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Today’s Best Deals: Carbon Fiber Insoles with Proven Results, Deep Discounts on Winter Jackets & More

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Shoe companies put a lot of thought into the shape and appearance of their footwear, but sometimes it feels as though the footbed and insoles are an afterthought. But when you consider that you use them with every single step you take, it’s worth a second thought. So much so that our friends at VKTRY ran extensive tests at three different controlled testing facilities to develop the best performing insole possible. VKTRY Insoles are engineered from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, and obsessively shaped to optimize performance — increasing ground force by 8.1 percent and explosiveness by 9.3 percent. They are also designed to help prevent common injuries like turf toe and shin splints while offering unparalleled support. Upgrade your favorite pair of shoes, and get the insoles that work as hard as you do. Plus, with the code GP80, you can take $80 off your purchase.

Outdoors and Fitness

REI Magma 850 Down Hoodie 2.0
Save $110: REI’s Magma 850 Down Hoodie is a steal. And today it’s even cheaper, thanks to a 50 percent discount which brings it down to a remarkably low $109.

EXPED Mega Mat 10 Sleeping Pad
Save $104: If you’re camping within walking distance of your car, don’t pack light, pack comfy. Get this luxurious sleeping pad for $135, 32 percent off the regular price of $239.


Uniqlo Fleeces, Puffers and More
Save up to 63%: Drape your body in discounted deep pile fleece jackets, trucker jackets lined with said deep-pile fleece or rain-repelling trench coats with something called Blocktech.

Jomers Cone Mills White Oak Jeans
Save 60%: These $68 jeans are discounted to $34, but Gear Patrol readers will save an additional 20 percent when they add a pair to their cart (the discount is applied automatically).

Wardrobe Essentials from Outerknown
Save up to 60%: Currently, you can save up to 60 percent on past seasons’ styles from Outerknown. Because they focus on perennial staples, these garments look just as fresh today as they did when they were released.

Corduroy Sale
Save 40%: Yes, we love wool, leather and denim, too. But corduroy is something special.


Denon AH-MM400 Headphones
Save $110: The Denon AH-MM400s are a great pair of audiophile headphones and right now they’re heavily discounted: Amazon is selling the normally $399 headphones for over $100 off.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Save $50: The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is Samsung’s latest and greatest smartwatch and it’s currently $50 off; the first real time that it’s been on sale.


Timex Watches
Save 20%: You can take 20% off tons of affordable Timex watches today, but these four are some of our favorites.

Seiko Prospex “Arnie” PADI Dive Watch
Save 30%: Right now, the incredibly badass Seiko Prospex “Arnie” PADI edition is on sale at Macy’s for 30% off its retail price of $525 for a strong value at just $368.

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This Coat from Goldwin Is Full of Tech and Urban Elegance

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An Impeccable Spy: Richard Sorge, Stalin’s Master Agent

This is the thrilling true story of Richard Sorge, the infamous Soviet intelligence operative that spy author John le Carré called “the spy to end spies.” He was a master manipulator and effortless seducer, who, hiding in plain sight as a foreign correspondent, infiltrated and influenced German, Chinese, and Japanese society in the years leading up to and including World War II. All to benefit the Soviet machine. Drawing on a wealth of newly unclassified documents, it is a riveting story of the man 007 creator Ian Fleming described as “the most formidable spy in history.”

4 Great Timex Watches to Buy for 20% Off

From dressy ones, to sporty ones, to Snoopy ones, Timex offers a wide range of watches united by the approachability of their price and style. When they’re discounted, they’re essentially why-not purchases, and right now a lot are on available for laughably little — they also make great gifts or stocking stuffers. Use code “HURRY20” to take 20% off tons of great options today, including some of our favorites below:

Navi World Time 38mm Fabric Strap Watch

Probably the least expensive way to track multiple time zones with an analog watch, this Navi World Time is just $108 today.

Timex x Alpha Industries 40mm Fabric Strap Watch

Timex teamed up with Alpha, the famed American military clothing contractor, on this dope field watch. Get it for just $96.

Allied LT Chronograph 42mm Fabric Strap Watch

This this cool-looking chronograph with broad arrow hands and 100m of water resistance is also just $95 today.

Timex x Todd Snyder Military Inspired 40mm Fabric Strap Watch

This funky collaboration with famed designer Todd Snyder is a cool, subdued version of the classic field watch, on sale for $110.

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Oren Hartov is Gear Patrol’s watches editor. He knows what time it is, and one or two other things.

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The Perfect Selection of Montblanc Fragrances for the Holidays

Gifting a scent can be tricky, so this holiday season Montblanc is trying to make it a bit easier on you. Purveyors of some of the finest colognes you can spray, Montblanc captures masculine ideals and helps add a layer of deep texture and intrigue to your daily routine. We rounded up the storied Montblanc brand’s best colognes for any kind of guy — from the sophisticated to the adventurous. Here is what defines these colognes, and who they are best suited for on your holiday gift list.

Montblanc Explorer

To create the distinct, woody aroma of the Explorer, Montblanc used only premium elements. Italian bergamot offers the energetic and uplifting side, Haitian vetiver presents smoky hues and the body of the scent is buoyed by Patchouli. Explorer is a scent that can make every day an adventure.

Montblanc Legend

Legend simultaneously expresses strength and softness through its complex makeup. The first notes are lightly aromatic, with lavender, bergamot and pineapple leaves. The middle oakmoss-like notes give the Legend a warm depth. If you are looking for a gift for that enigmatic charmer in your life, Legend will soon be his go-to.

Montblanc Gift Set

The Montblanc Gift Set features an array of the Explorer scent’s other offerings — from a 3.3 oz bottle of the cologne to an aftershave balm and a smaller travel spray. Each feature Montblanc’s Explorer scent, perfect for adventurers. With the Gift Set, you can give even more of the Explorer’s aromatic leather scents this holiday season.

The 8 Best Snowboards of 2020

Last Updated December 2019: We’ve updated our guide to the best snowboards with the eight best picks for Winter 2020. Prices and links have also been updated.

The 8 Best Snowboards of 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Snowboard

Like a lot of American technological innovations, the snowboard was borne of inspired tinkering. An engineer from Michigan, Sherman Poppen, fabricated the first modern board in 1965 by bolting two kids’ skis together and attaching a rope to the unit. The rope helped riders — initially, his daughters — control the sans-binding board. His wife named the product, conflating “snow” and “surfer” — and just like that the Snurfer was born.

Fast forward more than 50 years, and while you can still get a Snurfer, snowboards have evolved in a way Poppen could not have dreamed. There are boards out there for literally every kind of riding imaginable, and choices galore.

Don’t get paralyzed by the options, though. Just do your homework and choose well. The right choice will reap daily dividends on the mountain, helping make each turn a little sweeter. Here are eight new boards we love, plus some info and tips to ensure epic good times whenever you hit the slopes.

Burton Deep Thinker

Best Overall Snowboard

First, some backstory: this board is the pro model for one of the most stylish riders ever, Danny Davis. And the graphics are courtesy of one of the first artists to bring graffiti to the masses, Keith Haring. 

Although Haring’s work pops on the page and screen, seeing it in person is next level. Same goes for this deck. Ride this thing to death for a few seasons and then retire it to the wall of your ski condo or loft.  

Because whether you’re chasing powder off-piste or railing groomers on the corduroy, the Burton Deep Thinker makes days in the mountains better. The directional camber is responsive without being catchy, carbon strands plus the hybrid camber profile add tons of pop for park fun and side hits, and innovative edges grip the ice well.

The directional hybrid camber— traditional camber that’s set back, with an uplifted nose —  is firm, without being insanely stiff, and loves high speeds. A narrow waist plus a deep sidecut makes for a board that’s great for railing fast giant slalom-type turns on the groomers. Although you can ride it switch, it’s not ideal for doing so all day long. 

Carbon embedded in the fiberglass matched with this aggressive hybrid camber profile translates into a board with lots of energy — a powerful board for riders who love going fast and searching for side hits all day long. 

Now, a little bit about those edges. The brand asserts its Frostbite edges, were “introduced by Burton long before all the hypelong before all the hype about wavy ‘serrated knife’ edges.” On ice, the edge hold — edges that extend out slightly beneath your front and rear bindings — is admirable. Not the holy grail of Mervin’s Magne-traction, but close.  

Great for all-mountain riding and just as great in powder, the Deep Thinker is a playful, versatile board that begs you turn the whole mountain into a terrain park. It just happens to be one of the prettiest decks Burton has ever released, too. 

K2 Broadcast

Best Budget Snowboard

When it comes to “budget” boards, there’s not a huge difference between entry-level and pro-level. Most company’s entry-level boards start at $400-$450 and max out around $600. Sure, some boards cost $1K and more, but unless it’s custom — hello, Franco Snowshapes — the qualitative upgrades once you head north of the $600 neighborhood are incremental at best.

And snowboarding’s dirty little secret: some sponsored riders prefer the inexpensive decks. 

The Broadcast is a new-ish — released last winter —  freeride shape from the folks at K2, a company that’s been making skis for decades and was one of the first to embrace the fat ski movement for powder skis. The Broadcast is one of our favorite freeride boards for 2019. The fact that it’s about $200 less than some similar boards is just gravy.

The directional hybrid shape leans more on camber than reverse camber, making the Broadcast incredibly responsive. Best for riders who are intermediate and above, the Broadcast loves being ridden fast, and that camber ensures that the deck has plenty of pop. Get this board if you have a taste for craft beer, but a PBR budget.

Endeavor Archetype

Best Powder Snowboard

The biggest change in the world of pow boards in the last five years? Boards designed for face shots and deep days are also great for ripping groomers and all-the-pow-has-been-skied-out crud. 

You’ll see riders all over the US rocking decks like the Jones Storm Chaser, Lib Tech’s T. Rice Orca and other fat ‘n’ stubby options on the mountain weeks after the last storm. They’re especially common at resorts like California’s Mammoth Mountain, which regularly gets more than 400 inches of annual snowfall and caters to a lot of folks from SoCal who don board shorts and stand sideways in the water when they’re not on the slopes.

Endeavor’s Archetype has a different DNA. The boutique brand’s been building decks for almost two decades. Vancouver-based pro boarder Max Jenke founded the brand in 2001. Like other small brands — think Venture and Weston — the build quality is top-notch.

Stiff as three fingers of High West Whiskey … with two cubes of ice: just right for railing GS turns at speed and boosting off side hits or big hits. That’s largely thanks to directional camber with a significant 20 cm of sidecut.

On power days, the swallowtail helps you get a little deeper. Sliding your bindings back is easy as can be thanks to Burton’s EST system, which requires fewer bolts. 

This board is for experienced riders. And its aesthetic is a nod to race cars. It’s built to go fast and at your limit, and when you throw it on the rack, it looks speedy standing still, just like the race cars in the paddock at Le Mans and Nürburgring. Because when you think about it, lapping a great run is a lot like car racing. Going ’round and ’round, capturing all the fun.

GNU Head Space

Best Park Snowboard

Although pro models are few and far between these days, the Head Space is one of two pro models for Forest Bailey. Like fellow Mervin athlete Jamie Lynn, Bailey is an artist and his handiwork adorns his freestyle deck. 

It’s hard to tell at first glance, but the Head Space is asymmetrical, a design approach that GNU has been honing for years. The thought behind it? Since snowboarders stand sideways, heelside and toeside turns are different biomechanically. Accordingly, each side of the board is shaped to optimize each type of turn: a deeper sidecut on the heelside and more shallow one on the toeside.

The Head Space includes a hybrid camber with mellow rocker between the feet and camber in front and behind the bindings. With soft flex, the board doesn’t beat you up in crappy conditions. And a core that’s a combination of sustainably harvested aspen and paulownia wood delivers plenty of pop.

Size-wise, it’s available in four lengths: 149. 152, 155, and 158. The 152 and 155 are also available in wide versions. 

It’s also a great deal — $460— almost claim our best budget board honors. You’ll have a few more bucks left over for $12 beers at the mountain.

Weston Logger

Best Freestyle Snowboard

The Logger’s been one our go-to decks for years and years. That’s mostly thanks to its versatility. The Logger is a fun and fast all-mountain freestyle board that’s down for a good time, no matter where you take it. And the true-twin is so well balanced that sizing down doesn’t cost you high-speed stability. 

We usually ride a 160 cm, give or take, but we love our lil’ 155 cm Logger. Flex-wise, the Logger is smack dab in the middle. Weston calls it a 5 out of 10 and they ain’t wrong. 

Like past versions, the latest Logger features a flat profile with blunted nose and tail, sintered base, and wood core. New for this season, Weston weaved carbon through the snowboard’s core from the top sheet to the base and back. The result? More pop than Blink 182’s back catalog.  

Polyurethane sidewalls provide additional dampening and durability, and the four-year warranty is one of the best in the business.

Venture Storm

Best Splitboard

Built by a small crew in Silverton, Colorado, Venture’s snowboards just feel boutique. Strap in and you get a sense that you’re riding a board that was built with love in the mountains. That may sound hippy-dippy, but we’ll bet you a nice, life-affirming crystal that if you test-ride one, you’ll feel the same.

Silverton is home to Silverton Mountain, which offers some of the gnarliest lift-accessed terrain in the world. Named for an iconic peak in the San Juan Mountains with a 13,487-foot summit, the Storm is the tool for ascending and descending mountains like this one.

Also available as a solid board, the Storm boasts a redesigned core for this winter. Like its Colorado brethren Never Summer, Venture boards are typically overbuilt. Those extra grams add durability in spades, but the new core shaves some weight.

It’s not Venture’s stiffest split (that would be the Odin), but the Storm is stiff without beating you up. Like most boards in the test, the Storm features hybrid camber, with a bit of a twist. Instead of camber between the feet, the Storm is flat. This profile is great for powder, but it can be a little squirrelly during run-outs when snow conditions get variable.

The soft nose provides insane amounts of float when the pow gets deep, though, and the moderate sidecut will put a smile on your face. Oh, and for folks who care about carbon footprint, the Venture workshop is 100-percent solar powered.

Lib Tech MC Snake Kink

Best All-Mountain Snowboard

When it comes to keeping it weird, no one does a better job than Lib Tech and its sister company, GNU. Both brands cruise under the Mervin Manufacturing umbrella, founded decades ago and still run by Pete Saari and Mike Olson. And they continue to push the envelope with technology, innovating reverse camber tech more than a decade ago, perhaps the most significant bit of snowboard tech in history. 

They’re the longtime board sponsor of the best freerider in the world, Travis Rice, and they hold onto their athletes more than any other snowboard company. No surprise, then, that Matt Cummins has the longest-running pro model in snowboarding’s history — his first model was released almost 30 years ago in 1991. Since then, every year has meant a new model. The MC Snake Kink is his latest creation. This freeride deck is a mighty quiver killer, good for all mountain charging, park partying and pow. Lots of pow. And it comes in a one-size-fits-most 159 cm.

The directional deck loves aggressive riding. With killer dampening, the MC Snake Kink is incredibly stable. And the significant sidecut matched with Mervin’s patented MagneTraction — wavy edges to increase edgehold — means sheer ice ain’t a death sentence. 

Although the name of the MC Snake Kink may sound like Cummins’ hip hop nome de plume, the moniker tells us a bit about the board. MC: Cummins’ initials. Snake: Short for snake run, the concrete version of a banked slalom course, upon which this board excels. Kink: the shape of the nose.

The MC Snake Kink looks different than any other Mervin board thanks to the graphics.

“I am super pumped to see this come to life,” quoth Cummins. “Damian Fulton did the artwork. We are all super stoked he was interested! Damian is the creator of the Radical Rick comics that ran in BMX PLUS. He also held the position of VP Art director at Marvel Comics for years.” 

Forget about Marvel for a sec. Radical Rick has a special place in the hearts of most BMXers from a certain era. Look closely and you’ll see the textured top sheet includes six-petaled daisies. 

Such a pretty board, whether it’s on your feet or hanging above a fireplace in a ski condo — after a few years of use, of course. 

Ride Berzerker

Best Advanced Snowboard

The Berzerker has been a staple in Ride’s lineup for a handful of years and is nipped and tucked almost as often as Cardi B. That’s because it’s the pro model for Pacific Northwest heavy hitter Jake Blauvelt, who binges on big, burly lines the way Quevo buys bling. 

With a new redesign this year, the Berzerker is still stiff, but less so than past iterations. And that’s good for riders who don’t ride like Jake — just about all of us. Because a little softness goes a long way in making turns a little bit more comfortable and fun. Especially when you’re not riding at Mach 10 speeds. 

Before looking at the lineage of the Berzerker, it’s good to know about Jake’s background. He’s an old east coaster with a penchant for stiff boards that were so quick from rail to rail that they were twitchy. Typically, that’s fun for your first hour, when you’re chomping at the bit and well-rested. Less so if you’re riding from first chair to last, and you just want to cruise for most of the afternoon. 

This year’s Berzerker is still racecar quick from edge to edge. But it’s now more manageable, riding just about as light as other top freeride decks like the Jones Flagship, Burton Flight Attendant or Lib Tech EJack Knife. 

The significant change is the Berzerker is now a directional carver that’s as at home on the hard and fast corduroy of New York’s Hunter (Huntah!) Mountain as it is in Vail’s back bowls and the deep powder paradise of Mt. Stevens. Sure, it’s doesn’t handle riding switch as well as previous verisons. But if you’re willing to give up some switch performance for better turns when you’re riding in your dominant stance, put the Berzerker on your shortlist. 

The new shape makes it even better than it was in the past on powder days. Originally the board’s did not have taper at all, “because I really like how no taper gives you better turn initiation,” said Blauvelt. 

