Over the past 10 years, the number of people who register on social networks has been growing rapidly. Entrepreneurs also do not standstill. They understand that the development of their business in social networks guarantees a good increase in customers. Based on the type of business, you should choose the appropriate social media. For example, some of them shoot funny video reviews of clothes for TikTok, others buy Telegram group members and promote their channel there. But, as practice shows, most still use Instagram.

In this article, we will look at how to use Instagram to promote your business and how to get Instagram followers and likes on your profile.


  • The benefits of doing business on Instagram in facts
  • Useful features for doing business on Instagram
  • New feature
  • How do I increase the number of likes and followers on Instagram?
  • Conclusion
Advantages of doing business on Instagram in facts

If you decide to promote your business through Instagram, you can be congratulated on your successful choice. Here are some reasons for this:

  • 74% of influential people prefer to work with businesses via Instagram.
  • According to recent research, such marketing is 43% more effective and convincing than simple targeted advertising.
  • Ability to plan a marketing campaign and all its content.
  • Instagram is the cheapest form of marketing among the media community.
  • In 2018, approximately 863 000 000 users log on to their accounts for a month. In 2019, this number exceeded 1,000,000,000! This is 2 times more than on Twitter or 3 times in WhatsApp.
  • 71% of businesses today use Instagram, but only 40% of them invest time and money in the service.
  • 80% of users follow business profiles on Instagram.
  • In March 2019, 250 million users visited the site, clicked on ad posts, or otherwise responded to Instagram ads. At least 30% of users bought a product that they saw for the first time on Instagram. On average, 237,000,000 people.
Useful features for doing business on Instagram

  1. Follow to hashtags

Users can follow to hashtags. They will help you keep track of photos with a specific tag.

The follower clicks on a specific hashtag. A page in the form of a feed with stories and photos is displayed in front of it. There is a “Follow “button.

The service managers did a very convenient thing from the point of view of doing business. They have programmed special algorithms that allow users to track only popular and recently posted publications. This way, the service filters out unnecessary photos and stories posted by ordinary users that have nothing to do with the business.

  1. How do I promote my business through tags?

Over the past 5 years, many bloggers and entrepreneurs have used a plentiful number of hashtags on Instagram. In this regard, it was difficult to promote your product through hashtags, because there are many other publications under this label. It will be very difficult to put your publication in the top of queries for this tag. Therefore, if the Instagram admins detect a lot of tags on a user, then their publication will be considered as spam. First, don’t use too many tags. Second, carefully select hashtags based on your topic, focusing on the target audience. Don’t use the most popular tags like #instagood.

  1. Stories Highlights

Now stories will not disappear after publication. You can save them to an album. How does the function work? You posted a story, it gets lost in publications after a while. But these photos will be quickly available to followrs. They can find stories in your albums.

You can activate saving stories in your profile settings. To do this, go to the “Account” section, and then to “history Settings”. After that, all posts will be automatically saved to the album 24 hours after you post them. Your followers can see them by clicking on the clock icon in the upper-right corner of your profile.

What information can be published in albums?

  • company contacts;
  • contests and promotions;
  • information about services and products;
  • instructions for use of the product;
  • product reviews; event announcements;
  • menu;
  • offers that are relevant in the season;
  • videos and photos from events.
  1. Statistics on Instagram
  • The total number of views of your post.
  • The number of unique accounts where your message was viewed. Each user counts only once, even if they have viewed the post several times.
  • Clicks that redirect to the site.
  • Activity – the time when your readers are most active.

Thanks to these indicators, you can see the coverage of your post (the norm is 30-60% of the total number of followers). For example, you have 1000 followers, so the range should be from 300 to 600 people.

Activity helps you see how many users have seen a post, liked it, or left a comment. The norm is from 5% to 10% of the entire range. So, you have 3000 posts, then there should be up to 300 likes and comments.

If you check the General profile statistics, you can see the General indicators: impressions, coverage, profile views (people who viewed your profile), site visits. There is information about the audience (how old they are, what city they live in, when they visit Instagram). You can determine the most popular publications for any period of time.

Using statistics, you can find out when it is best to publish messages so that they have the widest possible coverage. What is the prevailing gender of your audience and age? You will see how effective the transition from your profile to your site is. Instagram profile statistics are extremely important, especially if you manage your company profile and want to sell your products as much as possible.

  1. Active hashtags and links to other accounts

You can put your main tag (but it can also be several hashtags) in the account header. It is also possible to add a mention of accounts to the profile header using @ before the nickname.

New feature

Recently, Instagram has added very useful features that will effectively help you promote services or products:

  • Shopping tags. You mark the product or result of your activity on the photo, and users click on the label and learn more about the description of products or services. You can also use these tags to transfer a potential customer to your online store.
  • Stories reposts. Users will share your information about your activities. With this feature, even more people can learn about your company.
  • Links to sites in stories. Now you can instantly forward Instagram users to another resource using the link.
How do I increase the number of likes and followers on Instagram?

In order for your products to be bought or you are in demand as a specialist, you need to live followers on your profile. Imagine that you have applied to the service to promote your account. You bought likes and followers there. But the goods from this did not sell better. There are a lot of such sites.

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Any company that sells products or performs services needs a page on Instagram in the 21st century. It is important for most businessmen to think about holding events aimed at increasing the number of followers and increasing their activity. Don’t waste your money on anything. Choose a reliable ALL-SMM service for the Instagram promotion of likes and followers.