Prime Day brings thousands of discounts on everything from Segways to Seiko watches, but for many shoppers, no category has more value than the kitchen. So far, we’ve seen record savings on Instant Pots, Vitamix blenders and fancy sous vide machines — here are the best kitchen and cooking deals of Amazone Prime Day 2019. (Be sure to check back tomorrow for even more of our favorite culinary discounts.)

This Entire Lodge Set Is Cheaper Than a Lot of Cast-Iron Skillets

Lodge’s four-piece cast iron set is for those who’ve caught the cast iron bug but lack the wallet. Discounted by 25 percent for Prime Day, the set includes Lodge’s standard 10.25-inch skillet, a Dutch oven and a griddle, all for $70. That’s cheaper than any single, standard-sized skillet from boutique cast-iron cookware brands launched in the last few years. The whole set is made in Lodge’s South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, facility and comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil.

The Best Stainless Steel Cookware You Can Buy Is on Sale Right Now

The innovation seemed so simple. In the late ’60s, a metallurgist named John Ulam set out to make a pan for personal use. It had a stainless steel exterior and composite aluminum interior, which resulted in a quick-heating skillet that was still durable. Though he didn’t know it at the time, Ulam, founder of All-Clad, had just created the foundation of the best stainless steel cookware in the world.

Today, All-Clad is still regarded as the best in the business. Its cookware heats more evenly, comes with better warranty protections and remains far more durable than the majority of its competition. During Prime Day, a few All-Clad sets are discounted by 30 percent. Prices for each item match all-time lows on Amazon.

Want to Cook Better Steak? Buy One of These Discounted Sous Vide Tools

There are two names you need to know if you’re in the market for a sous vide circulator: ChefSteps and Anova. During Prime Day, both brands’ best offerings are on sale.

The difference between the two comes down to control preference. The Joule from ChefSteps is operated entirely through a smartphone app with thousands of recipes and customization options built-in, whereas Anova’s Nano circulator is controlled via a six-button interface on the top of the machine. Both prices match all-time lows on Amazon (Anova’s 35 percent discount is applied once the product is in your cart).


You Can Get a $100 Instant Pot for Just $56 Right Now

Are you finally ready for an Instant Pot? You picked the right day. Amazon Prime Day has brought the price of the 6-quart Duo model down to just $56.

The Duo does everything that made the Instant Pot famous in the first place: pressure cook, slow cook, steam and sautee. Unlike the newer and more-premium Ultra and Max models, it doesn’t have an LCD display or a few more fringe preset cooking modes. But you can still expect a whole pile of presets for specific foods like chili, yogurt, soup and so on.

Here’s a Rare Chance to Score a Vitamix Blender on the Cheap

Vitamix has long set the bar for high-performance blending with its 5200 model leading the way. The brand’s flagship blender since 2007 features variable speed control, a large 64-ounce container and aircraft-grade stainless steel blades.

For buyers wary of the 5200’s high price tag — the model retails for $450 — it can do more than mix protein powder with almond milk. When cranked, friction from the blades creates enough heat to bring cold soups to serving temperature.

Even sweeter: the Vitamix 5200 is going for just $280 on Prime Day — good for its lowest price ever.

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