Faster turn initiation is great and all, but it comes at a cost: reduced performance in pow. Lack of taper makes it tougher to get back on your tail because you have to push down added surface area. That’s one reason some powder-oriented boards still have a swallowtail: that V-shape of a tail translates to less surface area, making it easier to get your weight back and keep in there. 

The latest edition includes a healthy 8 mm of taper and tightens up the radius of the sidecut. The latter helps maintain quick turn initiation, which is great if that’s what you’re into — something similar to what motorcycle folks call “flickable.”

Blauvelt still uses “twitch” to describe the board’s handling. He uses that term positively. If you’re someone who does the same or desires something super quick, demo this deck.

Terms to Know

Backcountry: Terrain outside resort boundaries.
Base: The bottom of the snowboard that slides on the snow.
Corduroy: The tracks left by a snowcat after grooming a trail. The grooves in the snow look like corduroy pants.
Directional: A board shape where the riders stance is off-center, typically set-back a few inches.
Duckfooted: A stance angle featuring both sets of toes pointing outward. More common for freestyle riders and riders who ride a lot of switch stance.
Edge: The metal edges that run the perimeter of the snowboard.
Effective Edge: The length of steel edge that contacts the snow when making turns.
Flat Camber: A board profile that’s neither concave nor flat.
Flex: The stiffness or lack of stiffness of a snowboard. There are two types of flex. Longitudinal flex refers to the stiffness of the board from tip to tail. Torsional flex refers to the stiffness of the width of the board.
Float: The ability of a board to stay on top of deep snow
Freeride: A style of riding focused on groomers, backcountry, and powder. Freestyle: A style of snowboarding that includes a mix of terrain park and non-terrain park riding.
Goofy: Riding with your right foot in front of your left.
Hybrid Camber: A snowboard shape that mixes reverse camber and hybrid camber profiles.
MagneTraction: A trademarked serrated metal edge on boards built by Mervin manufacturing, the parent company of GNU and Lib Tech. This is for better edgehold on ice. Other manufacturers have their own versions.
Pow: Short for powder. Fresh snow.
Rocker: The opposite of camber. Often called reverse camber.
Regular footed: Riding with your left foot in front of your right.
Reverse Camber: A snowboard shape that looks like a banana that’s concave between the tip and tail. Sometimes called “rocker” because a board with reverse camber looks like it can rock back and forth.
Shovel: Lifted sections of the board at the tip and tail.
Sidecut: The radius of the edge that runs alongside a snowboard.
Sidecountry: Terrain that’s outside resort boundaries that’s accessible from the resort.
Traditional Camber: A snowboard shape similar to a mustache AKA convex between the tip and tail.
Splitboard: A board that split into two ski-like shapes so riders can ascend the mountain like an XC skier and reassemble when it’s time to descend.
Twin tip: A board with an identically shaped nose and tail.
Waist: The most narrow part of a board between the bindings.

Understanding the Construction of a Snowboard

Building a snowboard is a lot like making a good burger. Although new and better ingredients can improve both burgers and snowboards, the process of making them hasn’t changed much.

“Board construction has remained basically the same for the last 20 years. By that, I mean there is a polyethylene plastic running base with an edge surrounding it. There is a layer of fiberglass. A wood core. A layer of fiberglass and a plastic topsheet. Those basic materials haven’t changed much. But there’s been a lot of innovation in each of the specific materials that has really driven the ride performance and the weight of the boards that we see in the market today,” said Senior Design Engineer at Burton Snowboards, Scott Seward.

One of the most important parts of your board is the core. Typically built from wood — different types change the flavor of the ride. Many manufacturers even utilize a handful of different trees in a single core. Many Lib Tech boards include three different types of wood. Some manufacturers build cores from foam. Builders sculpt cores. Thinner in areas where you need more flex and thicker in areas where you don’t. Unlike a burger, you should never see your board’s core. “If the customer ever sees the core, then I’ve done my job wrong,” said Seward.

Sustainably grown cores are more popular than ever. Monitored by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the FSC “ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits,” according to the council’s website.

Next up, the “buns” — in the form of the base. These high-tech plastics are placed in a mold with the board’s edges. Gummy paper or a strong glue helps the edges bond with the base.

The “cheese and condiments” are layers of fiberglass. Operative word: fiber. The layout of the weave of this cloth affects the ride quality of your board. Adding epoxy to the cloth turns this into fiberglass, and there’s a layer on each side of the core. Higher-end boards often have carbon stringers — narrow strips of carbon fiber running the length of the board for added stiffness and pop.

Epoxy covers each layer, holding the board and its pieces together. This isn’t your grandfather’s nasty, toxic epoxy. One of the more recent innovations by folks at companies like Lib Tech and Burton is bio-based epoxy. You can’t understate the importance of epoxy because it holds the board together, bringing its character to life.

After the second layer of epoxy, the board is ready for the topsheet. Once that’s added, the top is inserted into the mold and sent to the press where heat and pressure will do the work of the grill, bonding all of the layers together as well as setting the camber profile of the board.

Although heavy machinery is critical to building snowboards, there’s a lot of craftsmanship mixed in. “Most people are surprised at how much hand-work is done,” said Seward.

The board’s in the press for about 10 minutes. Once removed, the board goes to finishing, where craftsmen remove excess material and add sidecuts. After that, the board is ground down, to remove excess resin. After a handful of grinds, the board is either waxed or shipped.

Looking into his glass ball, Seward sees boards with a smaller carbon footprint.

“The future of snowboarding is going to see more innovation of sustainable manufacturing,” said Seward.

How to Pick a Snowboard

Picking a snowboard can be tough. With so much many different styles of boards available, paralysis of choice is a real threat if you aren’t honest with yourself. But, if you know what you want, the world is your oyster.

Before even wading into the waist-high selection of what’s available, it’s important to think about how and where you ride.

“There’s such a broad spectrum of riding styles and riding preferences, that people get to find out what’s really in their heart and soul as to where they want to find themselves on the mountain. Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll want to start looking for what’s a better tool for that discipline or trying to cover as many disciplines as possible with one snowboard,” says General Manager of Wave Rave in Mammoth Lakes, Tim Gallagher.

Most shops worth their salt will ask you a handful of questions, like: Where’s your home mountain? What type of riding do you want to do with this board? Is this board going to be a do-everything board or is it filling a specific need in your quiver? Where do you normally ride? Is there a style of riding or is there a rider you want to emulate?

They’ll also ask about your foot size and weight. The former question will ensure your board is the appropriate width. Not too narrow, so your toes and heels are hanging off the sides and not too wide, because that can make a board feel sluggish.

One of the best ways to find a good match is to do your homework and find a shop you trust. “There’s some misinformation out there. A lot of people are educating themselves. It’s not always good info. Come into a shop with an open mind, accept some guidance and try before you buy if you can,” says Gallagher. The value of a good shop is paramount. Utilize its brain trust. Another good move for folks who really like to be thorough? Talk to more than one salesperson.

Demoing a few boards is one of the best ways to ensure you make the right choice. Most good shops let customers apply part of the cost of a demo towards a purchase. Most narrow their choices down to three boards or less. “If there’s more than that, you don’t know what they want,” says Tucker Zink, the General Manager at Darkside in Killington, Vermont that includes a demo fleet of about 75 decks. Darkside’s slopeside location in Killington makes demoing boards easy because customers don’t have to leave the hill to switch up boards.

It’s also worth asking the shop near the mountain you ride the most about their most popular board. Last year at Darkside, that was Burton’s Deep Thinker, an aggressive all mountain board with some of the coolest graphics in history — artwork by skateboard legend Mark Gonzales. That deck was followed closely by a similar board: a Lib Tech Travis Rice model (he probably has more pro models per year than any snowboarder in history).

At Wave Rave, the Jones Storm Chaser was last year’s best seller. At first glance, that’s a bit surprising. It’s a powder board with a short swallowtail. Designed by surfboard shaper Chris Christenson, the Storm Chaser is inspired by the shapes of fast gliding surfboards. And many riders in Mammoth use it as their daily driver, making surfy turns down the hill all winter long on corduroy, through crud and in powder.

Part of the popularity of the Storm Chaser in Mammoth is due to the mountain’s location. The 3,500-acre resort is about five to seven hours away from some of the most popular surf spots in Southern California, so it attracts lots of surfers, many of whom love to mimic riding waves when they’re in the snow.

But that doesn’t mean, pow and the new shorter but wider boards are just for So Cal surfers. At Darkside, they sell plenty of these boards as well, many to folks who travel out west to ride. Others appreciate the short turning radius that makes these boards great for riding trees.

“There’s no right or wrong way to snowboard. If you’re having fun and you’re exploring the mountain, and you’re pushing yourself, you’re doing it right,” said Gallagher.

Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.

The 200+ Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

Whether you need something cheap for your outdoorsy nephew or a solid bottle of brown for your boozy uncle — or both — our guide to the best holiday gift ideas for men has you covered. Bookmark this page and check back frequently. Our editors will be adding even more gift recommendations to this list throughout the gift-giving season.

Filson Leather Card Case

Price: $75

There are many benchmarks of a great gift, but you can truly tell if a person loves your present if they use it every single day. For such an effect, there might be no better choice than the Filson Leather Card Case. Its simple design is made from vegetable tanned bridle leather, offers three compartments for reliable storage for cards and cash, and like all Filson products, it’s guaranteed for life.

Best Style Gifts

Everlane ReCashmere Sweater

Price: $98

Sustainable comfort at an affordable price.

Away Expandable Carry-On

Price: $275

Need more space? This bag can expand.

Frye Chris Venetian Loafers

Price: $228

The simple shape really lets the leather shine.

Warby Parker Edgemont Sunglasses

Price: $95

For the holidays? Why not. Sunglasses are never out of season.

Wahl Beard Trimmer

Price: $71

There are beard trimmers, and then there is the best beard trimmer.

Freemans Sporting Club Cap

Price: $45

Every man should have an unbranded ball cap in their collection.

Gear Patrol Magazine Subscription

Price: $39

Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside each issue, you’ll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design. Get four print magazines — delivered quarterly — with an annual subscription.

Alex Mill Cashmere Beanie

Price: $95

Cashmere headwear is a next-level sensation.

Outerknown Camp Socks

Price: $8

If you’re going to give socks as a gift, you might as well give some of the best.

J.Crew Classic Leather Belt

Price: $65

A stylish everyday essential that’ll last.

American Bench Craft Leather Dog Leash

Price: $55

Tanned leather makes your dog look even cuter.

Lotuff Zipper Backpack

Price: $1100

The simple backpack you know and love, but given a distinctly elevated look, feel and construction.

Persol Sunglasses

Price: $127

Feeling like splurging a bit? These timeless sunglasses from Persol are not a bad way to go.

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

Price: $25

If you’re going to give boxers as a gift, give some of the best.

Caputo & Co. Chain Rope Necklace

Price: $265

A simple but effective statement for any outfit.

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Fragrance

Price: $126

Give the gift of smelling great year-round.

Naadam Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater

Price: $75

Flex like you got it like that. They don’t have to know it only cost $75…and they likely won’t notice.

Howlin’ Mr. No Fingers Gloves

Price: $42

Gloves so nice you’ll think twice about gifting them.

Lee Denim Jacket

Price: $37+

Who can deny a denim jacket?

Cause and Effect Thin Copper Cuff

Price: $40

A simple, affordable accessory that can be worn both on and off the clock.

Filson Original Briefcase

Price: $325

This handsome briefcase was built to last for their entire career.

J.Crew Navy Knit Tie

Price: $40

One can never have too many ties, and this one from J.Crew is affordable and handsome.

Craighill Closed Helix Ring

Price: $30

This helix-shaped brass keyring is cool, durable and affordable; a true triple-threat.

Carhartt Watch Hat

Price: $15

Sometimes the coolest accessories are the least expensive ones.

Byredo Night Veils Sellier Extrait de Parfum

Price: $320

If you want to go all-out for gifting a fragrance, we recommend this one that smells a lot like unbridled leather.

London Undercover Maple Cane Blackwatch Tartan Umbrella

Price: $85

Having an umbrella you like makes rainy days that much more bearable.

Stance Socks

Price: $25

Stance socks have the perfect thickness, and are perfect for everyday wear.

’47 Brand Clean Up Cap

Price: $25

Rep your team and your city with a classic baseball cap that has a nice broken-in feel.

Topo Designs Dopp Kit

Price: $29

Topo Designs is known for their high-quality bags, and this dopp kit is no exception.

Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck

Price: $20

This turtleneck makes a great base layer, or you can wear it on its own.

Baxter of California Comb

Price: $22

A comb is probably something they use every day. Get them one that’s worth having.

Engineered Garments Bucket Hats

Price: $108

For headwear that breaks the mold just a bit, try this cool bucket hat from Engineered Garments.

Ranchlands Rough Out Belt

Price: $150

This full-grain rough out leather belt has a little western flair.

Barbour Longthorpe Laptop Bag

Price: $160

Barbour’s bags are every bit as good as their jackets, and this one is pefect for a commute.

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Best Home Gifts

Oxo Good Grips Container Set

Price: $60

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man a set of really well-designed containers and he’ll actually use those oats he bought a few months ago instead of just letting them sit in a jar in the cupboard.

SolidTeknics Wrought-Iron Skillet

Price: $89

Give a gift that’ll outlast either of you.

Coway Airmega Purifier

Price: $298

More than an air purifier, this gadget hooks up to Alexa for real-time tracking of the air quality in your home.

Herman Miller: A Way of Living

Price: $80

You don’t need to have the funds to gift a Hans Wegner chair in order to give a great gift to furniture nerd.

Snowe Flatware Set

Price: $152

A simple but significant upgrade to any kitchen is a great set of flatware.

Bernzomatic TS8000

Price: $42

For those who want to push their limits in the kitchen.

Trusco Toolbox

Price: $52

Because keeping a good home often means busting out a hammer, some nails and using a bit of elbow grease.

ThermoWorks Thermapen IR

Price: $139

Precision cooking and baking has never been so easy or accurate.

‘South’ by Sean Brock

Price: $28

Incredible recipes from one of the best working chefs out there today.

Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Price: $65

A room isn’t finished until it smells as good as it looks.

Whiskey Peaks Mt. Rainier — Set of Two

Price: $30

These handblown whiskey glasses feature an inspiring topographic impression of Mt. Ranier that you can gaze at while sipping your favorite whiskey.

Sam Lee Book Ends

Price: $350

These bookends will not only hold your book collection up, but they double as vases too.

Louie Mueller Barbecue Colossal “Dino” Beef Ribs

Price: $199

You don’t have to live in Texas to get your hands on these unbelievably delicious ribs.

Pendleton Camp Blanket

Price: $99

Pendleton’s blankets are legendary for a reason.

Dovetail Record Crate

Price: $199+

This handsome wood container looks much more refined than a milk crate full of records.

Marvis 7 Days of Flavor Gift Set

Price: $36

Brushing your teeth becomes a lot more fun when you have unusual toothpaste flavors.

Brooklinen Scented Candle Miniset

Price: $59

This set has four candles, each meant to be lit during specific parts of the day.

Oxford Pennant

Price: $25

There’s an Oxford Pennant for most everything, and they make a fun accent for any room.

Wonder Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Price: $34

Careful — once you start using nice olive oil, you’ll never go back to the cheap stuff.

Made In Carbon Steel Roasting Pan

Price: $99

This roasting pan will quickly become their go-to, year-round.

Yield Design Co. Glass French Press

Price: $85

The borosilicate glass adds a level of elegance to this beautiful french press.

Parachute Waffle Bath Towels

Price: $25+

Something about drying off with waffle weave towels just feels better.

Five Two Stoneware Dinner Plates

Price: $45+

These stoneware plates are a thoughtful and subtle upgrade to any dishware collection.

Le Labo Palo Santo Candle

Price: $75

For that fresh palo santo smell without having to burn sticks in your home, try this candle.

Intention Design Desk Tray

Price: $65

Haphazardly setting down your EDC items when you get home suddenly becomes organized when you do it in a nice desk tray.

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Best Bar Cart Gifts

Four Roses Small Batch Select

Price: ~$55

Dubbed ‘one of the biggest bourbon releases of the year’ by our own home editor, this is undoubtedly the gift to get the whiskey snob in your life.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon

Price: ~$45

An easy upgrade for the friend you’re trying to coax away from the bottom shelf.

Aesop Departure

Price: $53

Don’t compromise on the essentials while abroad.

New Riff Straight Rye

Price: ~$45

This is damn good rye from one of the most exciting distilleries in the world.

Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bourbon

Price: ~$50

This year’s winner of one of the most prestigious awards in whiskey. If you find it at a good price, you may just want to hold on to it.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon

Price: ~$65

A 12-year old whiskey bottled at barrel proof? Count us in.

Trade Coffee Custom Subsription

Price: $15+ per bag

Great coffee from the best roasters delivered right to your door.

SCA Coffee Flavor Wheel Poster

Price: $20

Have a hard time putting your finger on what exactly it is you’re tasting in that single-origin you’re drinking? This will help you identify the flavor.

Aeropress Go Travel Coffee Brewer

Price: $32

Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your coffee.

Heath Ceramics Large Mug

Price: $37

A classic coffee mug made by the storied Bay Area-based ceramic company.

Coldwave Chiller

Price: $40

This simple tool chills hot coffee in seconds for a perfect iced coffee.

Stanley Classic Flask

Price: $15

Whiskey is always more enjoyable when you’re drinking it out of something fun, like this classic Stanley flask.

Areaware Liquid Body Flask

Price: $60

Need a flask with a touch more sophistication? This one should do nicely.

Snowe Whiskey Set

Price: $98

Dress up your bar cart with this Italian lead-free crystallized glass set.

Yeti Rambler Mug

Price: $25

If you like drinking your morning coffee slowly, this mug will keep it hot for 5 to 6 hours.

Paper & Tea Daily Brewing Set

Price: $42

Ditch the tea bags and up your tea game with this daily brewing set.

