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Let’s get lyriq-al

Earlier this year, General Motors released the plans for its massive EV product onslaught. One of the key vehicles announced was the Lyriq — Cadillac’s new mass-market electric crossover that’s set . We were supposed to see it in April, but then the coronavirus pandemic happened. GM has since announced a new launch date — August 6, 2020 — as well as released a video that gives us our best look yet at it.

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What do we know about it? Car and Driver described the Lyriq as a wagon-like crossover that’s longer and lower than the norm, sort of like a sleek and modern version of the original Cadillac SRX. We also know the name ends in a q, because…reasons? (In our minds, “Lyriq” sounds like a noxious club cocktail, presents an extraordinary mouthful when paired with the word “Cadillac.”)

We also know the Cadillac brand’s next (and perhaps last) shot at reinvention will be as GM’s luxurious electric vehicle line. Cadillac’s other announced EV, the Celestiq, will be a hand-built low-volume vehicle with a price tag well into the six figures. So the Lyriq will be carrying a lot of the water for a storied brand that feels like it’s in perpetual crisis.

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Tyler Duffy

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