You’ve made your office desk nice and cozy. It’s got all the hallmarks of a good desk: a calendar, photos of your dog and loved ones, succulents. You’ve made your desk a home. But when it comes to style, is your desk equipped with everything you need to make it through the day looking your best? Probably not. If you’re caught in a pinch, left home in a rush, forgot about that important meeting, these are the style essentials for the office that you shouldn’t be caught without.


First impressions are important. Assuming you’re well-groomed and well-dressed, the next thing someone will notice is your scent, whether it’s bad, overbearing or, style God forbid, both. If you’re not sure what to go with, read this and once you’ve settled on a scent, read this.

Hair Product

Whether it’s a particularly windy day or your hair’s enjoyed a good snooze wrapped under a hat, you’ll want to make sure your ‘do is looking right when it comes time to meet that important client (or post-work date).


Coffee and cigarettes might be a balanced New York breakfast, but not the best when it comes to conversing with your boss about a raise. Or really, any conversation with literally anyone.

Lip Balm

Not that anyone should judge you on your skin, but having lip balm at the ready is really more for your own comfort than it is for anyone else. You’ll thank yourself later when you get to the office realizing that you left your lip balm in your other pants.


See ‘Lip Balm’ and apply the same reasoning.

Nail Clippers

Hang nails are not fun. Not for you, not for the client who’s hand you’re about to shake. Why not get this Japanese one?

Lint Brush

For pet hair, dandruff or, maybe worst of all, pilled knits, you’d do well to have a lint roller in your drawer.

Fabric Pen

If you’re anything like me, hot sauce can and will happen. And, not always in your mouth.


You checked the weather right before you left work, but in spite of our best efforts, the weather often has other plans.

A Full Suit/Change of Clothes

Maybe your office is super chill, or maybe your office is a suit and tie situation. Whether it’s for a surprise meeting with high-profile clients or there’s just too much hot sauce for that fabric pen to handle, an extra change of clothes could save you.

Sewing Kit

You should know how to sew a button. You never know, the button that falls off could be the one holding up your pants.

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