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Best Tech and Audio Gifts

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex

Price: $450

Flex your audiophile knowledge with one of the best compact speakers out there.

Fujifilm X-T30

Price: $1099

The most advanced features you’ll find in such a lightweight design.

Sonos One

Price: $199

The Sonos One is a good place to start for a sound system, and you can always add more components.

Sonos Amp

Price: $599

The powerful addition to an already impressive sound system.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Price: $40

It’s pretty amazing what this tablet can do for just $40.

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt

Price: $300

If you listen to Spotify on your phone, you aren’t getting the best quality sound without this.

KMA Elder Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Price: $249

Building your own speaker makes the audio sound that much better. Scientific evidence to come.

Grado SR60e

Price: $79

Find headphones under $100 that have this kind of bass power and minimal distortion. We dare you.

Echo Dot With a Clock

Price: $35

Let someone wake up to your gift every morning.

Awair Glow C

Price: $89

This is a small price to pay to make sure their air quality is up to par.

Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation)

Price: $249

Live comfortably and cut your energy bill in half.

Fyrtur Power Blinds

Price: $149+

Protect your giftee from Peeping Toms and unwanted sun.

Google WiFi System

Price: $244 (3-pack)

No one wants “dead spots” in their home, and no one will if they have the Google WiFi system.

Apple TV 4K

Price: $179+

The Apple TV is intuitive, convenient and downright pleasant to use.

Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

Price: $140

Give someone the gift of power, and their electronic devices will surely thank you.

Native Union Belt Watch 4-ft. Charging Cable

Price: $50

No one should have to be stuck with the charging cable that came with their devices.

iBlason Case

Price: $10

No one likes a scratched Apple Watch.

Auto Sleep Tracker App

Price: $3

The gift you don’t have to be awake to use!

HeartWatch Heart and Activity

Price: $3

Apple’s own Health app is primitive to what HeartWatch can do.

Tile Sticker

Price: $40 (2-pack)

Are they constantly misplacing their stuff? These tracking stickers should do the trick.

Vanja Type C Card Reader

Price: $8

The photographer in your life has too many memory cards and not enough of these card readers.

Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable

Price: $18

Three cables in one are like three gifts in one.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Price: $129

See who’s at the door right from their phone! Installation is easy and the battery is rechargeable.

Tidal Gift Card

Price: $20+

For audiophiles, Tidal’s Hi-Fi lossless audio really can’t be beat.

Anker PowerPort Speed 1 USB-C

Price: $26

Chargers are the underrated gifts that no one asks for but everyone needs.

Wax & Stamp

Price: $30 per month

Add to their vinyl collection and help them discover new music with this vinyl subscription service.

Qisan Mechanical Keyboard

Price: $36

Replacing a crappy keyboard can be the difference between a bad draft and the next great American novel.

SimpliSafe Smart Home Security

Price: $115+

One can never be too careful these days, and Simplisafe makes it easy.

Lutron Aurora Smart Dimmer

Price: $40

One gadget to solve the biggest problem with smart home light switches.

Audible Gift Card

Price: $30

You’d be amazed at how many books you get through when you start listening to them rather than just reading.

Boosted Boards Rev Electric Scooter

Price: $1,279

With speeds up to 24 mph and range of 22 miles, this thing can be a real game changer in certain cities.


Price: $9+

Once you’re used to it, you won’t know how you held a phone without one.

1More Triple-Driver IEM

Price: $70

Somehow these are some of the best-sounding earbuds we’ve heard, yet cost considerably less than their competitors.

Manfrotto Tripod with Universal Smartphone Clamp

Price: $28

If they like taking photos with their phone, this is a really great tripod that can make it a little easier.

XP PhotoGear Smartphone Cinema Mount

Price: $90

Smartphone cameras are pretty amazing these days, but these lenses take them to a completely new level.

Polaroid Lab Digital Photo Printer

Price: $130

Having physical prints of your photos is mostly a thing of the past, but it doesn’t have to be with this fun printer.

DJI Mavic Mini

Price: $399

Besides being ridiculously fun to fly around, this drone can also capture some pretty incredible footage.

The Ridge Slim Minimalist RFID Wallet

Price: $75

This wallet blocks any RFID chip readers trying to steal your card’s information, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Leopold FC980C Keyboard

Price: $310

Make their workday a bit more bearable with a keyboard that gives a satisfying click with each keystroke.

Spiggen Rugged Armor Pro Case

Price: $20

There are cases for Apple Watches, and then there’s armor for Apple Watches.

Amazon Smart Plug

Price: $25

Anyone with Alexa in their home will get plenty of use out of this little gadget.

Philips Hue White (2-Bulb Pack)

Price: $37

Whether they already have some or they’re just getting started, these smart bulbs work with everything.

Audioengine HD6 Wireless Music Speaker System

Price: $699

If you want a stereo system with bluetooth, analog and digital capabilities, this is the one to go with.

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Best Outdoors Gifts

Mountain House Simple Sensations Chicken Fajita Bowl

Price: $36 for 6

These are so good you’ll be bringing them to work to eat for lunch.

Gaia GPS Premium Membership

Price: $36 for the first year (renews annually at $40)

A yearly membership is a gift that keeps on giving.

Leatherman Free T2

Price: $40

The best multi-tool out there has eight functions and can be operated with one hand.

National Parks Annual Pass

Price: $80

Who knows, maybe they’ll take you with them.

Arc’teryx Elaho Shirt

Price: $99

You don’t have to be an outdoorsman to appreciate the quality and functionality of this shirt.

Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel Booties

Price: $89

Arctic explorers don’t have to be the only people with cozy feet.

SnoWander PoleClinometer Sticker

Price: $15

For backcountry riders, it’s the lightest and fastest slope meter for assessing avalanche threats.

Hand Warmers

Price: $21 (40 pair)

Everyone can use hand warmers.

Ruffwear Vert Jacket

Price: $80

Because pups deserve to be warm in the snow, too.

Lowa Renegade Evo Ice GTX Boot

Price: $225

The Gore-Tex membrane will keep out any snow and slush all winter long.

Flylow Maine Line Glove

Price: $65

Lobster claw-style gloves are far superior to both mittens and regular gloves.

Vermont Smoke and Cure Beef and Pork Sticks

Price: $34/18-pack

The ultimate portable snack always makes for a good gift.

Kuat Grip 4 Ski/Snowboard Rack

Price: $329

Save cargo space on group trips and get peace-of-mind since they’re fully locking.

Sweet Protection Grimnir II MIPS Helmet

Price: $350

Saving their dome on the slopes is the number one gift of all.

WESN TI Microblade

Price: $50

This knife is small enough to keep on a keychain.

Burton Covert Jacket

Price: $200

This jacket makes it easy to stay warm and look good on the slopes.

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

Price: $29

This classic multitool is a great addition to any stocking, or keychain for that matter.

Patagonia Woolie Chore Coat

Price: $199

There are chore coats and then there’s this recycled wool one from Patagonia.

Stasher Bags

Price: $10+

Non-toxic and reusable, these silicone food bags are a great way to gift green.

GU Hoppy Trails Energy Gel

Price: $30

For those tired of CLIF Bars and trail mix, try this energy gel that tastes like an IPA.

Kuju Coffee

Price: $22

One of the simplest paths to a good cup of joe wherever they trek.

Leatherman Free P2

Price: $120

The Leatherman Multitool is great to keep in a backpack or briefcase for whenever you might need it.

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Hiker Med Kit

Price: $15+

Being prepared is the first step to heading into the backcountry.

ClimbOn Ridiculous! Muscle Paste

Price: $25

Sore muscles, tendons and joints are no match for this pain reliever.

SOG Knives Twitch II

Price: $60

Knives are just about the coolest gift you can give, and this one from SOG is a solid addition to any EDC.

Work Sharp Angle Set Knife Sharpener

Price: $50

You can get the best knife, but if it doesn’t stay sharp then what’s the point?

Proof Nomad Pants

Price: $98

These are a great technical upgrade for your buddy that is still wearing jeans on weekend backpacking trips.

Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow

Price: $50

This pillow will be great to have on your next excursion that involves going airborne.

Red Clouds Collective Coffin Tool Roll

Price: $75

This waxed canvas tool roll with a zippered pouch is the perfect thing to hold a small collection of tools.

The James Brand Carter

Price: $139

The newest offering from one of the most exciting knife brands today is affordable, but has a VG-10 blade as well.

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Best Fitness Gifts

Aer Duffel Pack 2

Price: $170

A hybrid backpack that is just at home in the gym as it is in the office.

Adidas Ultraboost 19

Price: $120+

A superb all-around fitness sneaker for whatever their healthy habits are.

Nike Training Club

Price: $120/annually

For the yogis to the weightlifters and everyone in between.

Trigger Point Grid Vibe Plus Vibrating Foam Roller

Price: $75

What better gift to give than relaxed, pain-free muscles?

Hill City Train Half-Zip

Price: $88

The first trait of a fitness garment should be offering comfort.

Tangram Smart Rope

Price: $40

For those who like to work (out) smarter.

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

Price: $66

Being a better runner means knowing all your running data points.

Quad Lock Run Kit

Price: $60

This makes running with a smartphone as easy as possible.

Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

Price: $60

Tracking how much they drink helps with always staying properly hydrated.

Mighty Vibe

Price: $80

If they’re a Spotify Premium Subscriber, this is the ultimate running companion.

Miir 27 oz Water Bottle

Price: $20

Having a nice water bottle truly can make the difference between being hydrated or dehydrated.

Darn Tough Tab No Show Light Cushion Socks

Price: $16

These socks are half merino wool making them antibacterial and antimicrobial; that’s a great feature for socks they’ll be working out in.


Price: $21

Any person who has achieved the ever-elusive “gains” knows that protein shakes and smoothies are the name of the game, and the ShakeSphere make them easier and more flavorful than ever.

Osprey Daylight Waistpack

Price: $25

Make fun of it if you want, but fanny packs are great for taking on a run or going to the gym.

Perfect Fitness Pull-Up Bar

Price: $31

For when going to the gym just isn’t going to happen, it’s always nice to have the option to bust out a few pullups and call it a day.

Apex Adjustable Kettlebell

Price: $62

Complete their home workout routine with these adjustable kettlebells that range from 20 pounds all the way up to 50.

Manifest Butter Bike Bags

Price: $175

This hand-painted handlebar bag comes from three-time Olympian and two-time world champion cyclist Taylor Phinney

Momentous AbsoluteZero 100% Plant Protein

Price: $65

This potent protein powder is non-GMO, vegan and gluten free.

Crossrope Get Lean

Price: $88

Add some weight to your jump rope for a more rigorous at-home workout.

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Best Watch Gifts

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Auto

Price: $995

This Hamilton is a replica of the watch in the movie Interstellar.

Stowa Flieger Verus 40

Price: ~$640

A wonderfully minimal pilot’s watch.

Tudor Black Bay GMT

Price: $3,950

Beautiful, rugged and waterproof down to 200 meters.

Rolex Datejust 36

Price: $8,200

A classic that never goes out of style.

Baltic HMS001 Automatic Watch

Price: ~$366

Watches don’t get much more handsome than this.

Analog/Shift Watch Straps

Price: $75+

An instant upgrade to just about any watch.

TAG Heuer Monaco “Caliber 11”

Price: $5,900

A watch as elegant as the city it’s named after.

Seiko 5 Field Watch

Price: $76

Sometimes the best field watches are also the most paired down.

Swatch Sistem 51 Col-ora

Price: $150

It’s hard to beat something as classic as a Swatch.

Orient Kano Dive Watch

Price: $239

This dive watch from orient is tough enough to wear on the regular but affordable enough not to worry about banging around.

Timex Waterbury Traditional Automatic

Price: $249

For those who want a solid everyday wear with a beating mechanical heart.

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SRPD37

Price: $287

Because dress watches don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Polywatch Crystal Scratch Remover

Price: $8

Help to keep their watches looking as fresh as the day they got them.

Watch Repair for Beginners

Price: $13

Having a watch break isn’t fun, but learning how to fix it can be.

Crown & Buckle Keyring Spring Bar Tool

Price: $16

This handy tool lets you easily change your watch straps as often as you’d like.

A Man & His Watch

Price: $19

This book is beautiful enough for your coffee table, and the content will keep you interested.

Hub City Vintage Deluxe 5-Slot Watch Roll

Price: $45

A safe and reliable storage solution for a true watch collector will never go unused or unappreciated.

One Eleven SWII

Price: $71

Solar powered watches are great for keeping batteries out of landfills, and this one from One Eleven is beautifully minimal and quite inexpensive.

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Best Car Gifts

Hi-Lift Jack X-Treme

Price: $108

They’ll never go back to a regular jack again.

Sylvania 10″ LED Off-Road Lightbar

Price: $130

For when mere headlights just don’t cut it.

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

Price: $172+

Go play in the mud.


Price: $325

These making getting unstuck almost as much fun as getting stuck.

Trail Tech Voyager Pro

Price: $600

If they like going off the beaten path, this is the GPS for them.

Tire Rack Tire Garage

Price: $53

Get their winter or spare tires protected and organized.

Meguiar’s Essential All in One Car Care Kit

Price: $48

The best possible way to say “you need to wash your car”.

PowerSmith PWL2100TS LED Dual Head Work Light

Price: $130

Whatever they need to light up, light it up bright.

Workpro 408-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

Price: $183

Noo matter how many tools he has, he can always have more.

Suncast Tall Garage or Utility Storage Cabinet

Price: $199

Who doesn’t need extra storage?

Diptyque Car Diffuser Set

Price: $240

This is a major upgrade from a little tree you hang from the rear-view mirror.

Foval 200W Power Inverter 3-Prong Outlet

Price: $21

You never know when you’ll need to power something on the road, so this converter is a handy thing to keep in the glove box.

Ford GT40 11″ x 14″ Photograph

Price: $29

If you can’t buy a GT40, getting a beautiful framed photo of one is almost as good.

Eluto Waterproof / Scratch-Proof Car Cover

Price: $38

Anyone who loves their car knows the stress that comes with occasionally keeping it outside, but this car cover will help to keep it in good shape.

Pruveeo D30H Dash Cam

Price: $80

A dash cam is a great thing to have in case of an accident, and this one automatically records over old footage so that you can set it up and forget about it until you need it.

Dents Silverstone Touchscreen Leather Driving Gloves

Price: $90

It’s a shame that driving gloves fell out of vogue, because nothing makes you feel cooler than wearing a pair.

VicSeed Car Phone Mount

Price: $14

Most people use their phones for directions, and that’s much easier if the phone stays in the driver’s line of sight.

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Price: $8

This digital gauge is precise, easy to read and only eight bucks.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Price: $10

These bags absorb odor rather than perfuming an already bad-smelling car.

AmazonBasics Jumper Cable

Price: $22

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t have jumper cables. Everyone should have jumper cables.

Solar Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Price: $170

Take the guesswork out of parallel parking with this easy-to-install backup camera.

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Maximum Processor: 9th Generation Intel Core i9-9900K (8-Core, 16MB Cache)
Maximum Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB GDDR6
Maximum RAM: 64GB, 4x16GB, DDR4 2400MHz
Price: $2,000

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Apple Mac Pro

Despite ludicrous powerhouse specs, like 28 CPU cores, 1.5TB of RAM and a whole mess of GPUs, Apple’s newest Mac Pro is arguably a masterclass in restraint. Unlike the 2013 “trash can” design that saw fit to fix what wasn’t broken, Apple’s latest overkill computer harkens back to the modular, rectangular retro-chic form of the mid-2000s for an exceedingly good reason: it just works.

Maximum Storage Capacity: 4 TB
Shape: Rectangular
Maximum GPU: 2x Radeon Pro Vega II Duo + Afterburner accelerator card
Price: 5,999+

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It’s been more than a decade since Netflix kicked off the streaming age in earnest, and in that time, innumerable competitors have popped up to lay claim to your eyeballs. It’s into this crowded space that Disney+ is making its monumental landing. With an unparalleled archive including everything from all 30 seasons of The Simpsons to the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters, the promise of new content from juggernaut franchises like Star Wars, and a low $7-per-month price tag, it’s destined to be a game-changer the likes of which only a behemoth like Disney could deliver this late in the streaming wars.

Classic Properties: Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Walt Disney Classics
Supported Devices: iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and more
Upcoming Series: The Mandalorian, She-Hulk, Loki and more
Price: $7/mo.

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DJI Ronin-SC

The Ronin-SC, DJI’s latest stabilizing gimbal — born out of camera-mount tech used on its drones — is designed with the masses in mind. Made specifically to stabilize popular mirrorless cameras, it’s smaller and lighter than DJI’s older two-handed models, making it a better buy for photographers of all stripes. Add to that the ability to physically track a subject and remote control from your smartphone, and what you get is a pro-photography tool that’s more accessible to hobbyists than ever before. .

Gimbal Weight: 2.4 pounds
Maximum Payload: 4.4 pounds
Battery Life: 11 hours
Price: $439+

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Fujifilm GFX100

Big-picture medium-format cameras have largely been the purview of studio and landscape photographers who typically have the luxury of taking their time to carefully set up shots — and tens of thousands of dollars to spend on their kit. By pairing the creature comforts common to cheaper mirrorless cameras, with a luxurious medium-format sensor at a price that, while still astronomical, is significantly less than its competition. The Fujifilm GFX100 is making one of photography’s more exclusive formats available and practical for a new generation of shooters.

Viewfinder: OLED, 0.5-inch, 5.76 million dots
Number of Effective Pixels: 102 million
Video: 4K video at 30fps
Price: $10,000+

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Google Pixel 3a

Editor’s Pick

In a field of increasingly four figure phones, Google’s Pixel 3a is notable not just for its screamingly modest $400 price tag. This comfortably competent, pleasantly plastic midrange phone also includes a stunning, flagship worthy camera that punches way above its weight. The result? A phone that’s not only a terrific value, but that challenges the very notion that a top not camera is a premium feature, and argues that it is instead an absolute necessity.

