-tea on the Fiss-Ladis side is definitely the Crystal Cube; an oversized Rubix Cube of mirrored glass offers the most exclusive location at 2,600 meters for up to 8 people. Reservation is mandatory.

On the North side we can also recommend the Zirbenhütte; a traditional mountain hut with fire places and a large sunny terrace.

Wednesday 14:10 – A dream come true at the Frommesabfahrt (Run 7)

After lunch we decide to check out Ladis and take run number 7 and 8. And oh boy what a joy! A perfectly groomed slope awaits with a combination of some steeper bits and perfect carving stretches. With a big smile on our face we stop at Ladis; the smallest of the three villages. From here we take the Sonnenbahn back to Fiss and pass Bertas Kinderland – ski school and children’s play and practice slopes on a hill between Fiss and Ladis. It is clear that Fiss does a lot to cater for families with small children.

From Fiss we go back to the North side to do the Frommesabfahrt one more time before we call it a day.

Thursday 10:10 – Masner here we come!

Since Masner seems to be all the hype among the skiers in our hotel we decide to check out what the fuzz is all about. From Fiss we go up to the Möseralm passing the Fisser Flieger and Sky Swing, two rides that wouldn’t be out of place in a theme park and can be enjoyed by guests of the ski resort every afternoon.

From the Möseralm the Sattelbahn chairlift takes us up to 2,320 meters and from here the Jochabfahrt (Run 80) takes us straight to the Plansegg chairlift at Komperdell. From the Plansegg we can choose if we take the Scheid or Upper Scheid chairlift. We take the quicker Scheid lift and before we know it we are in the Pezid gondola on the way to 2,770 meters. The gondola passes over the Pezid-Vertical slope which is among the steepest black slopes in the area. On the top of the Pezid we can finally catch a glimpse of the Masner area and the incredible panorama that stretches from the peaks beyond the Italian Reschensee to the Swiss ski area of Samnaun.

The Masner area lies between 2,372 and 2,828 meters which means the snow is usually in excellent condition and between the groomed and wide slopes of the Masner and the Arrezjoch there are quite a few freeride slopes.

Thursday 13:30 – Sea meets Mountains at Monte Mare

For lunch we stop at restaurant Monte Mare. Located in a small building next to the Masner restaurant it is a joy for the senses. It takes little imagination to picture this restaurant on the shores of the Mediterranean. The design as well as the menu wouldn’t look out of place in Antibes or Monte Carlo. Add friendly service and a nice selection of drinks and we found the perfect place for a break.

Thursday 16:20 – Apres-Skiiiii

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis does not have a big name for apres-ski like nearby Ischgl and Sankt Anton. But that doesn’t mean one can’t have a bit of fun. In Fiss the Hexenalm is the obvious choice for some after ski drinks. Later the party crowd moves to Hackl’s Kaller in the village which is open every day until 4am. In Serfaus you can go to BamBam followed by Patschi.

Friday 10:45 – Back at it.

Our last day in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis we decide to start with our favorite slope again which is the Frommesabfahrt. Such a great slope and since there is no direct lift (yet) it is pretty quiet on this run. It has been three perfect days in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis and the sun has been on our side every single day. Before we leave it all behind we ski to Komperdell one more time.

Friday 12:45 – Lunch at the Ski Lounge

Komperdell mountain above Sefaus has the highest density of huts in the entire area with no less than 7 restaurants within a few minutes from another. We go to the Ski Lounge on the second floor of the Komperdellbahn building. That this restaurant is something else you will notice as soon as you walk in and stumble upon a changing room with ski boot heaters and slippers you can borrow for the duration of your stay. It is also the first ski restaurant I’ve come across where they have cloth towels in the bathrooms.

The ski lounge itself very modern with floor to ceiling glass windows all around and a fire place. The Tyrollean cuisine served is superb and the gordon bleu is one of the best I have ever had.

Friday 16:30 – Tschüss und Auf Wiedersehen

The hotel shuttle takes us back to the hotel where we quickly change before jumping into the car and heading back to Munich. It has been a great couple of days and I’m sure I will be back in Sefaus-Fiss-Ladis rather sooner than later!

Where to stay?

Here are some of our recommendations for hotels in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Das Marent

Das Marent – Trendy upscale hotel with shuttle to the lifts in Fiss. The modern rooms and suites all have a balcony. There is a bar and two restaurants; one menu and one a la carte. Bollinger is the champagne of choice.

Schlosshotel Fiss

Ski-in, ski-out at the Schlosshotel in Fiss. Located near the Moseralmbahn it provides a heated outdoor infinity pool, 5,000 m2 spa area and classic luxury atmosphere.

ALFA Hotel

Modern four-star hotel in the center of Serfaus. Modern rooms and suites with a pool and wellness area.

Wellnessresidenz Schalber

Classic luxury hotel on the edge of Serfaus village. A 4,000 m2 spa and wellness area with two indoor pools. The rooms feature a classic design.