Display: 5.6-inch, OLED, 1080 x 2220 pixels
Body: Plastic
Headphone Jack: Yessir
Price: $400

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Kindle Oasis

The Kindle has been the reigning king of e-readers for more than 10 years, but Amazon isn’t resting on its laurels. The 2019 model of its flagship Oasis reader is the latest — and maybe final — step in the brand’s quest to perfectly emulate paper. Its ability to delicately change the color temperature of the screen to easy-on-the-eyes shades of yellow is a small tweak to a winning formula, but one that may represent the end of a very ambitious journey.

Display: 7-inch touchscreen
Shades of Grey: 16
Waterproofing: IPX8
Price: $250+

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Oculus Quest

By the standards of its technological ancestors, the Oculus Quest feels like a pipe dream. The all-in-one headset is a perfect storm of features pilfered from impressive but flawed predecessors. Wireless design, heaps of horsepower, hand-tracking controllers. An astonishingly experience, tied up in a bow with a comparatively low $400 price point, the Quest represents a new, accessible path for VR that could live up to the hype the original Oculus Rift fell short of.

Display: LED, 1600 x 1440 pixels per eye
Connectivity: Wireless
PC: Not Required
Price: $399+

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Samsung Space Monitor

Monitors may be getting thinner, brighter and crisper but they’ll always take up space on your desk, whether you’re using them or not. Samsung wants to change that with its Space Monitor, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the beginning of the year. With its adjustable built-in arm stand, it can do more than be a beautiful 4K display — it can also get out of the way and give you back your precious desktop real estate when you need it.

Screen Size: 27-inch or 31.5-inch
Resolution: 4K UHD
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Price: $400+

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Sony a7R IV

Resolution or speed? Once, photographers were forced to choose between cameras with maximum autofocusing power and high frame-per-second shooting and ones with huge megapixel counts. The Sony a7R IV blows that dividing wall to pieces. With a 61-megapixel back-side-illuminated sensor, autofocus points covering 99.7% of the frame, and 10 frame-per-second shooting, it’s the best of both worlds. Sure, the menus are clunky and the video isn’t perfect, but the a7R series continues to redefine expectations as to what a camera can do.

Maximum Resolution: 9504 x 6336 pixels
Sensor Type: Full frame
Autofocus Points: 567
Price: $3,500

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Astell&Kern Kann Cube

While it might be adequate for podcasts, a smartphone can’t deliver quality, hi-fi-level audio. However, with its great built-in digital-to-analog converter and powerful headphone amp, the Astell&Kern KANN CUBE can power your nicest pair of cans. You’ll also need music, of course, and it has support for services like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music, along with the ability to play virtually any lossless codec imaginable. Topped off with fast USB-C charging, it’s virtually a full kit for the audiophile on the go.

Audio Playback: Native 32-bit/384 kHz
Supported Formats: WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE, ACC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF, MQA
Digital-to-Analog Converter: Dual ESS ES9038PRO SABRE DACs
Price: $1,499

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AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt

AudioQuest carved out a nice little niche in the hi-fi market, making high-quality USB digital-to-analog converters (DACs) for smartphones and laptops, but its latest portable powerhouse, the Cobalt, is poised to be a breakout hit. The highest performing DAC AudioQuest’s portable DragonFly series has delivered to date, it’s powerful enough to properly drive professional-grade headphones and monitors. It’s also power-efficient enough not to savagely sap your smartphone’s battery like its predecessors, making the Cobalt a small luxury actually worth considering.

Audio Resolution: Up to 24-bit/96kHz
Digital-to-Analog Converter: 32-bit ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Price: $300

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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Editor’s Pick

With its all-new system of eight noise-detecting microphones, the new Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 aren’t just the best ANC headphones out there and heir the throne of the legendary QuietComfort line. Their ability to isolate your voice and mute ambient noise can give you an almost magical ability to speak softly and achieve a sense of privacy while on the phone in a public place. It’s a truly innovative feature that fundamentally changes the way we use our tech.

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Charging Port: USB-C
Battery Life: Up to 20 hours
Price: $399

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Ikea Symfonisk WiFi Bookshelf Speaker

For years, Sonos has been the comfortable king of mid-range audio, but the Sonos x Ikea WiFi Symfonisk Bookshelf speaker is the company’s confident expansion of its domain. At a paltry $99 (available through Ikea exclusively), the still great-sounding speaker makes it almost too easy to enter the Sonos ecosystem, or extend its reach throughout your home. That it can double as an actual, literal bookshelf? That part is just gravy.

Availability: Exclusively through Ikea
Drivers: One tweeter; one mid-woofer
Maximum Load in Shelf Mode: 6.5 pounds
Price: $99

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Cambridge Audio Alva TT

Cambridge Audio has been in the high-end audio business for over half a century, but its latest turntable, the Alva TT, looks forward to the next 50 years. The first turntable with Bluetooth aptX HD streaming, it’s able to stream high-resolution vinyl tracks (up to 24-bit/48kHz) to any compatible wireless headphones, speakers or Bluetooth receiver for top-tier sound without all the wires. And if you’re feeling old school, you can still wire speakers directly to the Alva TT’s RCA connections.

Turntable: Direct drive
Cartridge Type: High-output moving coil
Bluetooth Codecs: SBC, aptX, aptX HD
Price: $1,700

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Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

The lines between genre, once codified and reinforced by the recording industry, are blurrier than every before. It only stands to reason the lines between instruments would follow. Fender’s American Acoustasonic Telecaster, with a body designed to merge the traditional characteristics of electric and acoustic guitars like never before, is a innovative tool for a new generation of guitarists looking to create new sounds as much as they replicate classic ones.

Wood: Mahogany neck, back and sides; solid A Sitka spruce top
Pickups: Under-saddle piezo; internal body sensor; N4 magnetic pickup
Controls: Master volume; “Mod” knob; 5-way switch
Price: $2,000

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JBL Link Bar

Soundbars can give your TV’s subpar sound quality a boost, but JBL’s Link Bar also upgrades your “dumb” TV to a smart one. Acting as a set-top box and a Google Home smart speaker, the Link gives you access to Netflix or YouTube and lets you control your TV with your voice. Even if your TV has built-in smarts, the Link is a one-step solution to clunky interfaces and infrequent upgrades, and one that can plug right into your next TV, too.

Drivers: Two 20mm tweeters, four 44x80mm racetrack drivers
Connectivity: Chromecast, Google Home, Bluetooth 4.2
TV Audio Out: HDMI Arc, Toslink optical
Price: $400

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McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable

All-in-one turntables make listening to vinyl easy and cheap, so it’s no wonder they’re in vogue. For high-end audio nerds, the lack of customization options is generally a significant downside, but not so with the McIntosh MTI100. Yes, it’s an all-in-one, but it features the company’s renowned high-end phono stage, tube preamplifier and class-D power amp. Add in MacIntosh’s signature black lacquer finish, large tactile knobs and lime-green glow, and the result is a form factor audiophiles like to scoff at elevated to a product of undeniable appeal.

Cartridge Type: Moving magnet
Stylus: Elliptical
Playback Speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm
Price: $6,500

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Schiit Ragnarok 2

Schiit Audio is a small California company that sells high-end audio components directly to consumers, resulting in superlative products that are surprisingly affordable. The company’s Ragnarok 2, a stereo integrated amplifier, is much more than the sum of its parts — but what makes it truly unique is its versatility. You can use it to power bookshelf loudspeakers and hi-fi headphones, or you can integrate it into a larger hi-fi system.

Power Output, Speaker Outputs: 60 watts RMS per channel (8 Ohms); 100 watts RMS per channel (4 Ohms)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz, -0.1db, 3Hz-350KHz, -3dB
Power Consumption: 500W maximum
Price: $1,499+

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Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

As soon as true wireless headphones hit the market, the dream has been to see noise-canceling versions and 2019 has proven to be the year they have arrived in force. Sony’s WF-100XM3s, with their mouthful of a name and virtually peerless ANC abilities, are not only some of the best buds you can put in your ears right now, but a triumphant victory for the relative underdog which has beaten Bose and its upcoming 2020-release ANC earbuds to the punch.

Battery: 6 hours per earbud; up to 24 hours of battery life total with ANC turned on (with case)
Charging Port: USB-C
Key Features: noise-canceling, adaptive sound control, Quick Attention, works with Google Assistant
Price: $230

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Adidas Terrex Free Hiker

As evidenced by the wave of Canada Goose jackets status-symboling down city streets these days, outdoor products and urban style trends continue to cross paths. At the confluence of function and fashion reside excellent items like the Adidas Terrex Free Hiker. This clever, sneaker-fied hiking shoe finds itself equally comfortable at both clubs and campsites. Active ingredients? Foot-hugging Primeknit uppers, energy-returning Boost foam soles and funky styling rarely seen on trails.

Weight: 13.5 ounces
Collaboration: Continental rubber outsole
Bonus: Waterproof Gore-Tex for an extra $50
Price: $200

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Firewire Woolight Seaside

For all the “connecting with nature” allure it touts, surfing’s dirty secret is that most wetsuits and boards feature materials derived from fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment. Case in point: petroleum-based fiberglass fabric makes up nearly every board’s outer shell. For the Woolight Seaside, Firewire replaced that material with wool sheared ethically from New Zealand sheep — introducing the surf world to a naturally occurring alternative to unsustainable fiberglass. 

Sizes Available: 5’2″ – 6’1″
Volumes Available: 26.5 – 46.5 liters
Fin Setup: Quad
Price: $840

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Gerber Compleat

The spork became a camp cutlery classic by uniting spoon and fork. But in doing so, sporks diminish the effectiveness of both utensils. The Compleat avoids this master-of-none trap; not only does it boast a separate spoon and fork, but also it has a dual-edge spatula (one edge serrated, the other rubberized) and a peeler-equipped tool that opens bottles, packages and cans. Slide the fork or spoon’s handle into the spatula for the coup de grâce: tongs.

Weight: 2.3 ounces
Materials: Heat-resistant nylon and anodized aluminum
Total Number of Implements: 8
Price: $30

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Igloo Recool

As the mega-cooler wars between Yeti and its imitators rage on, Igloo is taking a different approach. The Recool — an entirely recycled-material, biodegradable 16-quart cooler — provides an Earth-friendly alternative to those pervasive Styrofoam units found at every gas station. Sturdy and reusable, it keeps beer ice-cold all day long. While it might not replace the giant ice chest in your truck bed, it’s easily the best, most conscientious cheap cooler around.

Weight: 1.6 pounds
Material: Compostable recycled paper
Capacity: 16 quarts (or 20 12-ounce cans)
Price: $10

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Yamaha Adventure Pro powered by Magellan

The Adventure Pro is an advanced adventure tool that will help you explore further with your Yamaha. And you can share your experiences with friends and family along the way, too, thanks to its social media integration. The Adventure Pro also features GPS mapping and navigation, as well as online adventure planning — making it even easier to share your latest journey. Buy Now: $749+

Leatherman Free P2

Like its predecessors, the P2 is a plier-centric implement with handy functions that swivel out of its handles. The difference? Internal magnets allow the Free P2 — and its big brother, the P4, which adds saw and serrated-knife blades — to stay closed until the magnets are disengaged with a firm flick of the thumb, at which point the handles butterfly open without friction and lock with a satisfying click. The internal tools swivel open by pushing on tiny nubs, instead of wedging fingernails into annoying little knicks. The result? You can deploy every single tool using one hand.

Weight: 7.6 ounces
Knife Blade Length: 2.76 inches
Number of Tools: 19
Price: $120

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Nemo Equipment Roamer

Sleeping pads keep shrinking, with the slimmest ones now packing down to the size of a soup can. But does smaller + lighter = better? Nemo says no with the Roamer, which addresses a camping reality: most of us make basecamp near our vehicles, so why not bring the most luxurious pad available? This pad self-inflates, is available in two sizes and is still lighter and comfier than the blow-up air mattress you might otherwise stuff into a tent. Sweet dreams.

Material: 50-denier stretch fabric, polyester top
Weight: 5 pounds, 3 ounces
Lets You Sleep Like: The happiest baby ever
Price: $210+

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Salomon S/Lab Ultra 2

The first iteration of the S/Lab Ultra was widely available, but Salomon really made it for one person: world-class ultra-runner François D’Haene, who used it to win 50-plus-mile races (and set the speed record on the 211-mile John Muir Trail). Salomon has since gone slightly more egalitarian, releasing this pared-down design with a lighter yet more durable upper. Nonetheless, the streamlined profile, close fit and all-terrain tread remain, making this version the ultimate trail running shoe.

Weight: 10 ounces
Drop: 8mm
Waterproofing: None
Price: $180

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Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert

Editor’s Pick

A few years ago, early electric mountain bikes promised to revolutionize the sport. But that promise was overblown, because …well, they sucked. Specialized’s new Turbo Kenevo Expert leads the charge of the third generation of E-MTBs — the first ones that don’t. It’s designed to rip down hills and climb up them again with equal aplomb. Like a Leatherman, it can do things you probably never will, but it’s cool to think you might.

Frame: M5 premium aluminum
Battery: 700 watt-hours
Travel: 180mm (7.1 inches)
Price: $8,225

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The James Brand Hell Gap

When you can buy a knife at the hardware store for $20, why would you spend $300 on a fixed blade you intend to prep a campfire meal with? Simple. Because a cheap knife won’t last. But the Hell Gap, with its purebred Crucible S35VN, micarta construction and timeless good looks, will. Plus, its distinctly non-tactical dress and reasonable size make it a joy to deploy at home, too.

Weight: 3.1 ounces
Length: 7.8 inches
Blade: 3.8-inch drop-point full-tang
Price: $299

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The North Face A-Cad FutureLight Jacket

To create an ultra-breathable jacket, The North Face harnessed a process called nanospinning (a.k.a. electrospinning), in which liquid polyurethane is extruded through more than 200,000 microscopic nozzles into impossibly thin threads. Those threads are overlaid atop each other to create a lattice with thousands of gaps too small for water to penetrate, yet big enough to promote airflow. Laminate that membrane to fabric, and voilà: a truly waterproof-breathable snowboarding jacket like the A-Cad. Or a running jacket. Or the perfect mountaineering shell. With FutureLight, they’re all better equipped to handle the rigors — and weather — of outdoor sports.

Materials: 100% recycled polyester with brushed tricot backer and DWR finish
Weight: 2 pounds, 1 ounce (size medium)
Ideal Use Conditions: Whatever comes your way
Price: $599

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Allied Cycle Works Able

Allied Cycle Works sought to build something that maintained the feel of a road bike while possessing “the ability to take on much rougher terrain,” according to Sam Pickman, Allied’s director of product and engineering turned CEO. That might sound like the pitch for any gravel bike — and the Able sits near the middle of the increasingly crowded spectrum between road and mountain bikes. Yet with an innovative design that includes a raised chainstay, it’s uncommonly capable going off-road, despite its drop bars and lack of shocks.
Frame Weight: 3.75 pounds
Bike Weight: 17.85 – 18.96 pounds
Production: Made in Arkansas
Price: $5,499

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Care/of Protein

Protein shakes are the quickest route to post- workout muscle recovery, but finding a clean protein source you love isn’t easy. Among the plethora of powders that launch each year, Care/of is a clear winner. A five-minute quiz personalizes the protein you need based on your workouts and goals — and pea, pumpkin seed and hemp- or whey protein isolate-based powder arrives within roughly a week. Mix with milk, almond milk or water and feel the fuel go to work. ­

Quantity: 18 grams of protein per serving
Flavors: Vanilla, chocolate, unflavored
Personal Touch: Literally has your name on it
Price: $28/15-serving tub; $15/5-serving packets

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Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

Yes, it has a traditional power supply too, but the ridiculously long battery life of 21 days in smartwatch mode extends to an even more ridiculous 24 days when your watch sunbathes. The vast majority of the juice comes from what resembles a simple design accent — a thin strip around the inside edge of the bezel. The Fenix 6X Pro Solar also comes preloaded with topographic and ski maps for more than 2,000 resorts and 41,000 golf courses around the world — just in case you need another excuse to hang out in the sun.

Bezel Material: Titanium
Water Rating: 10 ATM (good for everything but scuba diving)
Battery Life in GPS + Music Mode: Up to 16 hours
Price: $1,000+

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Hoka One One Carbon X

Editor’s Pick

Studies show lighter shoes can mean faster times, and at under nine ounces, the Carbon X is considerably lighter than your normal everyday training shoe, while still delivering that all-important stable ride. And the beauty of the Carbon X is that it isn’t designed for elites on race day; it’s an all-inclusive, everyday shoe that’s bouncy and fun and probably the brand’s best iteration of rocker tech yet. It just might be the most democratic high-performance running shoe ever made.

Heel-Toe Drop: 5mm
Weight: 8.7 ounces
Use Case: Road running and racing
Price: $180

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Hyperice Hypersphere Mini

Vibration therapy has taken over the recovery space, and this whimsical wonder will make you a believer. It’s small enough to toss into your gym bag or carry-on (yes, it’s TSA-approved), yet plenty effective: just 30 seconds of use will have you feeling the benefits of myofascial release. Grappling with plantar fasciitis, tight hip flexors, lower-back issues or sore pectorals? Three levels of pulsation ensure you’ll find the right degree of tension-relieving vibration for every muscle group. Smaller and yet more powerful than a traditional foam roller, the Mini will soon be your new go-to for everything from a foot roll-out to a deep-tissue total-body massage.

Diameter: 3.9 inches
Exterior: Silicone blended with a dense shell
Battery Life: Over 2 hours per charge
Price: $99

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Jaybird Vista

Jaybird’s Vista earbuds are lighter and smaller than comparable wireless sport headphones, and they have a superior IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning they can withstand submersion in up to three feet of water. Three sizes of rubber inserts mean the Vistas cling inside the ear in a way that helps block outside noise, and the Jaybird app has a nifty feature that lets you customize the equalizer. But what cements the Vista’s case is, well, the Vista’s case. It’s tiny, so you can easily carry it in your pocket without it becoming obtrusive, even when exercising.

Driver Size: 6mm
Weight: 6 grams each
Fast Charge: 1 hour of playback after 5 minutes
Price: $180

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On Running Weather Vest

Getting a running vest right is a tricky proposition. They can often be too bulky, awkwardly pocketed or just not warm enough. Then there’s this lightweight, streamlined gem. Its blend of thin yet insulating fabric suits crisp fall days, but it can also slip under or over another layer in winter. A water-repellent front protects you from spring showers, and the vented back spares you the wrath of the summer sun. Yes, Goldilocks, it’s just right — all year long.

Weight: 2.98 ounces
Key Material: Ultra-light Japanese stretch fabric
Storage: Waterproof pockets on chest and back
Price: $140

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Reebok Nano 9

Reebok makes a point of ruling CrossFit, and its latest signature sneaker shows the brand at its best. The Nano 9 boasts ample breathability and cushioning, plus burly protective wraps that stabilize your feet for explosive lifts. A two-piece outsole encourages heel-to-toe movement, making it more run-friendly than earlier iterations. Those features add up to a shoe that craves punishing routines — an ideal scenario when you’re busting your 50th burpee of the day. 

Key Material: Flexweave upper
Use Case: CrossFit WODs and HIIT workouts
Variety: Available in 21 colorways
Price: $130

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Watch former British track champ Rick Beardsell show off his revolutionary shaker bottle on QVC and you may raise an eyebrow. Can this simple, capsule-shaped tumbler with no internal corners really use centrifugal force to purée fruit, skirting the hassle and mess of blending? But toss some bananas, powdered peanut butter, milk and whey protein into the mix — and be wowed by how the ShakeSphere makes post-workout recovery easier and tastier than ever. 

Material: BPA-free plastic
Capacity: 700 milliliters
Shake Time: 60 seconds or less
Price: $20

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Velocio Concept Bib Short

More than anything, the everyday rider’s cycling apparel should be comfortable — aerodynamically close-fitting, yes, but comfy above all. It often comes down to the chamois, the oh-so-critical protective bit of padding that sits where rider meets saddle. Velocio’s new approach involves the use of high-density foam and anti-vibration inserts integrated into the bib, enabling it to “float,” which minimizes seams and chafing. The result: quite possibly the most luxurious cycling shorts you’ll ever wear.

Composition: 70% polyamide, 30% elastene
Breathability: Laser-cut perforated ventilation
Production: Made in Italy
Price: $289

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Audi E-Tron

Competition in the electric vehicle world is heating up, and it was Audi that delivered the first EV with a truly premium experience and high-end build quality, even if the E-Tron’s 204-mile range doesn’t compete with EVs from other makers (like Tesla and Jaguar). Still, the crossover is exceptionally well-engineered, delivering its own brand of sporty performance. It moves the ball forward — for customers, for parent company VW and for the world we live in.

Powertrain: Dual asynchronous electric motors; all-wheel-drive
Horsepower: 402
Torque: 490 lb-ft
Price: $74,800+

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Bentley Continental GT V8

When a car costs as much as a house, it has to work hard to justify its price tag. The Bentley Continental GT makes the job look easy. Slide into the leather-laden cabin, fire up the twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine, and the Conti takes off like a shot, hitting 60 miles per hour just four seconds into its run up to 198 mph (all while weighing two and a half tons with you onboard).

Powertrain: Twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8; eight-speed dual-clutch automatic; all-wheel-drive
Horsepower: 542
Torque: 568 lb-ft
Price: $198,500+

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[embedded content]

Bird One

Shared electric scooters lead hard lives — which means good companies build them tough. Bird’s first conveyance built for purchase, the One, has tubeless wheels to prevent flats and a steel-reinforced aluminum chassis that’s four times tougher than its shared brethren. GPS and Bluetooth connectivity lets you use your phone to lock and track your scooter. Plus, you can score deals on Bird’s network of public scooters when you’re away from your personal wheels.

Range: 30 miles on a charge
Charging Time: 4–6 hours
Top Speed: 18 mph
Price: $1,300

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Indian FTR 1200

Indian’s FTR 1200, its first all-new bike in half a decade, may be based off the brand’s modern FTR750 racer, but it draws the most inspiration from the Minnesota company’s rich history in flat track racing. A clean-sheet design meant engineers could start from scratch, and they optimized airflow into the potent V-twin by placing the airbox directly above the engine where the fuel tank would go. The effect? A lower center of gravity for superior agility.

Powertrain: 1203cc V-twin
Horsepower: 123
Torque: 87 lb-ft
Price: $13,499+

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Jeep Gladiator

Editor’s Pick

Americans love pickup trucks, and Americans love Jeep Wranglers. So rather than attempt to build a new truck from the ground up, Jeep’s product planners and engineers chose to keep it simple, taking the four-door Wrangler — specifically, the all-new, more-refined JL generation — stretching out the wheelbase and affixing a metal box to the end of it. You can snag a well-equipped one for around $45,000; onsidering you’re scoring an off-roader, a five-seat family car, a convertible and a pickup truck in one for that price, it’s hard to see that as anything but the deal of the year.

Powertrain: 3.6-liter V6 or 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6; six-speed manual transmission; four-wheel-drive
Horsepower: 285 (gasoline); 260 (diesel
Torque: 260 (gasoline), 440 (diesel)
Price: $33,545+

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Mercedes-AMG G63

New versions of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class come around less frequently than new popes. So when this year’s Gelandewagen arrived, it did so with roughly as much fanfare. For all the commotion, it takes a keen eye to tell the new “G-Wagen” from the old, at least from the outside; no such trouble occurs once you open the door, as the new G-Class finally boasts an interior worthy of a six-figure price tag. The AMG-tuned G63 version also cracks off mind-bending acceleration times without sacrificing the off-road ability that lets the G-Class be mentioned in the same breath as Land Rover and Jeep.

Powertrain: 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8; nine-speed automatic; four-wheel-drive
Horsepower: 577
Torque: 627 lb-ft
Price: $147,500+

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Porsche 911 Carrera S and 4S

Today’s 911 is many things the original was not. The cabin is decidedly high-tech, replete with touchscreens and a toggle-switch shifter. The extra-wide rear houses a turbocharged version of the traditional flat-six, mated to a new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. (Porsche even says a hybrid 911 is in the works.) Change is the only constant here — well, that and round headlights. Perhaps that’s why every new version of the 911 keeps Porsche at the head of the sports car pack.

Powertrain: Twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter flat-six; eight-speed dual-clutch automatic; rear- or all-wheel-drive
Horsepower: 443
Torque: 390 lb-ft
Price: $113,300+

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Ram 2500 and 3500

Heavy-duty pickups have become big business but maximum capability is only half the equation; today’s buyers want the same comforts they’ve gotten used to in other vehicles. In top-trim form, both the 2500 and 3500 are as tech-packed and comfortable as a luxury sedan. That’s not to say they can’t pull weight: the giant Ram 3500 cranks out 1,000 pound-feet of torque, giving it enough towing capacity to pull a small herd of elephants.

Powertrain: 6.4-liter V8 or 6.7-liter turbodiesel inline-six; six- or eight-speed automatic transmission; two- or four-wheel-drive
Horsepower: 410 (gas), 370–410 (diesel)
Torque: 429 lb-ft (gas), 850–1,000 lb-ft (diesel)
Price: $33,645+

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Toyota GR Supra

Building a sports car is an expensive proposition, especially if you want it to be good. To create the fifth-generation Supra, Toyota got by like Ringo Star, with a little help from its friends: the folks at BMW. The spec sheet may have far more in common with the rides of the Bavarian Motor Works than with anything alongside it in the Toyota showroom, but that’s a feature, not a bug. With the fifth-generation Supra, Toyota chose not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good — and it delivered a great car as a result.

Powertrain: 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six; eight-speed automatic; rear-wheel-drive
Horsepower: 335
Torque: 365 pound-feet
Price: $49,990+

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Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle

When an electric bike promises cost savings, environmental friendliness and one-of-a-kind thrills, you pay attention. Zero Motorcycles has been at this game for 13 years, outlasting fly-by-night competitors and even impacting Harley-Davidson, which just rolled out its first electric model, the LiveWire. The Zero SR/F flies contrary to the hallmarks of classic motorcycling: there’s no engine to purr, no gears to shift, no neutral to pop it into at a light. But any doubts whoosh away the moment you twist the throttle; try going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds. Green means go, baby.

Range: 161 miles in town; 99 on the highway at 55 mph; 82 on the highway at 70 mph
Horsepower: 110
Torque: 140 lb-ft
Price: $18,995+

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Aesop Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk

Aesop’s newest cleanser is gentle enough for dry skin and frequent face washers, but it was designed for tough tasks, too. It can remove a day’s grime, a post-workout sheen or a layer of makeup. This makes it ideal for active lifestyles, all skin types and for countertop-sharing with your significant other. Best of all, it nourishes skin while
it cleanses, thanks to the hydrating and soothing powers of panthenol and grape seed oil.

Texture: Non-foaming
Dosage: Half a teaspoon
Fragrance: Mild, woody, herbaceous
Price: 35

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GilletteLabs Heated Razor

If heat is so crucial to a clean, effective shave, why doesn’t it play a more centralized role throughout the entire shaving ritual, rather than just the prelude? It’s a question that informed the first release from Gillette’s in-house innovation division, GilletteLabs, which combines technology and luxury to upgrade standard grooming routines (like the everyday shave). Its answer: the market’s first chargeable, heated razor, which posits mid-shave warmth is as important to a smooth shave as the warm-up.

Temperatures: 109°F, 122°F
Battery Life: 6 shaves
Cost of Razor Cartridges: $25 (for 4)
Price: $200

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Watch Now: The 10 Best Style Products of 2019

[embedded content]

Givenchy Gentleman Cologne

For the third consecutive year, Givenchy released a fresh take on its classic Gentleman scent from the 1970s. The latest in the trio is an iris-infused citrusy fragrance that aims for subtlety over extravagance. Its opening notes wear lightly, while a satisfying trail of ambroxan and musk lingers longer. Pick it not to turn heads; that distinction goes to 2017’s black-label Gentleman. Instead, wear the new iteration to satisfy your own senses, or those of anyone who’s nuzzling your neck.

Size: 3.4 ounces
Notes: Citrus, iris, vetiver, musk
Original Release: 1974
Price: $88

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KC Jacks

KC Jacks started when Eric Edwards, the owner of Kansas City clothing store E. Edwards Work Wear, reached out to Ryan Martin about creating a new brand of American-made workwear. Martin, the founder of cult-favorite denim brand W.H. Ranch Dungarees, saw it as an opportunity to refine a range of hard-wearing wardrobe essentials like t-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts. So he set to work bringing the collection to life, focusing on Californian manufacturing, domestic materials and good-looking, functional designs.

Knits: Heavyweight Texas cotton
Jeans: 14-ounce bull denim
Production: Made in Los Angeles
Price: $16 – $60

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Levi’s Wellthread x Outerknown Western Shirt

Editor’s Pick

Since 2017, Wellthread’s discoveries have been featured in cobranded collections with California wardrobe essentials brand Outerknown. And the most recent season, released for fall, included an unprecedented version of the classic Levi’s Barstow Western shirt. Available in olive moleskin and indigo ikat, the shirts are made entirely of cotton — that includes the fabric, thread, label and even the buttons. This means they have the greatest potential to be recycled in the future.

SPEC: 100% cotton
SPEC: Olive moleskin and indigo ikat
Price: $128

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Montblanc x Bape Document Case

When the worlds of fashion and streetwear collide, the results can be striking. Take, for instance, the document case from Montblanc and Bape, which sees the German atelier’s sleek Sa ano leather briefcase emblazoned with Bape’s cult-favorite camo print. Similar to the 2017 collaboration between New York-based Supreme and Parisian luxury house Louis Vuitton, this piece combines the street cred of a much-loved Japanese label with the prestige and craftsmanship of a revered brand.

Material: Saffiano leather
Closure: Dual-zipper
Release Date: June 29
Price: $995

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Tiffany & Co. Men’s Collections

Under the direction of chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff, Tiffany & Co. now offers full-fledged collections of jewelry, accessories and homewares dedicated to men. The men’s line is divided in two: the Tiffany 1837 Makers and Diamond Point collections. The two collections, Krakoff says, are for men with a less-is-more attitude, who seek heirlooms that don’t play into trends. “I would call them modern classics-to-be,” he says.

Number of Pieces: Approximately 100
Metals: Silver, gold
Vibe: Understated elegance
Price: $60 – $75,000

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Viberg Chelsea Sneaker

Viberg’s boots have been the gold standard for over 85 years, but the brand has a new target. After five years of examining shoes by Nike and Jordan Brand, the Canadian boot maker has expanded its in-house o erings to include sneakers. Viberg’s Chelsea Sneaker merges a traditional wholecut upper with a street-friendly sole, and it’s executed with the same attention to detail and premium materials as the brand’s famous work boots.

Material: Italian suede cowhide
Sole: Vibram Fuga
SConstruction: Cemented
Price: $470

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Veilance Rhomb Jacket

Veilance, the Arc’teryx offshoot designed for city dwellers, recently con- centrated its minimalist design aesthetic on warmer climes. The brand’s lightweight Rhomb jacket uses Gore-Tex with Shakedry technology to remain waterproof and highly breathable, thus utilizing the technical features of performance jackets without conspicuous colors or slope-focused designs. It’s developed for hot and humid urban wear, and it packs into a small internal storage pocket when not in use.

Material: Gore-Tex with Shakedry
Construction: Taped seams
Notable Features: Two open hand pockets and one internal pocket
Price: $650

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Warby Parker x Geoff McFetridge Sunglasses

Warby Parker is no stranger to collaborations, and its collection with LA artist Geoff McFetridge might be its best yet. The oversized sunglasses — available in either rounded or rectangular styles — are based on vintage frames owned by McFetridge. They’re made from thick acetate and feature double-rivet details, sculpt- ed curves and scratch-resistant lenses. Available in two colors per silhouette, these shades deliver vintage style without the vintage sticker shock — each pair costs less than a C-note.

Materials: Cellulose acetate frame, scratch-resistant lenses
Styles: Edgemont, Atwater
Colors: Two per style
Price: $95

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Burrow Nomad Collection

The couches in Burrow’s updated Nomad collection are what happens when a company listens to its customers. Since the brand launched in 2017, consumers have wanted the option of lower armrests for more comfortable napping. They’ve also asked for a sturdier USB charging port built into the base, a chaise and — here comes the big one — leather. So Burrow responded in kind by giving them all of the above. How’s that for customer service?

Material Options: Leather or upholstery
Sizes: Club chair to sectional sofa
Assembly: Approximately 20 minutes
Price: $995+

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Casper Glow Light

The year’s best sleep accessory was designed to wake you up. The Casper Glow syncs with users’ sleep schedules — it dims as you doze off and gradually lights up in the morning — but its true calling card is the ability to function as a motion-controlled flashlight away from the nightstand. With long battery life and variable brightness levels, it also functions as an mood light for reading or “Netflix and chill” in the other room.

Color Temperature: 2,700 Kelvin (warm)
Shell Material: Polycarbonate
Battery Life: 7 hours per charge
Price: $89 (single), $169 (pair)

Dosist Dose Dial

Dosist’s sublingual mint tablets aren’t like other edibles. They’re not gummies or confectionary. They don’t taste good. And they don’t get you stoned — which is kind of the point. Each one carries a small, controlled, predictable dose of cannabinoids, which gets you just the right amount of high, every time. Sublingual consumption also means you don’t have to wait an hour and a half for one to kick in.

Measured: 3.7mg of cannabinoids per mint
Tablets: 30 per Dial
Available: California
Price: $30

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Elemental Beverage Co. Snapchilled Coffee

Even the best coffee go bad, and the culprit is always the same: oxygen. Elemental Beverage Co., makers of a new range of shelf-stable coffees that come in cans and bottles, get around the problem with a proprietary technique called “snapchilling” that cools hot coffee fast enough to ensure the beans’ original flavors aren’t destroyed by oxidation. Even the snarkiest of coffee snobs in your circle will be impressed.

$30 (6-pack)
Single Origins: Burundi, Ethiopia, Colombia
Shelf-Stable: Stays fresh 4 to 6 months
Available: Online
Price: $30 (6-pack)

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Ikea Fyrtur

Smart blinds have always been a tough sell, but not because it wouldn’t be nice to ask Siri, Alexa or Google to let in the light every morning before leaving bed. Starting at $129, Ikea’s new battery-powered blinds require no electrical installation and can be controlled independently or as a group — meaning users can ask their virtual assistant to simultaneously raise or lower blinds in different rooms. The blinds are another example of what the 76-year-old company has always excelled at — popularizing the unapproachable. From designer chairs to niche gastronomy, its new smart blinds are no different.

Designer: David Wahl
Sizes: 8
Availability: Only sold at Ikea stores
Price: $129+

Kramer Shokunin Series

Only Bob Kramer could make a $1,600 knife seem like a steal. From his Bellingham, Washington, workshop, Kramer, widely regarded as America’s greatest living bladesmith, makes knives from scratch using custom-made steels, precious metals and artful handworked designs. His new Shokunin series, meanwhile, features kitchen knives made for more people. Available with fixed prices starting in the mid-$1000s, the knives are released in batches that feature different blade styles; so far, he’s released a nakiri vegetable knife, a santoku and a chef’s knife. To be clear, these are still Kramer knives, and they include many of his trademarks — wide bevels worked paper-thin at the edge, heavier-than-normal weight and incredibly high-hardness carbon steel.

Featherweight: 7.5 ounces
Tough: 62 Rockwell hardness score
Sick Handles: Cocobolo bamboo or blackwood handle available
Price: $1,600+

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Editor’s Pick

It can be tempting to write Sunday off as an organic lawn-care subscription box, but the company’s considered, data-driven take on lawn care presents a genuinely new way to care for a backyard. When a customer signs up for Sunday, they receive a kit to take a soil sample. From there, Sunday tests the contents of the soil to determine what vital nutrients might be missing and needed to better promote the health of the grass. Customers then receive products — which are comprised of materials like organic food waste from grocery stores and seaweed — that are meant to fill in the gaps. For $150 a year, the startup sends customers regular intervals of completely bespoke natural lawn-care products via mail.

Consistent: Three shipments a year
Location sensitive: Uses GPS data to assess sunlight deficiencies
Clean: No glyphosate used in any product
Price: $129+

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ThermoWorks Thermapen IR

Thermapen has long been the first-choice instant-read thermometer for chefs and pitmasters of all stripes and skill levels. It’s faster and more accurate than its competitors; plus, the digital display rotates automatically for easy reading. And though it was already the best kitchen thermometer money could buy, ThermoWorks upgraded the design with a pro-grade infrared sensor. Use it to track heat levels in all the places you’d rather not put your hands — like a cast-iron skillet.

Margin of Error: Accurate to 1 degree Fahrenheit
Efficiency: Temperature reading in 2 to 3 seconds
Probe Length: 4.3 inches
Price: $139

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Vipp Furniture Collection

Vipp’s new furniture lineup feels immediately Scandinavian. Its industrial appearance lends itself well to the sharp, minimalist lines you’d expect from a Danish designer while still highlighting natural materials, offering up a deeply cutting-edge take on a familiar genre of interior design. While other high-end furniture makers employ similar techniques, it’s Vipps uncanny ability to draw a cohesive conceptual line between an 80-year-old trash can and luxe modern furniture that makes this one of the best home-design releases of the year.

Selection: Sofas, chairs, coffee table
Materials: Powder-coated aluminum, upholstery and leather
Available: Online
Price: $950+

Wyze Bulbs

Not everyone wants to drop $50 on a single smart bulb. Thanks to Wyze, which burst onto the scene last year with a $20 smart security camera, connected lighting can be had for about the cost of a six-pack. The Wyze Bulb undercuts offerings from Philips Hue and Lifx with an $8 dimmable LED bulb that’s compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. No hub required.

Life Expectancy: 20,000 hours
Color Temperature Range: 2,700 – 6,500 Kelvin
Lumens: 800 (60 watts)
Price: $8

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Allagash River Trip

Allagash’s River Trip is an entirely crushable 4.8 percent ABV, 170-calorie ale packed into a 16-ounce can. It furthers what Allagash has been doing for decades now — effectively integrating the best parts of American craft beer into traditional Belgian beer styles — and, by way of a thoughtful mix of some of the biggest trends in beer, River Trip has more than earned its spot on the shelf.

ABV: 4.8%
Hops: Nugget, Cascade, Comet and Azacca
Grains: Local pale malt, local raw quick oats, 2-row base malt blend and Munich malt
Price: $12 for a 4-pack

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Dims. Barbican Trolley

When Dims. launched early in 2019, it did so with a modest four-piece collection. Included alongside a solid-wood coffee table, a desk and a steel side table was the breakout hit: the Barbican Trolly. This bar cart is designed by New York-based industrial design studio Visibility and made from steel and ash wood.

The studio, which has had plenty of success on its own (Forbes’s “30 Under 30” list, Wallpaper* Design Award, Fast Co. Innovation by Design Award), describes the Barbican as “an architectural take on the bar cart.” It’s easy to see where they’re coming from: the ash-wood handle seamlessly extends from the top shelf like a cantilever, while the bottom tier’s retaining wall opens it up to far more possibilities than just beverage duty.

Colors: Green, black, white
Assembly: Zilch
Uses: Bar cart, trolley, rolling table, serving tray, etc.
Price: $350

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[embedded content]

The Finnish Long Drink

The Finnish long drink — a carbonated, gin-based, grapefruit-forward alcoholic soda — doesn’t fit into any category of American booze. It’s not a spiked seltzer, and its founders say it’s not a canned cocktail, either. And it’s not particularly new; the lonkero, as it’s called in Finland, was invented by the Finnish government to satisfy tourists during the Summer Olympic Games in 1952, and thanks to the four friends behind the Long Drink Company, it’s now available stateside. Their canned version goes down like a cold Fresca, without the syrupy aftertaste. Pour over ice.

ABV: 5.5%
Distribution: Available online
Calories: 180
Price: $16 (6-pack)

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Four Roses Small Batch Select

Editor’s Pick

The new Four Roses Small Batch Select is a blend of six recipes (different combinations of mashbills and yeast strains), each aged for at least six years, including the four recipes that showed up in Master Distiller Brent Elliot’s one-off, the 130th Anniversary Small Batch, which took home the title of “World’s Best Bourbon” in the 2019 World Whiskies Awards.

Small Batch Select is Elliot through and through; since taking up his role, he’s been releasing blends with some of the lesser-known recipes, like those made with their more herbal yeast. Also of note: Small Batch Select is the most premium Four Roses to ever see wide release. It’s the highest-priced booze of the permanent collection and, in a nod to current trends, it weighs in at the highest proof. And the company elected to skip the chill-filtration process, giving the whiskey a thicker, more oily mouthfeel. Previously, you could only find non-chill-filtered Four Roses at this proof if you were able to get your hands on the annually released Four Roses Limited Editions.

All Natural: Non-chill-filtered
Proof: 104
Serve: Neat, with a few drops of water
Price: $55

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George Dickel Bottled-in-Bond

The exclusion of a whopping 13-year age statement on this bottle was either the best or worst branding decision in whiskey this year. Old whiskey sells, especially as age statements have become rarer and rarer. Perhaps the people behind this ludicrously priced $36 bottle of Bottled-in-Bond whiskey wanted to keep it a secret unto themselves; if not for the words “Distilling Season – Fall 2005” scrawled vertically on the label, they might have pulled it off.

Proof: 100
Age: 13 years
Mashbill: 84% corn, 8% rye, 8% malted barley
Price: $36

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California startup Haus may very well be the first direct-to-consumer booze brand in the U.S. Its aperitif-like expressions, sold exclusively online, use grapes like wine and clock in under 24% ABV; that means Haus can bypass most states’ mandated three-tier distribution system, comprised of producers, distributors and retailers. The brand’s first offering, Citrus Flower, blends unoaked Chardonnay with lemon, cane sugar, hibiscus, grapefruit, elderflower and cinnamon for a low-sugar answer to the Aperol craze of yesteryear.

Clean: No additives, preservations, coloring or concentrates
Versatile: Mix with Prosecco, club soda or fruit juice
ABV: 15% ABV
Price: $70 (for two bottles)

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Legent (pronounced lee-jent) begins as straight Kentucky whiskey, produced and aged for four years at Jim Beam’s Clermont, Kentucky, distillery. A portion is then finished in sherry barrels, another portion in red-wine barrels, and then Noe tosses the keys to Fukuyo, who blends the now three whiskeys to merge styles from opposite sides of the world into one neat, 94-proof package. “Blended” used to be a dirty word for Kentucky bourbon. Not anymore.

Flexible: High enough proof to mix, low enough for easy sipping
Boundary-pushing: Finished in sherry and red wine casks
Available: Everywhere
Price: $35

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Old Forester Rye

Available year-round across the country, Old Forester’s entry-level, 100-proof rye is something of a whiskey chameleon: it’s rich enough to sip neat or with a splash of water; strong enough to stand up in a Manhattan; and cheap enough to serve as a house whiskey. It’s got staying power, so consider it up there with bottom-shelf greats like Wild Turkey 101 and Evan Williams Black.

Proof: 100
Age: No age statement
Availability: National distribution
Price: $23

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Riedel Drink Specific Glassware

Riedel consulted with bar consultant Zane Harris for the first series of cocktail glasses to give ice the attention it deserves in mixology. The six shapes — Rocks, Highball, Sour, Nick & Nora, Fizz, Neat — are sized to factor in liquid displacement (or the lack of it) from your choice of ice, elevating your cocktail game without any effort. There’s a matching mixing glass ($60) and spirits decanter ($149) for completionists.

Material: Crystal
Sold in: Sets of two
Care: Dishwasher safe
Price: $30 (set)

Shacksbury Shorts

Don’t let the smirking, animated giraffe fool you — Shackbury Shorts is not a cutesy cash grab. Though the hard seltzer finds itself lined up against Goliaths like White Claw, it may very well be the sleeper champion of 2019’s hard-seltzer war. The Vermont cidery’s take on the biggest new category in booze is made with a New England apple cider base, featuring a touch of citrusy botanicals for complexity. It’s light and bright, with a champagne-like aftertaste. In short, it makes other hard seltzers taste like savourless sugar bombs.

ABV: 4.5%
Calories: 70
Cider base: Mac, Empire, Gala, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious Apples
Price: $8 – $10


AeroPress Go

The AeroPress was a revolutionary design, allowing one to brew delicious coffee on the go without much of the accoutrement typically used at home. However, AeroPress inventor Alan Adler knew it could be more portable, and to that end he designed a more compact version for the die-hard traveller. The AeroPress Go retains the concept and mechanics of the original system but folds down into a self-contained travel mug that can brew up to 15 ounces of American-style coffee at a time. And much like its big brother, the AeroPress Go costs less than $40 and can be cleaned in seconds.

Weight (including accessories): 11.4 ounces
Mug Capacity: 15 ounces
Packed Dimensions: 3.7 x 5.3 inches

Price: $32

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Airstream Bambi

The four Bambi models may be Airstream’s cheapest traditional aluminum-sided trailers, but they lack for little compared with their larger, pricier siblings. In spite of the diminutive footprint — barely larger than an average parking spot — there’s room for all the comforts of home: a two-burner gas stove, a stainless steel sink, a refrigerator and freezer, a memory foam mattress, even a shower and a flushing toilet. And while towing can seem intimidating for those who’ve never tried it, a Bambi is small and light enough to be towed by family crossovers without concern.

Lengths: 16 feet, 19 feet, 20 feet, 22 feet
Weight: 3,000-3,900 lbs.
Sleeping Capacity: Up to four people

Price: $48,900

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Atoms Model 000

Brooklyn startup Atoms has created an everyday sneaker that’s both TSA and office friendly. Inspired by iconic tennis shoes, the Model 000 has a minimalist lace-up upper and comfortable foam midsole. It’s designed to be slipped on (the laces are stretchy) and worn without socks (an antimicrobial copper-lined insole kills bacteria). And to insure these lightweight kicks fit perfectly, customers can order quarter sizes for each foot.

Upper Material: Durable coated yarn blend
Insole: Antimicrobial, copper-lined
Sizes: Quarter sizes from 5.5 to 15

Price: $179

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Fujifilm X-T30

The idea of a “travel camera” is a confusing one in 2019. Just about everyone who’s traveling already has one on their phone, and odds are, it’s pretty good. So what makes a good travel camera, and why is this one so well-suited for the task? Outrageously high image quality is a must (gotta justify using it over your phone, after all) and the X-T30 has that in spades. That’s in part thanks to the excellent sensor, but it’s Fujifilm’s suite of lenses — especially its fast and compact prime lenses — that make the biggest difference. No portrait mode in the world can get close to the pure optical perfection of Fuji’s 35mm f/1.4.

Sensor Size: 26.1 megapixels
ISO Range: 160 – 12,800
Max Continuous Shooting: 8 frames per second
Price: $899 (body)

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Mophie Powerstation Hub

On the road, trusted plugs are hard to find. Hence the appeal of Mophie’s Powerstation Hub. With two USB-A ports and one fast-charging USB-C on the side and a wireless Qi charger up top mean it can fuel smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops on the go, either using the internal battery or through an outlet via the integrated fold-out AC plugs. It’s about twice the size of a deck of cards, so it’s easy to slide into even the most crowded of carry-ons.

Battery Size: 6000-mAh
Dimensions: 3.31 inches by 3.3 inches by 1.16 inches
Weight: 0.56 pounds

Price: $100

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Nite Ize RunOff

The latest bags from Nite Ize ensure your travel essentials stay dry, no matter the weather. The RunOff collection includes two packing cubes, a wallet, a phone pocket, a tech pouch and a toiletry bag, all of which utilize flexible plastic panels that have welded seams and toothless, waterproof zippers. They’re translucent, so you can easily locate your gear, and they’ll withstand full immersion in water for up to 30 minutes.

Material: Waterproof and dustproof TPU
Construction: Welded seams, waterproof zippers
Different Sizes: Six

Price: $25 – $55

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PacSafe Vibe Econyl Sling Pack

Pickpockets run rampant in many parts of the world, preying on visitors and making off with their possessions. PacSafe’s new Vibe Econyl Sling Pack is designed to fend off any Artful Dodgers. The recycled nylon exterior is secretly armored with stainless steel mesh beneath the skin; RFID-blocking materials keep thieves from stealing your data if they can’t snag your physical property. The pièce de résistance: the interconnected locking zippers, which are practically impossible to open surreptitiously.

Volume: 10 liters
Weight: 1.25 pounds
Dimensions: 15.8 in by 9.1 in by 3.2 in
Price: $85

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Peak Designs Travel Tripod

Anyone can snap a halfway decent shot with a smartphone, but some photographs just require the help of a tripod — problem is, traveling with one can be a hassle, given their weight and size. Peak Designs offers up a novel solution with its Travel Tripod. Constructed from either carbon fiber or an aluminum alloy, both models weigh less than four pounds but can handle up to 20 pounds of camera. And they fold up so tightly, you might forget you packed one.

Weight: 2.81 pounds (carbon); 3.44 pounds (aluminum alloy)
Weight Capacity: 20 pounds
Dimensions (Collapsed): 15.4 x 3.1 inches

Price: $350 – $600

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Seiko Astron GPS Solar 5X

Automatic GMT watches may have the allure of Jet Age design and mechanical movements, but modern technology can make a timepiece far more useful for the modern-day traveler. Seiko’s Astron GPS Solar 5X is the world’s smallest, thinnest solar-powered GPS watch, and it features mind-boggling functionality: by synching with satellites twice a day, it can track itself across 39 time zones and update automatically, even accounting for Daylight Savings Time.

Case Diameter: 42.9mm
Winding: Solar-powered quartz
Time Zones: 39
Price: ~$2,437+

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Cohérence Ruiz Packable Coat

The Armoury — a tailoring emporium with locations in Hong Kong and New York — was one of the first stockists to carry high-end Japanese outerwear brand Cohérence. Regular conversations between the Armoury cofounder Mark Cho and Cohérence founder Kentaro Nakagomi led to the creation of the Ruiz coat, an elegant, travel-friendly raincoat released this year. Inspired by a packable French army raincoat, Nakagomi transformed the functional jacket to complement the Armoury’s assortment of traditional bespoke suits.

Material: High-density stretch-jersey polyester
Colors: Navy and tan
Pairing: A hand-tailored suit or jeans and tee
Price: $1,250

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Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar

Audemars Piguet leans heavily on the popularity of the Royal Oak, but that didn’t stop the famed Swiss watchmaker from embarking on a radical departure for its newest watch collection. The Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar features a mesmerizing aventurine dial, pink gold octogonal case and modern 41mm size. With its impressive movement and killer looks, it’s a watch that’s hard to knock, even if you’re not crazy about the rest of the collection.

Case Diameter: 41mm
Winding: Automatic
Power Reserve: 40 hours
Price: $74,500

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Baltic Aquascaphe

Any watchmaker can reproduce a vintage watch spec for spec, but capturing the essence of a particular period without copying a specific timepiece requires a bit more grace. French microbrand Baltic pulls it off with Aquascaphe, a watch that draws from several midcentury classics, such as the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. At 39mm, the Aquascaphe comes in a perfectly modern size, and its use of a commonly available Japanese automatic movement keeps the price well under a grand.

Case Diameter: 39mm
Winding: Automatic
Water Resistance: 200m
Price: ~$654+

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Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Bi-Compass

Bell & Ross has made a name for itself by crafting timepieces based on cockpit instruments, but some designs translate to the wrist better than others. The Bi-Compass, which draws on a radio compass once used by U.S. naval aviators, is one such watch. With its matte-black ceramic case and stark Super-LumiNova-coated indices, it manages to turn a vintage aviation instrument into a futuristic, wrist-bound masterpiece. It doesn’t hurt that it’s handsome as hell.

Case Diameter: 42mm
Winding: Automatic
Power Reserve: 38 hours
Price: $3,900

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Blancpain Air Command

Editor’s Pick

Modeled on a vintage pilot’s watch from the 1950s that was never serially produced, the Blancpain Air Command is a masterpiece of midcentury watch design — or rather, the modern interpretation thereof. Featuring a flyback chronograph movement, rotating countdown bezel and a tachymeter scale used to compute speed and distance, the Air Command is a classic pilot’s watch. But it’s the use of modern materials, such as Super-LumiNova and sapphire crystals, that bring it firmly into the 21st century.

Case Diameter: 42.5mm
Winding: Automatic
Power Reserve: 50 hours
Price: ~$19,003

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Casio G-Shock Full Metal GMW-B5000V

The original resin-cased G-Shock of the 1980s has a cool factor all its own, but the more substantive GMW-B5000V steel incarnation from Casio’s Full Metal series features a unique lived-in finish. And while black-ion plating and artificially worn edges give it a hard-worn aesthetic, solar charging and smart connectivity make it a premium, full-featured G-Shock for the fashionably oriented.

Case Diameter: 43.2mm
Winding: Quartz
Water Resistance: 200m
Price: $1,000

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Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow

Most moonphase complications are tucked into a small window at the bottom of a watch dial. Not so with the C1 Moonglow from British brand Christopher Ward, which displays the current phase of the moon along with glowing stars in Super-LumiNova at the top of the dial. Even more dazzling is the rotating disc that carries the display — it remains constantly visible through the smoked-sapphire crystal.

Case Diameter: 40.5mm
Winding: Automatic
Power Reserve: 38 hours
Price: $1,935+

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Monta Atlas

Getting your hands on a solid GMT-equipped wristwatch used to require a significant chunk of change — think: Rolex-type change. Today, however, smaller boutique brands are offering luxury products with refined aesthetics and modern technology at a much more stomachable price. Starting at around $1,600, Monta’s Atlas GMT packs dual time zones, multiple dial color options and a first-rate bracelet. And best of all, it’s thin enough to wear under a cuff, making it perhaps the most versatile GMT around.

Case Diameter: 38.5mm
Winding: Automatic
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Price: $1,410+

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Panerai Submersible 42mm PAM00683

For this year’s Submersible, Panerai put its military dive-watch aesthetic into one of the most wearable packages in the brand’s 159-year history. That’s not to say Panerai cut any corners, of course. At 42mm wide, the Submersible retains a bold wrist presence. But it brings the line’s genuinely rugged qualities — like 300 meters of water resistance and a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel insert — and a solid Swiss automatic movement to more wrists than ever.

Case Diameter: 42mm
Winding: Automatic
Water Resistance: 300m
Price: $9,800

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Q Timex Reissue

Modern reissues of vintage watches are common fixtures in today’s horological scene, but it’s tough to find one that’s both handsome and affordable. Enter the ultra-popular Q Timex, a nearly one-for-one reproduction of a 1970s watch with a squared-off case, woven steel bracelet and Rolex-inspired bicolor bezel that uses wallet-friendly quartz to bring vintage vibes to the masses.

Case Diameter: 38mm
Winding: Quartz
Water Resistance: 50m
Price: $179

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Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar

Though supremely complicated in design and manufacturing, perpetual calendars are nothing new, horologically speaking. Vahceron Constantin improved upon the concept, however, with the Traditionelle Twin Beat. Making use of dual oscillators, it’s movement can be slowed down when the watch isn’t being worn, allowing for a power reserve of over two months. This way, if you don’t wear the watch for a while, it’ll remain synched to the current date information when you strap it back on.

Case Diameter: 42mm
Winding: Manual
Power Reserve: Variable (4 – 65 days)
Price: $199,000

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No One Should Buy a Classic Land Rover Defender. Here’s Why

Few vehicles summon up the sort of romance and nostalgia of the classic Land Rover Defender. The boxy, burly off-roader has stood for freedom and independence for decades, epitomizing the appeal of the outdoors even when trapped in the densest urban confines. Its rarity in the United States has pushed it even further into the realm of exclusivity; while most countries see them as farmland workhorses and stripped-down safari trucks, here in America, even high-mileage ones in mediocre condition often command pricetags that could buy far newer, better-driving and more reliable vehicles.

Here’s the thing, though: The old Land Rover Defender sucks.

Subjectively, sure, it’s super-cool. Objectively? It stinks. By the standards of modern vehicles, it’s crude, slow and unsafe. Hell, even by the standards of the 1990s, it was mediocre. Those final years of Defenders available in America were on sale alongside the storied likes of the third-gen Toyota 4Runner and 80-Series Land Cruiser, the XJ-gen Jeep Cherokee and the Mitsubishi Montero — all of which delivered more refinement and power than the Defender. Stacked against modern Land Rovers, Toyotas, Jeeps or other off-roaders, it’s even worse.

For the record, I’m not speaking out of a certain orifice like Ace Ventura here. Not too long ago, I was lucky enough to drive one of South Carolina-based Himalaya’s Defender by Himalaya models, which represents perhaps the best possible version of an original Defender. Off-road, traversing the deep wood trails of upstate New York at low speeds, it was delightful. But once back into the real world of, y’know, roads — paved and dirt alike — it rapidly proved irritating.

The seating position, close enough to the controls , made every shift a long, deliberate process. The open flanks that seemed so inviting in the quiet woods stirred up the air to tinnitus-inducing levels. The slow steering that helped place the front end so carefully at 10 miles per hour felt painfully, almost unsafely cumbersome at the speed limit. Which, for the record, is about as fast as you’ll go on a highway, considering the brick-like aerodynamics and lack of power.

The all-new 2020 Defender has taken its fair share of heat for being, in effect, “too civilized.” But you who likes civilization? Humans. Go ask the 2.5 billion people on Earth who lack modern sanitation what they’d think of a little more civilization. Or the 790 million without clean water at all. Civilization isn’t a bad word; it’s the reason for and the goal of mankind’s existence on the planet. Let’s not be so quick to pooh-pooh it.

Also, speaking of that new version: crash test results for the 2020 Defender haven’t been announced yet, but it’d be literally impossible for it to be less safe than the old model, because that car was pulled from the U.S. marketplace in 1997 because it no longer met safety regulations. Admittedly, that’s a compromise made with many old cars, but it’s still worth repeating, as is the following: in 1997, there were 268 million people in America and 42,013 auto-related deaths; 20 years later, there were 58 million more Americans, yet nearly 5,000 people died on the road. It ain’t because we drove less, and it sure as hell ain’t because we turned into better drivers; it’s because the cars became safer.

The chief substantive draws of the old Defender, of course, are its incredible off-road capability, compact proportions and open-air flexibility. All of which are indeed appealing, and seem like fine reasons to snap up a second vehicle. Or at least they would be, were it not for a little vehicle called…the Jeep Wrangler.

America’s homegrown off-road icon does just about everything the Defender does, and it does it on the cheap. The least-expensive beater Defender you can find on right now, for example, still costs $15,000; all but two of the ones found on the site cost more than $20K. Wranglers from the same era, in contrast, run as cheap as $2,000. You can snag a cherry of a YJ for that same $15K, or a very nice 2010-model-year JK that still has fewer miles than that $15K Landie. And fixing up those Jeeps is all but guaranteed to be cheaper and easier alike than trying to wrangle parts for a three-decade-old British ride.

So, no: you shouldn’t buy a classic Land Rover Defender. If you want a boxy, open-top off-roader from decades past, go pick up a Wrangler. Or, if you want a compact Land Rover for city driving and off-roading alike, you can snag a lease on a Discovery Sport for $329 a month right now with $3,495 down. Neither may pack quite as much curb appeal as a Defender, but you won’t care; you’ll be sitting inside, driving the damn thing. Which is what you should be doing with it.

(That said…I mean, I still want one.)

Will Sabel Courtney is Gear Patrol’s Motoring Editor, formerly of The Drive and RIDES Magazine. You can often find him test-driving new cars in New York City, cursing the slow-moving traffic surrounding him.

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What To Do About Your Holiday Jet Lag

If you’re someone who flies constantly, you already know that clocking miles in the sky can wreak havoc on your body and your mind. From drying out your skin to losing a day at your destination to jet lag, plane travel can do a number on you. Add in the low humidity — the air in a plane cabin is three times drier than that of the Sahara desert — and the intense pressure of the altitude, and it’s a one-two punch for dehydration, which affects your cognitive functions, emotional stability and productivity. And that is besides intensifying the usual side effects of jet lag.

To counteract all this, the scientists at ERW have developed a physiologically-tailored solution to keep you hydrated and energized through a long flight: My Flight Pack. Developed with top-riders in the Tour de France, this three-step powdered hydration solution will change the way you fly. My Flight Pack is already a hit with teams from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB who have been testing it out on players who often have to fly thousands of miles between games

And from now until December 24, you can take 20% off your order with the code gearpatrol2020 to help with your holiday travels.

We took a closer look at the three-step program to show you how it all comes together to keep you energized and ready to take on anything when you land.

1. The Pre-Flight Hydration Formula: The PREP mix is there to prepare you for the high and dry cabin. Essentially a hyper-hydrator to be taken before takeoff to get your body prepared for the coming flight.

2. The Hydrating and Calming Formula: Once you are airborne, it’s time for the second stage. With Rhodiola to lower your stress hormones and tart cherry containing natural melatonin to promote sleep, the Calming Formula makes sure your flight is smooth.

3. The Kick-Starting Wake-Up Protein Drink: Once you’ve hit the ground and need to get on with your business, the Wake-Up formula will kick you into high gear with 21g of protein, rehydrating and aiding in your recovery from the stress of traveling.

Today in Gear: Zodiac’s Blacked-Out Sea Wolf, an Innovative Karambit Knife & More

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The Zodiac Sea Wolf is a dive watch with immense staying power. It was the first watch with a rotating bezel, and Zodiac has continued to improve and innovate the model. The Super Sea Wolf 53 is one of the boldest iterations we’ve seen yet, with a deep black stainless steel case and bracelet, as well as a black dial. The unidirectional bezel is made from mineral crystal, and the white lume hands glow bright blue in striking contrast to the black dial. The Swiss timepiece features an automatic STP 3-13 movement, and comes with a 2-year international warranty. And if you buy it either today or tomorrow, it’s eligible to come with a free black rubber strap, so you can alternate bands as you please.

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Fresh Deals

All-Clad Stainless Steel Cookware
Save Up to 75%: All-Clad’s covetable cookware has been the option for high-end stainless steel since the brand literally invented bonded cookware in 1971. And today, the All-Clad factory seconds sale is live.

Save on Bell Motorcycle Helmets
Save Up to 50%: The 2019 riding season may be pretty much over, but that just means it’s time to start prepping for 2020 — and luckily for you, there’s a massive sale on Bell Helmets going on at RevZilla.

EXPED Mega Mat 10 Sleeping Pad
Save $104: If you’re camping within walking distance of your car, don’t pack light, pack comfy. Get this luxurious sleeping pad for $135, 32 percent off the regular price of $239.

Jomers Cone Mills White Oak Jeans
Save 60%: These $68 jeans are discounted to $34, but Gear Patrol readers will save an additional 20 percent when they add a pair to their cart (the discount is applied automatically).

Wardrobe Essentials from Outerknown
Save up to 60%: Currently, you can save up to 60 percent on past seasons’ styles from Outerknown. Because they focus on perennial staples, these garments look just as fresh today as they did when they were released.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Save $50: The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is Samsung’s latest and greatest smartwatch and it’s currently $50 off; the first real time that it’s been on sale.

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2020 Lincoln Corsair Review: Diving Into a Crowded Field in Style2020 Lincoln Corsair Review: Diving Into a Crowded Field in Style

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Now Open: The 2019 Gear Patrol Holiday Pop-UpNow Open: The 2019 Gear Patrol Holiday Pop-Up

Now Open: The 2019 Gear Patrol Holiday Pop-Up

On December 12-15 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we’ll be popping up with a selection of curated products that help you get to where you’re going during the holiday season and beyond.

This Levi’s Shirt Is the Best Style Release of the YearThis Levi’s Shirt Is the Best Style Release of the Year

This Levi’s Shirt Is the Best Style Release of the Year

The Levi’s Wellthread x Outerknown Western shirt is made entirely of cotton — that includes the fabric, thread, label and even the buttons. This means it has the greatest potential to be recycled in the…

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Today’s Best Deals: Goldwin’s Kodenshi Down Jacket, Savings on a Luxurious Sleeping Pad & More

Welcome to Deals of Note, where Gear Patrol captures all the best deals of the day. You can also follow all our deal posts in the Deals section. Comments or concerns? We’d love to hear from you at

The crown jewel of Goldwin’s current lifestyle collection is the Hooded Spur Down Coat. This waterproof and insulated Gore-Tex coat is classically tailored and features unique Kodenshi Down insulation for luxurious warmth. The elaborate 3D design that positions the insulation on the back keeps the jacket slim, while still offering plenty of down to keep you toasty. The Hooded Spur Down Coat’s Kodenshi Down uses far-infrared radiation that prolongs natural body heat retention for even more winter fighting action. The magnet closure system is another functional and unique detail that makes this jacket so impressive. Right now you, can save 15 percent on the Hooded Spur Down Coat and any other goodies from Goldwin with the code GWGP15.


All-Clad Stainless Steel Cookware
Save Up to 75%: All-Clad’s covetable cookware has been the option for high-end stainless steel since the brand literally invented bonded cookware in 1971. And today, the All-Clad factory seconds sale is live.

Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush
Save 39%: Behold, the smartest thing you’ll buy this month. Philips’ well-reviewed Sonicare toothbrushes are the standard in rechargeable electric brushes and don’t go on sale often.


Save on Bell Motorcycle Helmets
Save Up to 50%: The 2019 riding season may be pretty much over, but that just means it’s time to start prepping for 2020 — and luckily for you, there’s a massive sale on Bell Helmets going on at RevZilla.

Outdoors and Fitness

EXPED Mega Mat 10 Sleeping Pad
Save $104: If you’re camping within walking distance of your car, don’t pack light, pack comfy. Get this luxurious sleeping pad for $135, 32 percent off the regular price of $239.
Gear Patrol Commuter BikeGear Patrol Commuter Bike

Priority Bicycles x Gear Patrol Commuter Bike
Save $100: After nearly a year in development, we’re proud to introduce our first collaboration with Priority Bicycles, the Gear Patrol Commuter Bike. Now available with special launch pricing, only at the Gear Patrol Store.


Jomers Cone Mills White Oak Jeans
Save 60%: These $68 jeans are discounted to $34, but Gear Patrol readers will save an additional 20 percent when they add a pair to their cart (the discount is applied automatically).

Wardrobe Essentials from Outerknown
Save up to 60%: Currently, you can save up to 60 percent on past seasons’ styles from Outerknown. Because they focus on perennial staples, these garments look just as fresh today as they did when they were released.

Corduroy Sale
Save 40%: Yes, we love wool, leather and denim, too. But corduroy is something special.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Save $50: The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is Samsung’s latest and greatest smartwatch and it’s currently $50 off; the first real time that it’s been on sale.

Fluance RT84 Turntable
Save $100: In a rare deal, the Fluance RT84 is $100 off — the normally $450 turntable is selling for $350 on Amazon right now, which is the cheapest it has even been.


Seiko Prospex “Arnie” PADI Dive Watch
Save 30%: Right now, the incredibly badass Seiko Prospex “Arnie” PADI edition is on sale at Macy’s for 30% off its retail price of $525 for a strong value at just $368.

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The 10 Best Jeans for Men

Other than court appearances and funerals, a great pair of jeans can be your go-to trousers for almost any occasion, from work to a date to a night out. They can also be found at just about any price and in a mind-boggling array of styles and washes, so searching for a new pair can feel like a full-time job.

This is why the next time you buy a pair of jeans, you should invest in something versatile, like one of the 10 options we’ve identified below. While die-hard denimheads are embracing a fuller, workwear-influenced shape that’s a throwback to the 1950s, most guys can rely on a slimmer, more classic silhouette. They shouldn’t fit like yoga tights, but most guys will want to aim for a cut that’s just a little closer to the body, streamlined through the leg. And after sifting through an almost literal mountain of the best options on the market, we’ve identified 10 pairs of jeans (at different prices), so we could recommend a few that would work for everybody and everybody. Below, a look at the pairs we recommend and catch what we think are the three biggest considerations to make before you buy at the bottom of the post.

Recommended picks by Gerald Ortiz.

Buying Guide

Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-Fit

No other garment has aged nearly as well as the historic Levi’s 501. The quintessential blue jean comes in all manner of shades, washes and distressing, but you could do no wrong going the old-school way with the straight-up rigid shrink-to-fit version. The denim is a rich dark midnight blue and is stiff as a board to start. That might put people off, but it’s the way jeans were made since jean immemorial. And it gets better with every wear and every wash, which is really what a blue jean is all about. $60 for the classic of classics is a deal in itself, but keep your cool for even a little bit and you can find on sale no problem.

Dickies 5-Pocket Jeans

Dickies is a workwear brand in the truest sense, made to endure the rigors of hard labor. Their jeans come with a bit of heft at 14-ounce all-cotton denim and no frills. If you’re looking for something cheaper than the tried-and-true Levi’s 501, you couldn’t do much better than these.

Everlane Jeans

Everlane’s jeans come from a highly-respected Japanese denim mill but at a price point of less than half of what you’d typically expect. Weighing a middle-of-the-road 11 ounces, the denim is made with a touch of two-way stretch, just enough for comfort and not so much to qualify as yoga pants. They come in a range of washes to satisfy a wide range of blue jean lovers. And at just $68, you could get into a few different washes.

Unbranded UB301 Jeans

Unbranded maintains a quiet persona while offering a handful of rare details for a solid price. The UB301 is its version of a straight fit and fit like a classic pair of blue jeans, only with a little more going on. Heavy Japanese selvedge denim with hidden rivets and thick vegetable-tanned leather are prime ingredients for reverse sticker shock.

A.P.C. New Standard Jeans

Often the gateway for those getting into raw denim, A.P.C. is known for its purely minimal aesthetic and its jeans are noted for birthing a new generation of denimheads. The New Standard makes a bold claim and though it hasn’t come close to surpassing the 501, its stripped-down details gives way for Japanese raw selvedge denim to take the spotlight and make it a go-to. The denim’s smooth hand and fast-fading capabilities make it easy to see why everyone from your local fashion enthusiast to celebs like Adam Levine to Ellen Degeneres wears them.

Naked & Famous Weird Guy Slim Fit Jeans

At a notch (or two) above its less-expensive brother brand, Unbranded, Naked & Famous brings more to the table and does so with more pizzaz. The brand offers a wide range of zany fabrics from glow-in-the-dark denim, rainbow denim and even scratch-and-sniff denim. But its bread and butter has to be the run-of-the-mill selvedge denim cut into the brand’s most popular fit, the Weird Guy. $135 still gets you all the trimming like a veg-tanned leather patch, Japanese selvedge denim and Canadian craftsmanship and if you don’t mind a seductive cartoon lady telling people what jeans you’re wearing, these offer a lot for the price.

orSlow 105 Jeans

While A.P.C. makes what is perhaps the quintessential minimalist jean, Japanese repro brand orSlow’s jeans might best be described as plain. And that’s no knock. There’s no overt branding, it’s based on classic jeans from the mid-1900s and is cut with custom-milled denim that would have anyone fooled into thinking you scored a pair of near-deadstock jeans that were hidden away in your grandparents’ attic.

Chimala Jeans

Noriko Machida’s highly-sought brand Chimala has garnered devoted fans since its founding in 2005. The brand is known for its midcentury workwear and militaria-inspired garments produced with lofty levels of quality and unparalleled distressing, not to mention incredible fits. Machida’s distressed jeans might put off the denim purists, but they’re no question some of the most meticulously and tastefully distressed jeans that could turn even the most diehard denim lover.

The Real McCoy’s Lot 001XX Jeans

For the most accurate of reproductions, it’s hard to beat The Real McCoy’s. The Japanese brand’s incessant pursuit of perfect reproductions wins legions of vintage fans who flock to the brand for period-correct details in every garment from rare military-issued submariner coats to loopwheeled sweatshirts. The Real McCoy’s lives up to its name with every piece it produces and that goes for its jeans, too. This pair, the Lot 001XX is based off the Levi’s 501 of the 1950s with a fuller leg and a higher rise. While other Japanese brands focus on getting unique textures and never-before-seen fading characteristics out of small artisanal denim mills, TRM’s version focuses on getting the denim to look exactly like it did decades ago. To some it’s a plain Jane jean, to others, it’s the closest thing to the real deal you’ll ever get.

Kapital Century Denim Jeans

Japanese brand Kapital is known for a lot of things. The brand’s unique mish-mash of western details through the Japanese lens produces some of the most eye-catching garments on the market, much of which includes its denim. It’s certainly not for everyone, and the brand does produce a few straightforward, plain pieces, that’s not why fans are attracted. It’s weird and not for everyone. While there’s no shortage of jeans with straps and misshapen pockets in odd places, what perhaps gets the most attention is its Century Denim. The thick yarns peppered throughout mimic sashiko stitching, but somehow Kapital’s version is woven on the same loom together with the denim. This one takes the legendary denim even further by dyeing it with fermented persimmons.

Paul Kruize Bespoke Jeans

Paul Kruize is a one-man brand based in the Netherlands making some of the finest bespoke jeans anywhere. While other bespoke jeansmakers like W.H. Ranch and Viapiana offer jeans with a vintage lens and use a bevy of vintage sewing machines, Paul Kruize approaches his jeans more like a Savile Row tailor and uses just a single-needle machine if not hand-sewing. It’s best to visit his studio if you’re able, but you can also send in your measurements. Be prepared to wait several weeks and to pay a pretty penny.

3 Considerations Before Buying


Denim traditionally starts out as a deep, dark, inky-blue fabric, dyed with indigo. The magic happens once the fabric is stitched into jeans, the five-pocket style, and get washed in massive — and increasingly eco-friendly — washing machines. Sometimes stuff is tossed in to achieve sand- or stone-washed effects, all in an effort to make a pair feel softer and broken in. Other effects include using high-tech lasers to burn designs into the fabric, and jeans literally being torn and repaired to mimic the scars and blemishes of a well-lived life. But because it’s not your life, it’s hard for us to recommend them. Which leaves you with a handful of options:

Dark Wash: Though even the darkest wash jeans are still decidedly casual, these pairs have what it takes to make it in a serious setting. Pair it with a crisp white shirt, a lightweight sweater and a blazer for work.
Light Wash: Go a little lighter for date night. Keep it clean, but feel free to go for whiskering — those thin, faded lines across the front that looks like you’ve been standing and sitting in this pair forever—or some light faded effects across the seat and thighs.
Distressed: Some abrasion here and there, usually a bit paler, more faded. More emphasis on points of wear like the butt, thighs, and pockets. Great for a tailgate or other similarly casual settings.


Twill refers to the way denim is woven (this method causes those diagonal lines you can see if you look very closely), and this method is what makes denim so tough and so stiff.

In an attempt to keep up with the increasing demand for clothes that work hard and look good, most modern denim makers now sneak a little stretch fiber into their jeans for comfort and flexibility. Stretch also helps keep jeans from getting saggy, so they look great all day. Most companies limit the mix to one or two percent of overall material makeup, using fibers like lycra or elastane. Others are adding performance fibers to denim, like Coolmax®?for moisture and temperature management. While our recommendations include some of these materials, many are 100 percent cotton.


While some serious denim aficionados insist on never washing your jeans, the reality is that most guys should wash their jeans. The editors at Denimhunters, a subscription-based denim learning platform, have found that if you don’t wash raw denim, the fiber may become brittle and break prematurely. Here’s your playbook for keeping jeans fresh, but not stripping them of their color too quickly:

1. Wash denim with similarly colored clothing.
2. Turn jeans inside-out before washing to preserve color and finish.
3. Use a cold water and the gentle cycle in the washing machine.
4. Use a gentle detergent such as Woolite. Avoid bleach, spot cleaners or fabric softeners.
5. Have a top loader? Start the machine first, then when the soap and water are completely mixed, throw in jeans and run a full cycle.
6. To dry, roll in a towel to remove excess water. Lay flat or hang to finish drying.
7. Tumble drying causes shrinkage and breaks down fibers (specifically those added for stretch). If you must, use a low heat cycle and run for as little time as possible. But your best bet is line drying.

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Take This Simple Step to Make Your Gadgets Much Harder to Steal

If you’re leaving a phone or tablet in your car for some reason, you probably put it in the glovebox or out of sight under something a fair bit less valuable. That’s just common sense. But in fact, your gadgets’ Bluetooth may be making them way more visible than they ever could be with the naked eye.

As Outside Magazine notes, enterprising thieves have been using Bluetooth scanner apps–particularly in otherwise deserted areas like trailheads–to quickly scan their surroundings for high-value targets. To avoid this fate, simply put your device into Airplane mode (Android, iOS), turn it all the way off or, of course, avoid having to leave it in the car in the first place.

Better yet, you can test your own preventative measures by downloading a readily available Bluetooth scanner app yourself (Android, iOS) to see if your devices are visible by this method even after you have attempted to disable them. Certain devices like wireless headphones and fitness trackers can be pretty insistent on sending out Bluetooth signals for pairing purposes, so it is worth double-checking you actually know how to disable them fully.

Or, for a dead-simple approach that will cost you a few bucks, pick up a signal-blocking “Faraday bag” to keep in your car, so you can be sure the gadgets inside it can’t signal the outside world no matter how hard they try.

Eric Limer is Gear Patrol’s tech editor. A resident of Weehawken, NJ, his current obsessions include mechanical keyboards, mechanical pencils and Formula 1.

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Osuza Canvass Is A Dynamic, Adaptable, And Reliable Backpack

“What you put in your bag is your business.” The makers of the Osuza Canvass Backpack take their product tagline literally with the design of this functional carry-on that is not only expandable, accessible, and weather-proof, but also customizable.

Certainly, this is an “entirely new type of bag” because it can house anything and everything. Whether you’re a painter, a carpenter, an electrician, or someone looking for a handy bag to carry your tactical gears with. Then, the Osuza Canvass Backpack is for you.

Inspired from a military carry-on system, this backpack allows for customization using pouches and patches for additional storage. It is expandable up to 40 litres and comes with durable and waterproof closures. Thus, you never have to worry about water or moisture seeping in.

Don’t let its appearance dissuade you though.  What it lacks in exterior appeal it makes up for its interior offerings. Built from military-grade material, the Osuza Canvass Backpack features several multi-purpose molle and elastic molle, mesh and zippered pockets and more compartments.

Hence, you can be sure that there is space for everything you put in your bag to keep them neat and secure: from paintbrushes, pens, hammer, nails, laptop, and the list goes on. From small to big tools and gadgets, you can be sure this backpack can carry them all.

The Osuza Canvass Backpack also offers ease in accessibility with its unclip and unfold feature. Forget digging inside your bag to get what you’re looking for. This handy carry-on spreads out to display all the items inside for easy access.

Order it here

Images courtesy of Osuza

Keep Your Stuff Protected While Looking Fashionable With The WANDRD PRVKE 21 Backpack

A good portable and all-around bag is a must-have for any commuter. There are days that you just want to bring all your expensive and sensitive gadgets with you on the go. The WANDRD PRVKE 21 Backpack does just that. Made from durable nylon fabric. Moreover, this backpack is perfect for photographers because it has a dedicated zippered and removable side camera cube insert. This allows you to quickly grab your camera. It also has a side strap that securely holds your tripod so it doesn’t get in the way of the perfect camera angle.

The WANDRD PRVKE 21 Backpack also works wonders for other tech gadgets because the padded nylon fabric is abrasion resistant and coated with a waterproof material that prevents moisture or rain from seeping through.  You never have to worry about your laptop, camera, or other tech gadgets getting soaked under the pouring rain.

The side pocket not just holds your tripod but also functions as a water bottle holder. It also has a buckled main compartment and a secure passport pouch. Meanwhile, adjustable side buckles ensure your contents are tucked in nicely inside. It also allows for expansion so you can pack more gears in one go.

The WANDRD PRVKE 21 Backpack also boasts a unisex and trendy design so anyone can lug it around. Even those dressed in the fanciest of business attires will find it fashionable. Its padded back provides comfortable back support and at a weight of just 3.45 pounds, this backpack certainly makes a good companion for those who are constantly on the go.

Order it here

Images courtesy of WANDRD

This Collaboration Combines the Best of Techwear and Heritage Clothing

Goldwin has just collaborated with heritage brand Kaptain Sunshine for a snow-ready capsule collection and not a minute too soon.

As one of the largest outdoors brands in the world, Goldwin is also behind names like The North Face Purple Label, Nanamica and heritage brand Woolrich, producing premium outdoor gear across all categories using cutting edge fabrics like Gore-Tex, Ventile and Pertex. Kaptain Sunshine, on the other hand, began in 2013 and is helmed by Japanese designer Shinsuke Kojima, a founding editor of a popular Japanese outdoors magazine Huge. It focuses on goods inspired by vintage Americana and militaria. Together, the old-school partners with the new-school for one of the best collaborations we’ve seen all year.

Titled “Snow Dweller”, the collection is made up of four pieces which include a parka and snow pants as well as two quilted pullovers. Each piece is designed to handle all manner of snowy conditions and is built with windproof and waterproof Gore-Tex fabric as well as taped seams and waterproof zippers.

Snow Dwellers officially drops today at Goldwin’s San Francisco store, their first brick & mortar in the U.S., and is available starting Friday, December 13 online at Goldwin’s website.

Gore-Tex Snow Dwellers Jacket by Goldwin x Kaptain Sunshine ~$735

Gore-Tex Snow Dwellers Pants by Goldwin x Kaptain Sunshine ~$597

Snow Dwellers Down H / S Pullover by Goldwin x Kaptain Sunshine ~$294

Snow Dwellers Down L / S Pullover by Goldwin x Kaptain Sunshine ~$340

The 6 Best Ski Bags for Winter 2020

Anyone who’s traveled with ski gear knows this: it sucks. Schlepping one or two pairs of skis, poles, boots, a helmet, goggles, gloves, jackets, ski pants along with everyday clothing and travel needs (not to mention après ski attire) in and out of cabs and airports almost dulls the allure of foreign snow and untraveled terrain. Almost. Successful navigation of the portion of the journey that exists between your front doorstep and that of the ski chalet relies on a key item: the ski bag.

Dakine Fall Line

Best Bang for Your Buck Ski Bag

Dakine’s most popular ski roller bag is also its most versatile. The sleek, lightweight hauler boasts enough room for multiple pairs of skis and all the gear you need for everything from a weekend jaunt to a weeklong mountain adventure, and it’s available in two lengths, 175cm and 190cm, to accommodate just about any length of skis. Smart design features include 360-degree padded ski protection, a lockable main zipper, a removable boot bag, a tow handle that pairs with a rolling luggage bag for easy cruising through the airport and a handy external pocket for stashing key items like travel documents, reading material, keys and cookies.

Capacity: two pairs of skis plus one pair of boots, poles and outerwear
Weight: 6.2lbs
Material: 600D polyester ripstop with water repellent finish, bluesign-approved material

Db Equipment Douchebag

Best Designed Ski Bag

The Douchebag doesn’t win any points for its questionable name, but it makes up for that with a highly adaptable design. The foundation of this bag is an array of ABS “rib cages” and internal rails that, when it’s packed with skis, provide rigidity and protection while maintaining a reduced weight. A pair of hook-equipped straps let you adjust the total length to accommodate skis as long as 200 centimeters. Internally, there’s enough space for two pairs of skis and pretty much everything else you’ll need except boots (you should pack those in your carry-on anyways). But the best part about the bag might be that when it’s empty, you can roll it up into a compact wad that’ll fit under your bed or in the top of your closet.

Capacity: two pairs of skis plus gear
Weight: 8lb 6oz
Material: 900D PU-coated polyester, ABS

Evo Roller Ski Bag

Best Ski Bag for Organizing Your Gear

Evo is more known as a gear retailer than a producer, but it’s likely that selling so many ski bags made by other companies gave it a pretty good idea of how to make one. The Roller’s standout feature is organization — an interior pocket spacious enough for boots as well as an exterior one for other small items, a divider for pole protection and a main compartment that fits two pairs of skis. Compression straps keep everything in place, and two handles allow for multiple haul methods.

Capacity: two pairs of skis plus gear
Weight: n/a
Material: 600D PU-coated polyester

The North Face Base Camp Ski Bag

Best Basic Ski Bag

When all you need is a vacuous tube to toss your skis into, it might as well be burly. The North Face used similar materials to those that bolster its popular line of expedition duffel bags to make it as durable as possible. Beyond that, extraneous features are kept to a minimum; it has an adjustable length, compression straps and a small interior mesh pocket.

Capacity: two pairs of skis plus gear
Weight: 9lbs 4oz
Material: 900D polyester with TPE PVC coating

Sportube Series 2

Best Hard Case Ski Bag

If maximum protection is what you’re after, Sportube’s hard-sided ski carriers are the way to go. It’s made of polyethylene with padding at both ends to protect tips and tails and uses a design that’s both adjustable and lockable. There aren’t any pockets for compartments for small things, but you can still stuff plenty of clothing and gear down between the two pairs of skis that this thing holds. Additionally, if you think you might opt to ship your skis rather than carry them on an airplane, this hard case is the way to go.

Capacity: two pairs of skis plus gear
Weight: 12lbs
Material: polyethylene

Salomon Extend 1P

Best Single Ski Bag

When a single pair of skis is all you’ll need and simplicity is what you’re after, look to Salomon’s Extend 1P ski bag. One end is equipped with a spiral of a zipper that adjusts the bag’s length from 165 to 185 centimeters, making it adaptable to a wide range of ski sizes. There’s plenty of room for clothing and accessories (but not boots), and its shoulder strap automatically cinches everything secure when you pick it up to carry it.

Capacity: one pairs of skis plus gear
Weight: 1lb 7oz
Material: 450D ripstop, 600D polyester

Of course, beyond having the right bag, there are a few key things to know about traveling with skis…

Choosing and Packing a Ski Bag

Ski bags are unwieldy pieces of luggage that typically hold one or two pairs of skis with bindings, but some hold three. The size of the bag you choose will depend on the type of ski trip you’re going on, how often you travel with skis and how you prefer to pack. Unless you’re a travel minimalist, we recommend that in most cases you pack into a bag that can hold two pairs of skis. Bringing two pairs to your destination — a narrow-waisted pair for hardpack and a wider pair for powder, for instance — will give you options in case the weather doesn’t behave as predicted. Even if you only own one pair of skis, a two-ski bag is a good option because the extra space can be used for all the rest of your gear and clothing and save you money on airline baggage fees.

There are also a few handy things to remember when packing your ski bag. Use Voile or Velcro straps to keep each pair of skis secure and help prevent them from getting damaged. Pack them tip-to-tail inside the bag to maximize use of space. Remember that ski bags aren’t only for skis — you can likely fit all of your ski clothing in the remaining space, and it will provide additional cushioning for your bindings, brakes, tips and tails.

At the Airport

Unless you plan to rent equipment at your destination, resign yourself to the fact that the carry-on-only ski trip doesn’t exist. You can still save yourself from getting gouged at the airport though. First, pack as much clothing and gear in with your skis as possible. Second, on most airlines, you’re allotted one carry-on, and one personal item in the airplane cabin — your ski boots are that second item. This will not only save a ton of space in your luggage, but also, in the case that anything gets lost or delayed, you’ll still have your boots if you need to buy a pair of rentals for a day.

Lastly, know your airline’s baggage policy — most of them, including American Airlines, Delta, United, Southwest and JetBlue count a ski bag and a boot bag as one piece of checked luggage. Some airlines are stricter than others as to what a “boot bag” means, but it’s not implausible that you can get away with checking an extra bag of clothing this way (it more than likely depends on the mood of the attendant checking you in). Typically, the combined weight of the two bags will count towards that of a single bag’s maximum weight allotment.

Now all you need is the bag.

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Tanner Bowden is a staff writer at Gear Patrol covering all things outdoors and fitness. He is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School and a former wilderness educator. He lives in Brooklyn but will always identify as a Vermonter.

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